Losing Feelings after being Cheated on

Losing feelings after being cheated on in a relationship is an expected reaction, especially as a faithful partner. It‘s not easy to recover after being cheated on—after all, everything about cheating is excruciatingly painful. It can be overwhelming.

You might feel like the whole world is against you, and there is no point in moving on with your life. It doesn’t matter if it was a one-time indiscretion, a series of micro-flirtations, an emotional affair, or finding out your partner has a secret family in Florida.

Whatever shade of cheating you’re dealing with, it is natural to feel a sense of betrayal, anger, grief, and loss of feeling.

When trying to recover from losing feelings after being cheated on, these eleven steps can help you cope with what transpired and recover from the emotional ups and downs that follow betrayal.

Losing Feelings after being Cheated on – 11 Ways to Recover

Being cheated on comes with a whirlwind of emotions. You may feel devastated one moment and angry the next.

Moreover, a broken heart can lead to a potentially overwhelming mix of feelings, including shame, doubt, confusion, and anxiety.

Understanding and processing your emotions is an essential part of the process of recovering from this type of hurt.

As you begin your journey, it’s important to remember that there’s no one direct path to follow when recovering from a breakup, and some people might take longer to move through this process than others.

Take the time you need to recover while allowing yourself to grow and learn from the pain.

There are a lot of ways to recover from losing feelings after being cheated on and some of them are:

1. Examine Your Feelings Work Through Your Emotions .

Take time to understand your feelings. Wait to figure it out. Be honest about how you feel, and don’t rush into a new relationship if it doesn’t feel right for either of you..

2. Don’t Blame Yourself.

You are not responsible for your partner’s actions. While some self-reflection might help you grow, going too far and blaming yourself for everything slows down the recovery process.

Rather than finding fault with yourself or obsessing over what might have been, place the blame squarely on the cheater.

3. Learn What You Can From The Experience.

  • It would be best if you learned to listen to your gut. Your intuition is a powerful tool that should be trusted—even if it doesn’t seem logical at first glance.
  • It would be best if you learned to trust your instincts. It is a good idea to spend some time thinking about what makes you feel comfortable and unsafe in a relationship so that you can make decisions based on those feelings.
  • Being honest with yourself and others when things go wrong or don’t go well in relationships (including the ones where cheating happens). Honesty builds trust; lying will only cause more problems down the road.


4. Take Charge Of Yourself And Life Without Feeling Guilty.

It stinks to get ripped off. That’s all there is to it, but the emotions it evokes are rarely straightforward. You experience feelings of heartbreak, betrayal, rage, and embarrassment.

Your entire self, relationship, and life may come into question. But we’re here to assure you that everything will be alright — if not right away, then at least soon.

It is not your fault you are being cheated on. You cannot control what they do, but you can take charge of yourself, your life, and your feelings.

It was never your fault that someone cheated on you, regardless of what transpired. People hurt others for various reasons, some of which may be explained by your partner, but those reasons have nothing to do with you.

Although it can be very challenging to recall, this is very crucial. So let us reiterate: you are not at fault.

The best thing to do is take care of yourself by not doing anything that would make cheating easier, like seeking out more partners and focusing on being happy with who you are as an individual, regardless of how others treat you or what happens in relationships.

5. Stop Communications With The Cheater.

Think about how it feels to communicate with them. Don’t trust their words. Don’t listen to their excuses, and don’t let them get away with one.

6. Don’t Trust The Cheater’s Words.

Most of the time, people are so shocked by the justifications given by cheaters that they sputter in shock.

Wouldn’t it be fascinating to learn what goes on in the minds of cheaters to cause them to utter such nonsense?

It’s tempting to assume that the person you’re in love with is always telling the truth, but this is rarely the case. They might be telling you one thing but doing another or even lying outright.

If there are any signs of dishonesty—for instance, if they don’t seem like themselves or seem to be trying too hard to impress others—then it’s best not to trust their words and instead focus on actions (their actions will usually reveal more about how trustworthy someone is than their words).

7. Don’t Seek Revenge.

In recovering from being cheated on, it’s important to remember that revenge is not the answer. There are other ways of dealing with the situation than allowing yourself to be consumed by anger and resentment.

Revenge can take many forms: from yelling at them in public places or driving around aimlessly looking for them to seeking them out by stalking their social media accounts or even going so far as physically attacking them.

These are all examples of extreme measures and should never be taken lightly; however, they have their uses when dealing with someone who has cheated on us — if our goal is simply to make sure they don’t get away with hurting us again.

8. Don’t Go Down The Same Path Again.

If the relationship is over, don’t go down the same path again. Being cheated on can seem like there’s nothing worse than being alone. 

But if you feel sorry for yourself and blame yourself for everything in your past relationships, this can be dangerous territory for recovering from losing feelings after being cheated on. 

Instead of beating yourself up about being unfaithful or cheating on someone else and feeling guilty about everything, focus on making changes today so that next time won’t be so wrong.

9.You can Love Again

Learning to trust someone after being betrayed is difficult. How do you put your heart in someone else’s hands if you’re brave enough to give love another chance after a breakup or divorce due to infidelity?

How much should your past relationships influence your new ones? With the memory of betrayal still fresh in your heart and mind, how can you let go and feel safe?

Someone deserves a fresh start if you’re starting over with them. Furthermore, you owe it to yourself to be more observant and wise this time around by drawing from your prior experience.

It’s a balance. Making sure you’ve moved past your past wounds is essential to making it all work (or not if he is a bad apple). Since you deserve the best of yourself if you’re with an actual person, it makes sense.

10. Know What You Want.

It is essential to know what you want out of a relationship other than something that feels right now.

It can be very challenging to know exactly what you want from a relationship, particularly if you’re young or inexperienced.

Even if you’ve dated a lot of other people, every relationship is different, and you might have priorities that are different from what they were in the past.

It can be challenging to figure out what you want in a relationship, but the effort is worthwhile.

11. Move on Physically and Emotionally

If you are feeling angry, sad, or depressed, getting help from a professional is essential. It can also be helpful to talk about your feelings with someone who has been through this situation. 

It is normal to feel devastated when someone cheats on you – but don’t let that define who you are or prevent you from moving on with your life.


As a faithful partner, losing feelings after being betrayed in a relationship is to be expected. After all, everything about cheating is agonizingly painful, so it’s not simple to move on after being cheated on, and it may seem too much.

But to move on is believing you can be better, and by being better is to adjust and seek relevant ways to move past trauma such as cheating. This article has given specific remedies in case you find yourself in such a situation.

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