My Husband puts his Mother first

It is always a problem when young married women face problems where they reply with “my husband puts his mother first.”

Your relationship with your Husband’s mother may have piqued your interest when you first started dating. After all, it is an excellent example of how he handles his closest relationships. You’ll join his family when you get married, which is essential.

However, as you get used to your new routine, you might discover that his mother-in-law takes precedence over all other family members. So, how do you separate your Husband from his mother in a way that benefits all parties?

My Husband puts His Mother First: 11 Ways to Resolve This.

You may have heard that it is your responsibility as his wife to make his life easier rather than harder.

If your Husband frequently puts his family before you, keep in mind that he has been psychologically programmed to do so since childhood.

As a wife, you must understand that when your Husband decides to prioritize his family, he is walking a tightrope and giving in to a lot of pressure.

It is not that he loves his own family any less; rather, his mental conditioning prevents him from performing the balancing act.

Please don’t give up when your Husband prioritizes his family when they are right in front of you.

You could do the following 11 things to improve the dynamics of your relationship with your Husband about his mother:

1. Acceptance

The best way to handle this situation is to accept it as it is. As far as it is not beyond boundaries. It is common that sons have a certain level of affinity with their mothers , and it is something that has been happening over time.

It is okay as long as this doesn’t go beyond the ordinary. Small acts of affection do not signify that your husband preferred his mother to you. Avoid making fun of him for being a mama’s boy. An attentive son might also be an attentive husband.

2.Work out Plans in cases of Emergencies

Has your husband spent every evening after work going to see his mother who is recovering from an accident? And you need his math assistance because you are having trouble keeping up with your kids’ academics.

Or does he scurry to assist his mother in every small emergency that she may experience, leaving you with the impression that “my husband always chooses his mother over me”?

Make him sit down and let you tell him that while it’s wonderful that he feels like his mother needs him in the hospital and that he visits her every day or that he is there for his mother, he could also feel for his son and assist him with Math.

Therefore, it might be a different day arrangement, one day for his mother and the next for his son.

3. Cut down on Relative Visits

Do your family members expect you to drop everything and make tea and snacks for them as soon as they walk in the door without calling first? Does your house feel like a guest house where guests are expected to arrive without calling?

The fact that the husband is prioritizing his family over his wife means that this is a reality in many US homes, and wives are expected to host visitors. Most of the time, he is unaware of the strains that keeping a large group of relatives at home is placing on his wife.

Tell him to schedule these visits for the weekends. Relative visits cannot really be restricted if you live with your in-laws because they frequently welcome visitors.

Then, without being rude, make it very clear to your family members that you have work to do when they visit so they won’t be offended if you stay in your room.

Set your own limits so that your husband will begin to understand what is and is not possible.

4. Have a Personal Family Bond

Between work and other obligations, he spends what little free time he does have hanging out with his friends. 
If you’re convinced that “My husband puts his friends and family before me,” you’re not entirely wrong. 
Tell your husband that while you have no problem going to visit your in-laws, if it could be scheduled for different week, you two could enjoy some alone time.
You can decide on a schedule for his guys’ nights out that both of you will find acceptable. If he goes to his parents’ room after work, you tell him that’s fine, but he must make sure that the next time he is in your room with you, the door is closed and you are alone.
His family does not frequently knock on the door to express their feelings.

5. Prioritize your Family

If your husband is putting his family before you, you will put your family before him as well. Make sure a portion of your income goes to your family as well if a portion of his income supports his family.

Include your own parents in family vacations, and buy your mother the same things that he buys for his mother.

Visit your own parents as frequently or your cousins as frequently as he does. But don’t act in a vindictive or spiteful manner toward him.

Instead, think of it as a way to fill your time with the people you love while your husband is away from you. Who knows, he might realize something along the way.

6. Take your Decision

Sometimes, when critical decisions about your children become the subject of family round table discussions. And as a result of what he has grown accustomed to seeing in his family, your husband ends up placing more emphasis on that.

What should you do if your husband is overly attached to his family and they have a say in every choice that affects your life and the lives of your children?

We advise you to practice picking your battles. Put your foot down if they believe that paying for an American college is a waste of money but you have always wanted one for your son. You are entitled to exercise your own judgment. You know better.

7. Communicate your Feelings

When you’re having trouble accepting the fact that your husband prioritizes his mother, remember that the solution to any relationship problem is open, honest communication. That does include the ties to his family that your spouse has.

It is possible that your husband has no idea that you believe he is prioritizing his family over you. He naturally does what he is doing.

He has always given them a slight advantage, and he is unaware of how much harm he is doing to you by treating you like a second-class citizen.

However, if you talk to him and let him know how you feel, you two might be able to sit down and figure something out. So, there won’t be any misunderstandings or lingering issues. You may.

8. Accountability

There may be times when your husband needs to provide his mother with financial support and undivided attention. This could be due to a disease, the need to pay off debt, or other similar circumstances. If that is the case, you must encourage him to support his family.

If you don’t, you risk turning him off to you. Recognize that he was born to them and has spent the majority of his life with them rather than you. Additionally, we are certain that you wouldn’t really appreciate a man who abandoned his parents when they genuinely needed him.

9. Avoid Resentment

Even though it’s a simple habit to get into, it’s not advantageous if your opinions of your husband’s mother come across negatively . Instead, keep in mind that disparaging his mother is hurtful. It might even make him feel less proud of himself as a husband. These emotions might develop into resentment, which is a risky tension in a happy marriage.

10. Consult a Marriage Counselor

11. Set Boundaries

Determine which behaviors are acceptable and where you draw the line once you’ve established that your husband is mama’s boy. 
For instance, you could tell him it’s fine if he calls her frequently as long as it doesn’t interfere with your time spent together. 
You might not be comfortable with him coming to her with issues that you would prefer to discuss. 
Living in the same town might be acceptable, but not with your in-laws.
It is common mistake for couples to express their emotions to their spouse or mother-in-law in an angry or aggressive manner without first thinking it through.
Partners should maintain harmony and avoid bringing up their husband’s relationship with his mother, Instead, it’s crucial to forge a solid sense of self. According to Goldberg, it’s better to be firm and set boundaries with your husband rather than your mother-in-law.
You shouldn’t let your marriage dominate every aspect of your life. Make yourself the priority, so indulge in a little self-indulgence (in a good way).
Work, pursue a hobby, discover new interests, and strengthen your bonds with friends and relatives besides your husband. He must understand that you are independent and that, if he doesn’t attend to your needs, you might decide to leave.
Even when carefully set, boundaries can still cause a ruckus, so it’s important to maintain your composure. Say something along the lines of, “You can go, but I will not,” if he wants you to join them for the fifth family dinner with the in-laws in the past three weeks.
I already went to a lot of recent family gatherings, so I need some privacy now. Maintain your boundaries despite difficulties. Your needs still come first, even if your mother-in-law or husband argue with you or make you feel guilty.
You’ll eventually establish a routine that everyone can follow (and it takes time).


It is fact that you cannot completely detach your husband from his family, his mother especially. He was a son first before your mom. It is also true that being a son should not mean he should completely neglect his duties as a father and a husband.

This article has everything you need to do if you are in such a situation, If you are not satisfied and you need more ideas you can watch this video.


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