Why your boyfriend avoids marriage talk

Why your boyfriend avoids marriage talk? Because this is the most nerve-wracking time in a couple’s life. Walking down the aisle, they are sure their hearts will melt into one big love ball. But apparently, some guys can’t handle it.

If your boyfriend is avoiding conversation about marriage and children, his avoidance is likely due to your fears rather than changes in his sense of identity. Here are the most common reasons a man avoids marriage talk — and how to handle this in a non-threatening way.

13 Common Reason Why your boyfriend avoids marriage talk.

This section will list 15 common reasons why a man might avoid marriage and talk with the woman they love and want to spend the rest of their life with.

1. Your Boyfriend doesn’t want to get married.

He might be afraid of getting married because he doesn’t want to marry as it is not a decision he can take lightly. He might be frightened of the responsibilities or the commitment involved in getting married. He might not want to marry you because he loves you too much and doesn’t want to lose you because of marriage.

2. Influence by Friends and Family.

The second reason why your boyfriend avoids marriage talk is because of his family members or friends who have gotten married recently. He might feel like it’s too late for him to get married and have children since many couples who are older than him have already gotten married and had children.

It could also be because he feels his family would disapprove of him getting married, which would mean he has to leave them behind. He might also want to wait until he has established himself in this country and has a stable job before considering marriage.

3. He’s not financially prepared

Another reason your boyfriend avoids marriage talk maybe because he wants to wait until he has enough money saved up before getting married so that there will be no financial issues if ever they decide to get married someday in the future.

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4. He has commitment issues.

He might be afraid of getting married because he doesn’t want to marry as it is not a decision he can take lightly. He might be frightened of the responsibilities or the commitment involved in getting married. He might not want to marry you because he loves you too much and doesn’t want to lose you because of marriage.

5. You move way too fast.

He might have had a bad experience and is trying to avoid the same thing happening again. He might also be afraid of being trapped by you. Some men are scared of marriage because they do not want to feel trapped in a relationship with someone they don’t love or want to be with.

Also, there is a chance that he is waiting for you to propose first so that he can decide if he wants to marry you or not. If you keep asking him when he will marry, it may make him resentful and angry towards you, which will cause problems in the future when it comes time.

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6. He isn’t sure he wants kids

Depending on what your boyfriend wants, he may avoid the topic of marriage because he isn’t sure if he wants kids or not. This is a valid reason to avoid the subject, as it is a significant decision that can affect the rest of your lives together. In such a situation, open up a conversation about it to see if he is comfortable compromising on having children or not. Keep in mind that he might change his mind in the future, so continue to communicate and stay engaged with him.

7. He thinks you’re ready, but he isn’t.

Your boyfriend may be thinking you’re ready. It could be that he’s not ready, or he’s worried about what marriage would mean for the two of you. It could also be that he’s unsure about whether or not you’re ready or that he doesn’t want to rush into something without being sure. Whatever the reason, it’s essential to talk to your boyfriend about why he’s avoiding the topic and see if there’s anything you can do to help him feel more comfortable discussing it.

8. He doubts the relationship (maybe even cheating on you!)

He may be getting cold feet because he doubts the relationship. Maybe he’s even cheating on you. If your man is avoiding marriage talk, it could be a sign that he’s not sure about the future of your relationship.
You’re not on the same page. If you and your boyfriend are not on the same page about wanting to get married, it will be challenging to have a serious conversation about it. If you want to get married and he doesn’t, it might be time to move on.

9. He thinks you are not yet ready for marriage.

Another reason could be he’s worried that you’re not fully committed to the relationship or that you’re not ready to take on the responsibilities of married life. If this is the case, have a serious discussion with him about your feelings and commitment level. If he’s genuinely concerned about your readiness, he’ll be open to hearing your thoughts on the matter.

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10. You are not the right woman for him.

One common reason why your boyfriend may avoid marriage talk is that his parents are divorced. This can make him feel like marriage isn’t something that lasts or that it’s not worth investing in. He may have seen firsthand how much pain and conflict divorce can cause; he doesn’t want that for himself or you. He may also worry that he would end up just like his parents if he got married, and that’s not a risk he’s willing to take.

11.  He doesn’t want to get hurt by your answer

Your boyfriend may avoid marriage talk because he’s afraid of getting hurt by your answer. He may be worried that you’ll say no, or that you’re not ready yet. If he loves you, he doesn’t want to risk losing you by bringing up the topic of marriage. 

12. He thinks it’s too soon:

Men often believe it’s too soon for marriage before they have time to get all their ducks in a row, so they’ll shy away from discussing settling down and starting a family together until they’re more sure about themselves and their futures.

13. He’s already married.

It can be frustrating if you have been in a relationship for a while, and it seems like you are getting nowhere. You may have asked your boyfriend to marry you, and he has said no. I am not sure if this is the case for you, but it is common for men to avoid discussing their plans with their girlfriends because of one simple reason: he’s already married.

If your boyfriend has a wife or ex-wife who is still in his life, he will not discuss marriage with you because he does not want to hurt her by getting remarried. This is not uncommon because many women who were cheated upon or abandoned by their husbands do not want them to get remarried so quickly after they split up.

The best way to deal with this situation is by having an open conversation with him so that he can explain why he feels uncomfortable talking about marriage with you at the moment. Don’t push him too much if he feels uncomfortable talking about it right now.


For many, it’s a true dream to marry their loved ones. But for others, the thought of tying the proverbial knot can be terrifying. Why might this be? Partnering with your main squeeze comes with many emotions, especially for men. Guys love to get in touch with their feelings, but as soon as that talk about marriage begins, they may feel threatened. He isn’t even sure if he’s ready to make a lifelong commitment to you. His avoidant behavior may be a way to divert attention from his fear of being hurt or rejected. If your guy seems scared to commit, take it slow and use this article as a starting point for a deeper discussion on what’s plaguing him.

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