Feeling Sad after Argument with Boyfriend?

It has been a thing that causes a great rift between two partners, but worse when the female counterpart feels sad after an argument with the boyfriend.

A relationship is not meant to be rosy and conflict-free.
It is noted that many relationships end after a severe fight between the two partners, and most arguments tend to leave emotional injuries, making the female partner sad.

But this article will give insight into ways to heal fast.

Feeling Sad after Argument with Boyfriend? -9 ways to heal fast.

A lot of girls go through a lot of things in a relationship with their boyfriends in a relationship. Most of these problems the go through are as a result of the fights they have had.

Most girls get sad probably out of guilt or sad about the things the guys have talked about, verbal war doesn’t give scars on skin but in the hearts of the victims. There are a lot of ways to go on about it and in this article we will be talking about Nine(9) ways to heal fast.

1. Talk about It

Talking about your feelings is very important after fighting with your spouse, and it is not about talking but how and where you are having the conversation.

You can Speak to your feelings by saying, “I’m angry that you embarrassed me in front of our friends.”

“That made me feel like I wasn’t important in your eyes,” you might say about how you saw yourself. Describe your partner’s perception of them: “I thought you did it on purpose.”

You can also talk about your relationship longing from a place of more profound emotion: “When that happened, I felt hurt and unloved.”
“What I really want is to know that I still mattered to you and that I can trust you to have my back as I have yours,” you might say to address a relationship need. Speak to the required repair, such as “I could use a hug right now.”

Talking about how you feel this way opens room for him to fix whatever rift existed and further make him careful of opening those kinds of rifts or doing something to open such rifts.

2. Understand the Problem

If you can identify the problem, try as much as possible to understand it. It will be easy to proffer solutions to those problems.

Statistically proven that 70% of the solution to problems people face are always solved only if they understand the problem.

Understanding the problems go a long way to finding out where it went wrong; only that way will one be able to think of possible ways to fixing the problem.

Understanding the problems will go far in helping you heal if you are sad after a fight with your boyfriend.

3. Take Responsibility

Most relationship crash after a fight because none of the partners are ready to take responsibility, and they rather are right than be kind.

By taking responsibility for your actions, you stop blaming them on other people or outside forces and take ownership of the benefits and setbacks of your decisions and behavior.

It can be more challenging to acknowledge the results of particular actions than to place the blame for bad outcomes on external factors or other people.

In the long run, accepting accountability for your own actions shows that you have character and are willing to develop.

4. Apologize

You will inevitably hurt someone’s feelings once in a while when you’re in a relationship with them. Your relationship can improve and get back on track if you express a sincere, genuine apology.

Apology tends to make talking to him easily and mends the relationship. When you fight with your boyfriend, which is very human to do, it is also expected that you need to apologize to fix things.

If your boyfriend forgives you and apologizes, it will help make the sadness you felt go away.

5. Learn to Compromise

Compromising is essential whether you’re in a relationship with your partner, friends, or family. It’s crucial to know when to defend your position and which battles are worthwhile.

Conflicts are resolved through mutual concessions under a compromise. It’s healthy to uphold your values, beliefs, opinions, and preferences while settling.

Compromise doesn’t mean you agree with your partner or vice versa; it is when you know when to take a step back. Compromising makes the fight less tense and reduces the risk of you being sad after a fight.

6. Take a Hobby

It is time to upgrade your hobbies if you’re sick of having dinner dates and watching the same old movies.

Here are some enjoyable activities for couples to add spice to their relationship.

While it is good to have interests you enjoy, spending time with your partner can be enhanced by trying something new. You stay alert and learn new things about one another as a result.

Taking a hobby will also distract you from thinking about what happened and give you a clear mind to think things through.

7. Try to Sort out instead of adding more Salt in the Injury

Relational wounds are wounds caused to your relationship by something said or done that had a negative effect.

Although relational wounds cannot entirely be avoided, how we respond to them is very important.
One of the issues that couples may struggle with in couples therapy is conflict management and understanding how to manage conflict healthily.

Knowing how to treat relational wounds when they arise is necessary; occasionally, a spouse or partner may unintentionally exacerbate a relational wound.

The health of your relationship requires you to treat relational wounds as best you and your partner can, even though doing so isn’t always easy.

Repair requires you to get in there and face the wound, whether it’s to start couples therapy, look for wise counsel, or decide to sit down and have a complex and uncomfortable conversation.

Remember that this is a process that will take time to complete but that you don’t have to go through it alone because you get to do it with the person you love.

8. Seek Professional Help

Help with intimate and close relationships is one of the main reasons people go to therapy.

Couples counseling can be pursued for various reasons, despite the misconception that couples in trouble should only do it.
All are significant and should be investigated and worked on, regardless of their size.

When you seek professional help, it makes you see things from a clearer perspective. A counselor will help you fix.

9. Try New Things

Introduce something wilder, kinkier, or more sensual to mix things up. Consider it as collaborating on a fun experiment.

If it works for both of you, fantastic. You can now include it in your toolkit. If not, you two can laugh about it. New sparks can be ignited in the bedroom by shaking things up.

Trying new things makes you feel better after being sad after fighting with your boyfriend.


Many girls experience a variety of difficulties in relationships with their boyfriends. The majority of the issues they face are a result of the conflicts they have had.

Since verbal conflict doesn’t leave physical scars but instead leaves victims with psychological scars in their hearts, most girls probably cry out of guilt or sadness over things that guys have said.

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