Can I Get a Divorce Online for Free? All You Need to Know

It is very possible to ask questions when a marriage is failing, for example “Can I get a divorce online for free?” Everyone knows that people don’t talk about divorce much because they are either afraid or unsure of their readiness. Being forced to watch someone you love leave you after years of investment is extremely painful, especially if you have kids.

Many people also worry about getting divorced for monetary reasons.
One primary reason why some people fear the word “divorce” is that they are not financially secure enough.

What is Online Divorce?

In an online divorce, you use a service to guide you through each step of the divorce process, including creating the divorce papers, creating the divorce settlement agreement, and submitting the paperwork to the court.

These services remove the element of uncertainty from your divorce. The service will complete the paperwork you require and advise you where to file it based on your responses to an online interview or questionnaire (or how to e-file it in some counties).

Some online divorce services will even file the paperwork for an additional fee.

However, Note that this is only applicable in some states. Before applying, it is okay to research if your State is privileged to have this organization.

Can I Get A Divorce Online for Free? All You Need To Know

It can be costly to get divorced. Even if you intend to handle your legal representation, the court divorce fees can cost hundreds.

The question of how to divorce without money may be on your mind. If you are struggling financially, you can obtain a divorce without paying any court costs.

With the Internet, it is possible to get a divorce done online, which will be explained in this article.

Online Divorces: Are They Legal?

You can have peace of mind knowing that using a service to complete your divorce paperwork is entirely legal if you’re worried about whether an online divorce is valid or legitimate.

The documents are enforceable once you have signed them and the court has received them. Like in any other divorce, a judge will review your paperwork and issue a final divorce (or “dissolution of marriage”) decree.

Certain services are more dependable than others. Look for how long the service has been around and what reviewers have to say about the level of service they provide if you run into issues when comparing them and reading reviews (more on that below).

Steps In An Online Divorce

1.Open An Account

You will be required to set up a password-protected user account with any online divorce service. To get started and ensure you’re qualified to use the service, you’ll need to respond to a few straightforward questions about you and your spouse.

Getting a free online divorce will require a profile data or information in other to carry that out.

2. Compile Your Data And Enter Your Information

Once registered, you can enter the data required to finish your divorce paperwork, including information about your finances, property, and any children. 

Usually, it takes about an hour to enter the data into the online service’s application, but you might need more time to gather all the required information.

Remember that the court will require you to include specific disclosures about these matters in your paperwork, even if you and your spouse have agreed on handling your financial issues, child custody, and support.

On this page, you will get to provide information regarding your financial status for free aid from these websites to get divorce online for free.


3. Review Your Information

You will be given the chance to go over and edit each and every response you gave in the interview or questionnaire you completed.

4. Sign Your Documents

After you have confirmed the accuracy of the information you have provided, the service will generate finished versions of all the documents you need to file, which ought to include a marital settlement agreement.

Some forms may require you to fill out additional information, such as your case number or up-to-date income information.

Most services allow you to download and print as many copies of these forms as you need or ask them to mail you paper copies.

The service will inform you where to sign, how to sign (either electronically or with a pen and paper signature), and whether you need to have anything notarized before submitting the documents to the court. You can only get divorce online when you sign your  documents to show authenticity.

5. Submit The Forms

The service you’re working with should provide instructions on where and how to file the documents if you plan on doing it yourself.

In some states, the court will require you to submit the first set of the paperwork immediately, along with the main divorce “petition” or “complaint,” and then a second set of paperwork later.

The divorce service you choose should specify which forms to file first.

6. Give The Divorce Papers To Your Spouse.

Wherever you live, you might have to “serve” your spouse with the paperwork. In some states, divorcing couples can file their divorce papers jointly. When that occurs, ensure you both have copies of the relevant paperwork.

The divorce petition is typically filed by one spouse, who then “serves” the other spouse with the papers. In contrast, many states permit you to request your spouse’s signature on a waiver of service form.

You might need to hire a process server if your state forbids it or your spouse refuses to sign it. (If the service you’re working with files your documents with the court, all you need to do is make sure the service has complete and signed copies.)

7. Legal Review Of Your Divorce Documents

Before approving your final divorce judgment or decree, a judge must review and sign your divorce papers. 

It’s possible that you won’t need to show up in court for this review. 

 Although you might need to submit a form or affidavit to avoid a hearing, some states do not mandate a final hearing.

Most online services do an excellent job of completing the necessary paperwork for you; there are few chances that the court will reject it.

 However, the court may inform you that your paperwork needs to be completed or corrected. And it’s common for a courthouse to ask you to complete a new cover sheet or a different version of a form that is specific to that courthouse.

See if the online divorce service offers a money-back guarantee or other support if your paperwork is rejected.

8.Await Your Final Divorce Decree or Judgment

Before setting up your last hearing or having your divorce papers reviewed by a judge, there is typically a required waiting period.

The waiting period could start within a month or two of filing, or it could take up to a year, depending on where you live. For instance, Texas only needs 60 days, whereas California needs six months to pass after the divorce petition is filed before the judge can grant the divorce.

Even in states where there is little to no requirement for waiting periods, the actual time it takes to complete your divorce can vary, depending on the backlogs in your local court and whether you’ve complied if your state has any temporary requirements (such as completing courses for divorcing parents).s).

Choosing an online divorce service should give you an idea of how long your divorce will take. Obtain a copy of the final divorce judgment for your records.

What should I do if I can’t afford a Divorce?

Nobody possesses the monopoly of knowledge necessary to predict the future, and someone might not have made preparations for a tragedy like a divorce.

Money shouldn’t be a deciding factor in avoiding divorce.
However, they are essential steps to assist someone with a limited budget to overcome the divorce phase.

Taking the following actions could help ease the financial hardship:

  • Be Polite to Your Ex-partner.

It is best to maintain good relations with your ex instead of acting vindictive, and it aids in streamlining and simplifying the legal process.

To resolve the disputed issues, neither party must hire an attorney as long as they cooperate. It is more likely cheaper to fix a minor, uncontroversial problem.

  • Non-profits or Legal Aid

It can be very beneficial to seek assistance from a Legal Aid council or a local non-profit lawyer to make the process simpler and less expensive. It is, therefore, advisable to contact these companies if your financial situation needs to be more stable.

  • Seeking the Services of a Mediator.

The mediator is a representative with the skills to help you agree on a solution to problems amicably. Although the process has a cost, it can help you avoid paying high attorney fees during the divorce.

It assists in easing the burden of the proceedings. The mediator will intervene to help the parties come to a resolution.


The court system has a website with printable versions of the forms you need to file for divorce in that state in many (but not all) States.

If the forms you require are unavailable on the state court website, you can find them by conducting a web search for the county where you will be filing your divorce documents’ local court or court clerk’s office.

However, even when your state courts offer free online self-help resources, some people may still find the process frustrating and confusing and may need help knowing which forms to use.

You’ll need to determine which divorce types are appropriate for your situation and may need to make a decision. You’ll also need to find some of the county courts’ specific forms.

Online divorce services, fortunately, offer a less stressful alternative with the assistance that falls between doing your divorce yourself and hiring an attorney.

You only need to enter the necessary information into the platform and indicate that you are cash-strapped; the legal aid council will take it from there and assist you in getting a divorce for free.

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