My Husband Deserves a Better Wife

In matrimonial homes, many wives harbor doubts, particularly following an argument. Even when they are the ones at fault, they decide that “My husband deserve a better wife.”

What can I do to become a better wife is a question you can ask yourself if you find yourself in this situation. Why is a wife a good wife? a good spouse? A good wife, perhaps?

Rest assured that everyone is still learning this (after all, it’s a lifelong journey), but there are things you can do personally to improve as a wife in your own unique ways.

My Husband Deserves a Better Wife- 6 Points

There are a lot of situations that make wives feel not good enough some of them include:

1. The Right Fit.

He deserves a better wife because I was never the right fit. I was never the right fit for him, and that’s not just because humans can change; It’s also because of how we build relationships with one another.

Even when things were going wrong or falling apart anyway (and occasionally even when they weren’t), I always tried too hard, putting my needs before his.

I ran away from it until someone else could do what had been left undone because I wasn’t there for him when he needed me the most.

Helping him through his pain and suffering would have been easier than trying. After years apart, I ended up being that person again, but with worse outcomes: we broke up again.

2. Patience

Many married women go through stages when a man is too patient. They come up with these notions: “He deserves a better wife because he’s the most patient and kind person I’ve ever known.”

“He deserves a better wife because he has such good manners, even when we were married and lived in different cities for several years before we moved back together again.”

“He deserves a better wife because despite having been married for over 30 years, he still takes time to help around the house without being asked every day (or even once).”

This tendency is high among married women who feel they are not doing enough. But instead of assuming it is okay to talk about it and try to fix it.

3. Goal Hindering

  • He deserves a better wife because she can help him reach his goals.
  • He deserves a better wife because she is healthy, and can support him in reaching his dreams.
  • He deserves a better wife because she is there for him when he needs her, no matter what it takes or how much time it takes.
  • He deserves someone who will help him achieve his dreams!

4. Inability To Reciprocate Qualities

The inability to reciprocate certain qualities is enough reason to feel down and unworthy enough to be his wife.

This can be taken care of in many ways, including communication, understanding, and learning strengths and weaknesses.

5. Lack of Time

It’s time to face the facts: you’re a terrible wife. Your husband deserves better than a wife who isn’t there for him when he needs it most.

He deserves a wife present in their marriage and gives him the attention he deserves, even if she doesn’t always feel like doing so at first.

If this sounds like something that could be true for you, consider taking some time out of your busy schedule to reconnect with your spouse and see what happens when your focus shifts from work/life balance to making time for each other again.

6.Mental Illness

Mental illness may be sufficient justification for you to feel unworthy of your husband. Marriage is not meant to be a considerable burden, and it’s acceptable to feel unworthy when you are aware of the severe stress that your condition puts him under.

However, if you feel you are not good enough, instead of feeling down, which may lead to separation or divorce, it is advisable to improve. These are some ways to improve.

5 Ways to Become a Better Wife to Strengthen Your Marriage

There are few ways to improve and become a better wife for your husband and some of them include:

1. Supporting your Husband

Being your husband’s most prominent supporter is likely the best thing you can do as his wife. Ladies, your husband needs your support, encouragement, and faith.

This will give him more self-assurance and the impression that he can achieve anything he puts his mind to. This will also help you feel better and enough as a wife and a partner.

2. Space

Are you allowing your husband the personal space he requires? This can be in the form of physical space and time, such as being okay with him going out with the guys once a week or spending a few hours each evening engaging in one of his hobbies.

However, it may also involve mental room. Does your husband consider particular possessions to be “his own”? Does he believe that his time is under his control? Or do you have his weekends—or the weekends of the entire family—entirely scheduled out?

This is very important in a relationship. It might be time to discuss it if you need clarification on whether your husband feels he has the space he requires.

You’ll undoubtedly discover that this can help your relationship flourish if you can work together to find ways to give each other that vital space.

3. Selflessness

Serving the other person by prioritizing their needs over our own is one of the best things we can do in any relationship.

In a marriage or not, this is valid in any close relationship; however, it may be challenging to do so.

One of the biggest challenges we face is being selfless, but what matters is that we try. Even if we don’t always succeed, what matters is that we try.

4. Appreciation

Praise is the antidote to criticism, and your husband desperately needs a lot of it!

What would happen if you decided to say something positive whenever a criticism came to mind? Would your husband experience more encouragement and support?

You might experience an optimistic change.
Perhaps in return, you’d get more compliments! It may become evident that being kind and giving with your kindness is one of the best advice on how to be a better wife.

5. Communicate Your Needs

Inform him of your needs. He can’t read your minds, ladies. Your husband requests that you be very clear regarding your needs and desires.

This helps you meet your needs for love and affection in the bedroom when buying gifts for special occasions like holidays and weddings.

It may seem like spontaneity and romance is lacking when you tell your husband exactly what you want, but doing so ensures that our emotional and physical needs are met.

Clear your needs will help you avoid confusion and wasted time. Your husband will greatly appreciate your candor.


Many women having issues with their relationship, especially with insecurity and low self-esteem, need not feel too bad.
Feeling bad and overthinking, the situation does not solve the problem.

Instead, taking drastic decisions towards fixing it will help mend the issue. This article has provided possible steps on how to remedy the situation.


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