Negative signs During Separation

It is actually recommendable for one to identify negative signs during separation in marriages, especially if the couples have issues in the relationship.

Positive signs during separation can and frequently do appear when a couple is living apart, despite the fact that the seven stages of separation can be difficult for any husband or wife to navigate.

Any couple going through a legal separation will find that to be welcome news. Unfortunately, the topic of this article will be when things aren’t going so well. If established boundaries are crossed, marriage counseling is ineffective, or even the Zodiac signs indicate something is wrong

No one said separating from your former one-true-love was going to be easy. If anyone did say so, they were not exactly being honest. Even if the separation processes are made easy and stress-free, emotions were and are still involved. There are ugly sides that may decide to rear its head up. These are some negative signs you could expect to see during a separation.

17 Negative Signs During Separation

The separation between a couple is not just a physical rift created, or the decision to move away from each other to different locations; it’s the conscious detachment of emotions- feelings, etc, from the other. There are bound to be some ups and downs during the separation.

1. Closing off your feelings from your partner

Remember when the butterflies in your tummy couldn’t let you sleep because you were always thinking of them, and maybe you couldn’t wait to share some silly piece of information or have pleasant chitchat?

During the separation process, one of the negative signs is the slow fading of those tingling feelings in your tummy.

The excitement to talk to your partner or engage in conversations will be low.

2. Shutting down memories

Everything that reminds you of the good times with your partner will only cause emotional turmoil.

You will find yourself shutting down those memories and trying hard to forget those times. You’ll create the mental space because you need the time to heal.

3. Display Of Negative Emotions

Your love towards your partner will be threatened with bitterness, grief, and possibly hatred.

It will be tough to decide between being merciful – forgiving your partner’s transgression – and acting on how you truly feel about the entire situation.

4. Things only get worse

During separation, until things get better- if they’ll ever get better- problems are bound to get aggravated.

One issue will likely lead to another; it’ll be like the parties are walking on thin ice.

5. The Blame Game

Blames will be passed from one person to another, and hurt will deepen. No one will be willing to take responsibility for their actions.

Both parties will be on the defense to ward off any accusation that may fly towards them.

6. Not two anymore, but one.

One of the negative signs during separation is that you and your partner begin to live life like single people. You no longer desire to do things together.

He doesn’t feel the need to tell you what party he’s attending tonight, and you don’t care about asking him to pick you up from the bar.

This gap between you two will only widen and won’t help your marriage work. If you both are already living like singles, it is only a matter of time before poor decisions are made.

7. You don’t see your spouse as a part of your future.

When you make plans without seeing your spouse in them, it’s a sign that the separation might not be temporary anymore.

When a wife or husband’s plans don’t involve one another, it is an obvious red flag that the separation from your spouse might be more permanent.

8. No Intimacy

Marriage is not only about sex. However, sex, amongst other things, is essential to a healthy marriage.

If you and your spouse have not engaged in any sexual activity for months or years, and you’ve separated already, the chapter of your marriage has most likely come to a close.

9. You Don’t Care If Your Partner Is With Someone Else

Remember, your blood boiled when the thought of your partner being with someone else crossed your mind.

Now, things are quite different: you don’t care anymore; you don’t even feel the heat in your chest when you think your partner could leave you for another person.

One significant negative sign that your marriage might not be whole again is “I just want him to be happy” or “I only want the best for her,” things you say if you no longer feel in love with your spouse but care about them and want the best for them.

Even if you don’t envision yourself with your spouse, you want them to be happy. Most importantly, you don’t get angry thinking about your spouse being intimate with someone else.

10. What Happened To Quality Time?

No more times alone; date nights, game nights with few friends, away from everything else. Do you feel the need to be alone rather than having some time alone with your spouse?

Would you instead pass up the chance to spend time with your partner? Avoiding your partner instead of spending quality one-on-one time can infer that you no longer deem their company valuable.

11. Depression Sets In When You Think About Your Marriage

You should feel happy, not sad, when you think of yourself and your spouse. One negative sign during separation is the feeling of unhappiness, anxiety, and self-doubt that steps in. You may be feeling worthless, hopeless, or powerless.

Your mental health is essential not only to your quality of life but the quality of your marriage. So if you feel depressed about yourself or your marriage, seek professional help immediately.

12. Is Someone Else In The Picture?

You might be having an emotional affair with someone else, frequently communicating via texts or calls, maybe you’ve leveled up to in-person meetings, and you’re hiding this from your spouse.

Even if there’s still some love between you and your partner, it is not a good sign for your marriage if they feel better talking to other people.

13. Negativity Is Everywhere

You feel your attitude changing towards your spouse and your marriage. Gradually, you only grow more bitter and detached. Only negative sensations and thoughts about your union are in your mind, and resentment sets in too.

This is the height of it. If so, this is more indication that your marriage could be over. It could be a sign to end the relationship if there is a lot of loathing between the husband and wife.

14. Freedom At Last!

Do you feel liberty when your spouse isn’t there with you? Maybe you feel distressed or stuck when you have them around. If yes, it’s a sign that your marriage might be suffocating.

No doubt, spending time alone is essential and is suitable for your mental health, but if you always feel good when your partner isn’t around, and maybe you also think of messing around with someone else, it is not suitable for your marriage.

15. There Is A Lack Of Compromise, And No Respect!

When two people who love each other and love different things come together, they gave to be willing to find common ground, even in the most challenging situations.

That’s the only way their marriage can work. If mutual understanding isn’t formed, it’ll only aggravate issues. And, when there is a lack of respect between the couple, it could be time to think about its negative impact on your marriage.

16. More Arguments And Fights

Minor quarrels and lovers’ bickering are unavoidable in a relationship. But, if these arguments or disagreements aren’t resolved quickly, more conflicts will occur. No matter the circumstance, hostile fighting is not justified.

This is undoubtedly the case when it comes to emotional, physical, or any type of abuse that makes you feel less than a person.

17. You Don’t Feel Like Yourself With Your Spouse

Do you find yourself adjusting to fit into some image your spouse has of you? They may no longer believe in your values, what you stand for, and your views and values. Then, you try to mold yourself into something or someone you are not.

This is not a good sign. Of course, it’s understandable: couples can have different personality types. But a successful marriage encourages and embraces those differences.

There’s room to allow each other to express themselves and be who they are. Married couples should always feel like themselves and not feel like they are walking on eggshells.


When saving your marriage is a top priority, the saying “separation before reconciliation” is frequently used as a last resort. The truth is that when married couples make one of the most complex decisions—to separate to address their severe marital problems—positive changes can result.

The signs of separation can be challenging for any husband or wife, but when a couple is living apart, positive symptoms during separation can and frequently do appear. For any couple going through a legal separation, that is good news. Sadly, this article will cover situations where things are not going well. Marriage counseling is unsuccessful when predetermined boundaries are crossed, or the Zodiac signs indicate doom.

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