Feeling worthless after being cheated on – 11 ways to find peace

It is totally human to be in that state of feeling worthless after being cheated on. Discovering a partner’s affair can be life-changing and emotionally devastating for you and your family.

It’s a betrayal of trust, and that can lead to a whole host of other issues with your family, your future, and your health. Understandably, you might be overcome by feelings right now: A wide range of emotions, including sadness, anger, shock, and disbelief, can strike people suddenly after they learn of infidelity.

Infidelity can have a long-lasting effect on a couple’s partners and any children they may have. Grief can lead to brain changes, future behaviors, and mental health conditions like anxiety, chronic stress, and depression.

With time and therapy, some families have moved past infidelity. Moving past affairs requires active effort from both partners to address their underlying causes.

Not every couple should try to work through it, but those willing can recover.
In this article, we will discuss ways to grow pass infidelity and steps to take when finding peace within yourself.

Feeling worthless after being cheated on – 11 ways to find peace

Finding peace amid Chaos is an underrated skill; it is complicated and traumatizing to deal with a cheating partner.

Harder to deal with the fact that someone you love and trust will go behind your back and have an affair with another person outside your matrimonial home.

Living with the knowledge tends to leave a partner traumatized.
However, there are some ways to find peace when you find out your partner is cheating.

1. Acceptance

The very first thing to do if you find out infidelity happened, and you want to find peace, is to accept it happened. However, many people trying to deal with an occurrence run away from situations, and it grows into something beyond their control.

Not accepting that an ugly incident happened is trying to live in a world full of illusions and Make-believe, and it is trying to build a castle in the air, which is impossible.

Accepting an event that occurred is trying to take responsibility for the situation and seek solutions and look at the way forward. If you feel worthless after being cheated on, this is one of the ways you can adopt to find peace.

2. Forgive

This is one of the most challenging things to do if you find out you are being cheated on or suffering as a victim of infidelity.

Being able to forgive a cheating partner is very difficult, especially when you know they have broken your trust and betrayed your loyalty, and worse off when you know you couldn’t do the same if you were in the same situation.

But forgiving a cheating partner will allow you to move on and help you overcome resentment and anger.

Forgiving will help when you want to start laying the groundwork for the direction of the relationship. Forgiveness is a big step if you want to find out where the relationship is going, even though it might be challenging to make a final choice. 

It would be best if you concentrated on your coping mechanisms, whether you decide to stay together or separate.

If you feel worthless after being cheated on if you want to find peace, then forgiving is an essential step to take.

3.Reaching Out To Trusted Friends

Do not hesitate to contact a friend you are confident will be understanding and uncritical. Friends frequently urge you to come to your aid and give you prompt counsel on what to do.

However, getting a lot of advice may need to be more convenient and easy. Sometimes may need clarification, especially when you are having difficulty determining what is best for you, which can further confuse things.

Reaching out to friends has its Pros and Cons. Some friends could make the situation worse by giving unhealthy aids and advice. It is recommendable to speak to friends who will improve the problem rather than open up to friends who worsen the scenario.

Reaching out to friends may not give you peace when you feel worse after being cheated on by a partner, but it is an essential step to take when finding inner peace. 

4. Therapy

Through therapy, you will gain a new perspective on your mental health and learn methods for dealing with anxiety and managing panic attacks.

By acquiring the services of a therapist, the expert (therapist) will guide you on things to do to find inward peace and help you heal from the trauma or what you are facing.

5. Try To Understand How And Why It Happened

Don’t assume anything; instead, pay attention. Even though you may not want to know the specifics, you should understand why your partner made the decisions they did.

Sometimes, Infidelity may be through unnatural causes like rape, under duress, blackmail, etc. It is always advisable to understand what happened and what led to the situation.

Also, it is advisable to try and understand what, why, and how a partner cheats. Sometimes, there is something that you as a partner are not doing right during intimacy, and the other partner will then have to look out to get himself satisfied.

Knowing this will help you learn and seek solutions to the problem. However, this may not necessarily be the essential step to finding peace when one feels worthless after being cheated on. But understanding why it happened is a critical step to finding peace.

6. Avoid Revenge

Don’t spread the pain; you’re hurting a lot right now and want your partner to feel the same. Nothing you do should be irreversible, as doing so won’t make you feel any better in the long run.

Revenge can occasionally have an effect or put you in an unrecoverable situation, and making a choice could lead to a problematic outcome in your attempt to avenge your partner. For instance, you are getting a sexually transmitted illness to demonstrate your anger.

7. Stay Away From Overthinking

When over-analyzing and worrying excessively, we experience distress and restlessness that, if untreated, can develop into anxiety or depression.

You can feel peaceful once more by regaining control of your thoughts. Over-thinkers spend all of their time thinking about nothing but themselves.

If you can regain control of your mental state, you will likely have peace when you feel worthless after being cheated on.

8. Stay Away From Social Media

It is crucial to address the detrimental effects of social media. Since withdrawal is, by definition, the act or process of ceasing something, it is evident that this feeling is only momentary and is most likely a withdrawal-based reaction. 

It includes our physical and psychological reactions to renunciation. One advantage of giving up social media for mental health is reducing anxiety and depression. How much time you spend on these sites correlates with how happy or stressed you feel.

Even though you might feel unsatisfied immediately after stopping social media, “logging out” (or turning off) is suitable for your mental health. Several studies have found a link between depression and the overuse of social media.

 Sometimes, Social Media aids in straining our mental health by feeding us negative information, however, making our situation worse.

If someone feels worthless after being, the person should be advised to stay off social media for a while and focus on themselves.

9. Get Tested

Take the time to check on your health if you and your partner have had a sexual encounter during intimacy which is common for people in long-term monogamous relationships or people who are open to conceiving.

Get tested for STIs by scheduling an appointment with your doctor. Knowing you are safe will increase the chances of finding peace if you are feeling worthless after being cheated on.

10. Understand That It Is Not Your Fault

You can’t blame yourself for what they chose to do when they cheated.
Regardless of the circumstances, your partner was committed to you, and you shouldn’t feel guilty about it. Blaming yourself would not give you a chance to find peace.

11. Get Yourself Engage With A Hobby

You can relax and take a mental break by doing something you enjoy as a diversion from your regular activities. One of the main advantages of hobbies is that they allow you to escape work and other daily obligations, which can be refreshing.

When you are busy, you get less affected by the trauma that comes from the event in which you were a victim.

Getting a hobby will go a long way when you are trying to find peace within your self especially when you are feeling worthless after being cheated on.


These feelings can sometimes become overwhelming, causing people to stop eating altogether or overindulge in unhealthy food.

Trying to look after your physical needs when you are going through a particularly emotional situation is crucial because doing so will only support you in allowing yourself to process all of the emotions.

Although nothing will make the process painless, by heeding the advice of professionals, you can hopefully heal fully and in a way that benefits you and your partner.

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