Signs your Separated Husband wants You back

There are a lot of signs your separated husband wants you back. When you’re separated and wondering whether your husband wants you back, it’s natural to wonder if he’s sincere. It’s a tough question to answer, because there are so many circumstances at work here. 

Signs your Separated Husband wants You back-11 Possible Signs

Here are some of the signs that indicate your husband wants you back:

1. He still loves you and is still attracted to You.

The first sign he wants you back is when he says he still loves you. He may say it in a way that shows his attraction to you, but doesn’t act like it. If this is the case, then there’s a chance that what he says is not true.

For example:

  • He hasn’t stopped talking about how much he misses his ex-wife and kids—even though they’re all divorced now!
  • He keeps talking about how hard it was for him when their marriage ended; even though she left him for another man (and then divorced him).

2. He wants to Fix the Marriage.

This is the most obvious sign that he wants you back in his life and on his terms. It may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s important to remember that he has many ways to do this.

He could express this by talking about how much better he can be as a husband than when you were together or by expressing regret for what happened during your separation. 

It could even be by asking forgiveness from God and others around him who were hurt by what happened during your separation (which will cause them all sorts of hassle).

It is also true that sometimes men don’t care whether their partners are happy; they want themselves happy first—and then maybe next if possible, then so forth until everyone else falls into place around them too.

 But if this sounds like something out of some lousy sitcom plot line, then maybe reconsider before taking action based on such assumptions.

3. He stays in touch with you and asks about your life.

  • He changes his schedule to make time for you.
  • He asks about your family, friends, and life in general.
  • He makes an effort to get back together with you.

4. He is open to being Friends.

If your husband is open to being friends with you, he still cares about you. If he’s open to being friends with you, it means that he wants to be in your life and doesn’t want to lose all contact with his family.

5. He is trying to prove that he’s ready to be a better husband than he was when you separated.

If your husband is trying to prove that he’s ready to be a better husband than he was when you separated, it may be time for him to take action.

He needs to show that he’s willing to work and make things work between the two of you again.

If there are communication issues, it could be because of his lack of effort on your part.

If this is the case, try being more patient and giving him time before jumping into something new or different with another person (if this is not what you want).

You could also seek professional help if needed—the sooner someone gets help for their problems, even if they’re not severe, the better off they will be overall.

6. He holds out hope that you’ll get back together.

If your separated husband is still hoping you will get back together, he’s probably thinking about you and your relationship.

He wants to know how things are going for you in general and what’s going on with him (and vice versa).

He may be asking questions like: How are things at work? How are things with the kids? Has anything changed since we last talked?

If this is true, then it is time for you to sit down and have some serious conversations about what happened between us.

7. If He suggest to meeting a Marriage Counselor

  • He might reach out to couples therapists or marriage coaches before he reaches out to you, to gather tools that will help him convince you to give him another chance.
  • He might be looking for a way to make it work.
  • He might want to know what went wrong so he can fix it and get back together with you.

8. If He is finding it Hard to Move on

If your separated husband has a new girlfriend, he might be beginning to move on. 

She may be pressuring him to end things with you already, and he is torn between his loyalty to her and his desire for you back in his life. If this happens, there are several reasons why he may be hesitant:

  • He may not want to admit that they have started dating while still separated (and therefore unable to tell anyone).
  • He might feel guilty about moving on so quickly after being together for so long.
  • He may fear what you will say if he tells you about the new relationship before telling everyone else first—especially since some people are more sensitive than others when it comes time for someone’s feelings or feelings-based decisions such as these.

9. If He Still talks about You

If your husband is dating someone, but he does not seem interested in working on your relationship and moving forward with an effort to reconcile, this could mean one of two things:

If this is the case, it could mean that your marriage is not worth saving—or that if it were saved, it would be much harder for both parties involved (you and him) than letting go of the past and starting fresh again.

  • He does not want anything more from life than having fun right now. This can happen when someone has been through trauma or loss in their lives and has found comfort somewhere else; sometimes, those places are bars where people drink too much alcohol while talking about how much they miss their exes (and yes, this happens!).

10. Unwilling to Divorce

If his lawyer suggests that finalizing your divorce would be easier if you both agree peacefully, this is a sign that he may want to reconcile instead of going through with it.

If he is interested in dating other people, this could mean he wants to prove himself as a better husband than you are.

 After all, if he were able to find another woman who was willing to take him back without any issues (and let’s face it: most women don’t want their husbands back), then he would have grounds for believing that his wife wasn’t worth keeping around in the first place!

This is also true if his lawyer suggests leaving things open-ended so that there aren’t any hard feelings after everything has been finalized—and by default, makes reconciliation seem like an option for both parties involved.

11. Come to Terms that He wants to Fix

Sometimes the signs are just right there. The best way for him to tell you how he feels is for him to clearly say it in words you can understand.

  • He might write a letter or email with his feelings about the separation, telling you what he’s thinking and how much he misses being with you.
  • He could make a phone call on your behalf; your husband has not spoken directly with his ex-wife but instead has communicated using a medium other than face-to-face communication (like email).


If he says that he still loves you and is attracted to you, this signifies that he wants to fix the marriage.

He might even be open to being friends with you again – but that’s not going to happen if his lawyer tells him it would be easier for both of you if there were no more lawyers involved in the divorce process.



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