Keeping Hope During Separation: 15 Positive Ways

Having hope throughout a separation is crucial, and being able to discuss it with your spouse is even more crucial. It is crucial to understand that separation is not the same as divorce.

Couples that are having problems separate for a brief period and effort to work things out. Most often, it is attributed to a weakening of the relationship or insufficient affection between the spouses.

Divorce is however a permanent situation, after both partners have weighed the pros and cons, they decide on if to accept a divorce and separate permanently. This is done through a Legal Process.

15 Positive Ways of Keeping Hope During Separation.

When you speak with someone who has experienced a difficult breakup, you will typically hear them express regret about what they could have said or done better.

We constantly find things that we would have altered and thus could have done to prevent the breakup over time when we collect our thoughts and think back on the last weeks/months before separation.

We will be outlining fifteen(15) positive ways as a guide to help you decide what to say or do to keep your spouse hopeful during the break and to improve your chances of reconciling.

These fifteen points are:

1. Don’t blame yourself for the Separation

In recent marriages, separation is rather frequent, especially when there is a misunderstanding. People are frequently found blaming themselves during separations, which is a regular occurrence.

This does not help anyone grow better, rather demotivates the victim. Don’t hold the break against yourself.

One shouldn’t be held responsible for the breakup. Rather it is advisable to think and reconsider the factors that led to the separation and try improving on those areas.

It helps one to grow better instead of self redundancy, and mental stagnation which can lead to depression and low self-esteem.

2. Talking about the good memories you have had with your partner

One should end a toxic relationship if there are several misunderstandings. A relationship may become unhealthy for both people when it becomes a bit too toxic, which is why separation occurs.

During separation, it is always advised to think of beautiful memories that the partners had together, and talk about them.

There are a lot of chances that talking about the good days will somehow affect positively or sow positive seeds between both partners, therefore, allowing them to nurse the thoughts of coming back together.

3. Expressing appreciation to one another

Before separation, there is an extremely distressing environment. It is capable of producing a lot of horrible moments.

These situations make it exceedingly difficult to see a partner’s positive traits; instead, they highlight a partner’s negative traits, which will lead to thoughts of separation.

However, the wonderful memories and intimate moments that the couple used to enjoy should come to mind first if either spouse wants to reunite throughout the separation.

During this process, they should think about when which partner did more for the other, compliment themselves, and express gratitude and appreciation for each other. Even if you aren’t communicating, let them know they are loved. These are key factors in how to rebuild your marriage during separation.

4. Don’t Conceal Your Hopes. Tell Your Partner That They Are Natural and Necessary.

When a couple is separating, they frequently stop caring for one another. However, if one’s spouse is still demonstrating concern for a partner, it’s likely that they still feel the same way.

It is always advisable to be clear and open if one is still interested in their partner, it takes courage to admit that one is still interested in a partner, and highly likely the other partner is also interested in them.

This is a natural feeling and it should be openly expressed. It however encourages the Law of attraction during separation.

Having hope may help you see the bright side of life when things are stressful or unpleasant, which can make any difficult circumstance appear simpler to face and get through. Keep your capacity to notice all the positive aspects of your mate.

5. Keep In Touch With In Expert Or A Therapist.

There is an upsetting atmosphere before separation. There can be a lot of terrible situations created by it. These situations may lead to many traumatic experiences. Partners can do or say things during this period.

Partners are always advised to pay a visit to an expert, be it a marriage counselor or a therapist who has experience or expertise in this field for advice or guidance.

Having an appointment with an expert or a therapist and following the guidance given by the expert will help the couple rebuild their marriage during separation.

6. Check In With How You Are Feeling And Attempt To Process Your Feelings Rather Than Avoiding Them.

The atmosphere during separation has a way to limit or weigh down partners, it is natural to feel human and feel bad after separation.

However, it is also recommendable that one should acknowledge that their feelings matter as well, and they should try as much as possible to grow, cut off some feelings and build themselves up rather than avoiding those feelings. It is a cycle of rinse and growth.

7. Seek Out Activities And People That Make You Feel Good About Yourself And Distract You From Overthinking

Separation can indeed be a very traumatizing event. It tends to lead to a lot of distressful or disturbing situations such as low self-esteem, depression, overthinking, and, problems affecting mental health.

It is because of these situations that experts advise that couples or spouses going through this phase should busy themselves with activities that will take them away from overthinking.

Most of these activities include; Sports, meditation, therapy, etc. These activities will help a partner who is going through a phase during separation grow and think less about the situation. It will cultivate in them a positive mindset.

8. Listen Carefully To Your Partner

The cause of separation issues is frequently a failure to pay attention. Couples become defensive and escalate the situation instead of paying attention.

It is advised that partners listen more, correct themselves when they are mistaken, and address the issue rather than get defensive. Instead of causing further rifts, this will increase respect and trust and increase the law of attraction during separation.

9. Forgive And Be Forgiven It Is A Promising Indicator That Reconciliation Is Feasible When Partners Are Can Give One Another.

It demonstrates their willingness to put the sorrow and resentment from the past behind them and look forward to a brighter future.

Naturally, forgiveness doesn’t always occur instantly. People may need some time to process their emotions and get to a point of forgiveness.

This is encouraging because it demonstrates their willingness to comprehend and sympathize with one another. Forgive themselves and make amends, it will be simpler for them to fall back in love if they can comprehend and sympathize with one another.

Although marriage cannot be saved by forgiveness and acceptance alone. But the fact that the partners are open to talking things out is already a positive sign.

10. You Can Get Back Together Even If You’re Not Married

There is a big possibility to get back together with a partner even if one is not married to a partner. Partners have misunderstandings, separate, and come back together. As it was said at the beginning of this article, separation is temporary and not permanent.

It is only left for partners to figure out what they need to fix, retrace their steps and get themselves sorted. The chances of getting back together are highly possible.

11. Hopes Of Re-uniting Make A Marriage Stronger

Most couples that get back together after a separation (or divorce) say they are more committed because they have learned to love one another better.

After separating, spouses can identify their strengths and faults and work on them while apart. It indicates that they are both still genuinely engaged in taking care of one another’s needs and are prepared to collaborate to find a solution.

Additionally, falling back in love would be simpler if both parties can understand and empathize with one another.

However, having hopes of re-uniting is not enough to reconcile a marriage, but it is a positive sign.

12. Recognize That Your Partner Has Demands And Preferences Of Their Own

It’s a sign that you and your partner are both ready to go forward when partners start talking about each other’s boundaries.

It demonstrates your willingness to be open and honest in discussing what you want from the relationship. This does not imply that reconciliation will necessarily occur. But it’s a step in the right direction anyway.

13. Recognize That You Don’t Know The Solutions To Everything

It is very wrong if partners feel they know all or have all the answers to all the questions or solutions to all problems.

Being human entails making mistakes, thus learning to accept criticism is a virtue that will be useful while attempting to use the Law of Attraction during separation.

This is a terrific indication that you’re putting the worst parts of your relationship behind you and are prepared to begin rebuilding your future together.

14. Accept Responsibility And Build Ties

It’s a good indicator if couples can acknowledge that they are both fallible and human. They stop pointing fingers and begin to understand one another challenges in life when they acknowledge that they are both only human.

This is encouraging because it demonstrates their willingness to comprehend and sympathize with one another.

Forgive themselves and make amends, it will be simpler for them to fall back in love if they can comprehend and sympathize with one another.

Although marriage cannot be saved by acceptance alone. But it is a great start toward reconciliation.

15. Spend More Time Together.

Partners agree to spend time together after separation, it is a positive sign to keep hopes up during separation for a possible reunion.

However, they are certain things a partner must avoid during separation and must include;

  • Making negative remarks about a partner to their relatives or friends.
  • Making posts of unfavorable things on social media about partners.
  • Trying to force a reconciliation.


Finding optimism after a divorce could be hard. Many individuals lose hope and give up on their relationships. There are many things you can do to keep the hope in your relationship alive, even if you are apart.

Getting back together with your ex-lover is among the first ideas that cross your mind following a breakup, but is it ever feasible? What approach will you take? It doesn’t have to be impossible. This article talks about the several methods a partner might explore or signs they may see to reignite their passion with them.


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