Things to do when He Keeps Joking about Marriage

He keeps joking about marriage and you are worried then this article is for you. Just because he’s making jokes about getting married doesn’t mean he’s ready.

If he’s young, then it’s just a power play to see if you’re more interested in him than he is in you. I would be very wary if he was just kidding and wasn’t even close to being prepared for marriage.

He might be a man-child who enjoys playing without considering the repercussions. Two people who are prepared to fulfill the obligations of a long-term relationship are necessary for a successful marriage.

If you believe he is prepared, it might be a sincere jab to see if you’re interested (and whether you’re prepared to accept marriage or would like to consider it). Considering he’s in his 30s, he may not want to waste time like he did when he was younger.

Things to do when He Keeps Joking about Marriage- 13 Important Things.

There are a lot of things to do when your man keeps joking about marriage, some of them include:

1. Be Sure He is Ready

It may not matter that you two are in love or that you have been dating for five years; it will be difficult to convince him to get married if he is still getting ready.

Your man might be aware of his desire to wed you someday, but only when he is financially prepared. The more challenging situation is when he has doubts about marriage or worries about it.

2. Be Sure it is the Right Time in His Life

No matter how long you’ve been dating, you need to understand that if the time isn’t right in your man’s life, he won’t put proposing at the top of his list of priorities.

For instance, your man might be preoccupied with a significant career opportunity that is the center of his attention.

Another reason it might not be the right time is if he has unstable finances, either because he is unemployed, has debt, or his pay barely covers his expenses.

3. Be Sure He sees a Future with You

In addition to knowing his financial situation, you’ll need to determine if it’s the right time for him by asking him if he can’t imagine his life without you.

Don’t assume that just because you’ve been dating for three years that he can picture the two of you together in the future.

Words like “we” and “our” when discussing the future are signs that he sees a future with you. Talking about significant commitments, such as buying a home together or even talking about having children, will also let you know if he can see you in his future.

4. What is His view on Marriage?

Most men don’t have any strong opinions or feelings about marriage; whether they get married or not, they’ll be content either way.

While some men have positive feelings about marriage and can see themselves walking down the aisle in the future, others have negative feelings about marriage and can’t.

5. Drop Hints

Asking him directly when he will marry you will put pressure on him right away, which is something you definitely don’t want to do.

To begin with, we just want to drop hints here and there. However, if your hints aren’t working and you know that nothing should be stopping him from proposing to you, then a conversation can be had.

With the help of these cues, you should either convince him to pop the question or let him naturally start a conversation about marriage. If he initiates the conversation, you won’t have to put any pressure on him to respond because he was the one who started it.

6. Talk about the Future

You can also start a discussion about your shared future. Make sure to broach the subject of your future in a casual, subdued manner rather than abruptly, as you would when discussing marriage.

You want to know if he is considering marriage and a future with you and whether he feels at ease discussing it. Saying that you can’t wait to have eight children together right away will only frighten him.

Instead, wait a moment. While watching a movie, you can ask him what he imagines you two will look like when you’re both in your 80s to learn whether he feels comfortable talking about the future in more covert ways.

You can infer that he can see you in the future if he participates in the conversation and follows along. However, shying away from the conversation might indicate that he isn’t quite at your stage.

Begin by asking very subtly and informally; over time, you can start asking more overtly direct questions like “if we lived together…”, “if we had kids…” or even “if we got married…” The objective is to observe his response to determine whether he seems at ease or dismissive of the topic.

7. Casually Talk about It

One thing you can do is bring up marriage very subtly and casually to see how at ease he is with the subject.

This doesn’t mean that you should directly inquire into his feelings; it just means that you should bring up marriage in a more general way.

You could, for instance, make a joke about who would be the most inebriated at your wedding if you were watching a movie about a wedding, or you could bring up a friend of yours who is getting married and inquire about his opinion of the location they have chosen.

Don’t ask him direct questions because they are too personal to you as a couple, like how he would propose or what his ideal wedding would be.

8. Plan an Romantic Outing

Planning an outing with him from frequently, will make him begin to take you seriously and want to commit a future with you.

9. Show Him Signs.

10. Be Direct with Him

It has been explained how to tell if your man is prepared for marriage thus far and how to trick him into popping the question.

Now is the time to take a more direct approach, which I did when trying to convince my man to pop the question if you still don’t have a ring on your finger.

Sometimes dropping hints won’t cut it, and you will need to talk to your man honestly. Despite the fact that you are going to be more direct, you shouldn’t exert additional pressure or force him to make a choice because doing so won’t enable you to get the outcome you desire.

11. Appreciate Him Regularly

Do you compliment your man as often as you compliment yourself? You know how good it feels when he compliments your outfit or your hair.

Men have feelings, too, and will sense your appreciation if you thank him for what he has done and compliment him. You might be surprised to learn this.

Your man is happy when you are happy, so if you keep complaining and nagging about his actions, he will assume you’re not entirely content even though you are.

More formally, express your gratitude by saying “thank you” after he fixes something or by complimenting his attire.

If your man feels valued, he will work harder to win your approval and eventually realize that getting married will make both of you happy, at which point he will propose.

12. Take care of your Physical Outlook

This does not imply that you have to dress to the nines every day or apply a full face of makeup.

However, it does imply that you should take care of yourself, whether that means eating a healthy diet, making time for your hobbies, taking pride in your appearance, or saying no to requests when you don’t want to.

Make sure you possess all these qualities because men are attracted to women who are self-assured, independent, and in touch with their soft femininity.

If you are insecure, discuss it with a friend without getting upset or angry. Going out with friends and putting your attention on your career will help you rebuild your own life if you are too reliant on your partner.

13. Pay More Attention to Him

When discussing marriage honestly with your boyfriend, ensure you are keen enough to hear what he has to say and understand, even if you disagree.

To assist him in overcoming his fears and worries, you want him to be open with you about how he feels and what he is afraid of or worried about. If you start to cry or get upset with him, this won’t happen.

Make sure you give his feelings the same consideration as your own because you are both equal partners in the relationship.

You can reassure him of those fears once he has expressed them, letting him know there is nothing to worry about.

One of those worries could be that he thinks getting married would be expensive or change what they have. Make sure to first listen before providing your assurance.

In the future, your man will be more likely to talk openly about marriage and perhaps even realize that you are not a young girl daydreaming but an adult who loves him and not the idea of getting married.


Do you feel he is joking about marrying you? or does he care about himself alone? It is advisable to understand him first.

It would help if you comprehended how he thinks. Once you do, you’ll discover something subtly you can say to him that will significantly alter how he expresses his feelings for you.

Once you find yourself in this situation, it is best to follow the tips above.

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