My Marriage Is Falling Apart And My Husband Doesn’t Care

My marriage is falling apart and my husband doesn’t care. How do I fix my marriage? how do I get my husband’s attention? What am I supposed to do to make him love me again? Etc.

Are these your questions? One of the most frustrating experiences anyone can have in marriage is when you see your marriage crumbling right before you and your partner doesn’t care about it, leaving you alone to worry about it.

There are so many ways to get your husband’s attention. Men are critical thinkers they don’t go 70% of them with their emotions but rather with their brains, unlike women who are moved by their emotions first. They move first by sight before their emotion.

So, Do you want to fix your marriage? Do you want your husband to get to love you again? Do you want to get his attention to the state of your marriage so that you both can fix it?

Then there are a few crucial things to do if you want your marriage and husband back.

My Marriage Is Falling Apart And My Husband Doesn’t Care –  9 Ways To Fix

There are a lot of ways to fix a broken marriage as a the wife, but for the purpose of this article, we are going to be considering nine ways. They include:

1. Do Not Be Desperate

As frustrating as it may be try not to be desperate, and try not to be hasty or rash about your decisions.

Being desperate will make you beg for your husband’s love and attention, making you look eager for what will not be. Doing that will make him feel choked and further increase his urge to break away from you.

Do Not Be Desperate

Most women go into nagging and complaining when they become desperate giving the other partner no reason to want to stay back. Nagging is the last thing a husband will endure from a wife he doesn’t care about breaking away from, note that.

So here’s the thing act a little less concerned, think, restrategize, come up with a solution, feeling desperate to fix it? sit, breathe and go over some plans to make it work. In this kind of situation, you will need the help of a marriage counselor.

2. Communicate

This needs to be over-emphasized in this case. You cannot get a solution if you don’t know the problem.

With that being said, get to talk over things with your husband. Yeah I know that sounds easy but in fact, it’s not, especially when you are dealing with a husband who doesn’t care if you break away or not.

Here’s a strategy if you find yourself in that position. Get to know his schedule properly, and know when he’s in the right mood for a chat, act, and seek in his language. This always works, who will not fall when their love language is used on them properly?

Gotten that? Then proceed to talk with him, to get to know why things are going the way they are going. Make sure to pay attention to every little detail of what he says. Calmly correct where need be but if that will cause further chaos then silence and actions will work better.

Communication goes a long way in giving you a hint or possibly the full cause of the problem and when and how your marriage started going down.

And yes make sure not to push or force him to talk. Sometimes you need to watch and listen to the comments he makes around you.

3. Change The Atmosphere

If you’ve had a particular pattern of doing things around the house or with him, I guess this is the time for a change. Moreover, you need the change in atmosphere and environment, which is necessary for human mental health.

Change the usual to the unusual. After communicating or paying attention to the silent words. It’s time to make a change but be careful not to lose yourself while doing this. If you’ve thought about it and you are not been abused in any way and you’ve there’s a need for change then this is a perfect idea.

If you never appreciated the use of his love language then this is the time to do so. One more thing never forgets to wear a smile and be hope full.

4. Look Forward To The Future

This is one of the core reasons many couples fall out of love. Holding on to past hurts like words it action builds up resentment for one over time. You may not know how deep it has gone or how it started to affect the way you felt about your spouse, all you know is you wake up one day and discover there’s no love left for the other.

With this feeling, couples become distant from each other and make one not care if the marriage works or not. When communicating with your husbands get to be vulnerable with each other about the hurts.

Bear in mind that you have to let go of a setting that hurts. Sometimes this constant talk of the problems may be one of the reasons he is going away as you cannot overlook his wrong.

Rather than constantly talking about the issue why don’t you try helping each other out in solving it?

5. Spend Time

There’s nothing as helpful as time spent with loved ones. You get to know why this and that are the way they are.

Get to know his schedule, know his interest, and talk about it with him. Move by his side and not behind him.

Plan vacations together in his privacy time be around him but give him space. Make him know that u love spending time with him and that you are interested in everything that concerned him.

In all be careful to give him a breath of fresh air.

6. Be Better

Maybe I should put it, be a renovated you. Work on yourself. Not only listen to him but also check yourself to know if or maybe you are the cause of the breaking.

Love your husband and marriage enough? Care about the future of your kids then you should learn to compromise knowing its positive effect will last for a lifetime.

Change the bad habits, get a better character of yourself. If you have been giving him the respect he needs which is not exaggerated, then you should start from there. Men love it when their ego is pampered. This will go a long way to soften every hard spot in your husband.

7. Emphasize His Love Language

Use his love language to get his attention back to words of affirmation. Say it more, do it more. There’s something about the proper usage of one’s love language. It not only brightens the person’s mood, but it also not only makes the person vulnerable, it brings the person’s attention to the person giving him the love just the way he likes it.

Don’t minimize its usage of it. Use in every act or word towards him, with this you will be able to make him the state and level of your marriage and relationship.

No one will want to lose the person that doesn’t only support them but also loves them right. Making do all they can to make sure the marriage and relationship work.

8. Romance

There’s just something magical about romance. Loosen up a little and get to have a beautiful experience with him.


Fix dates at home or anywhere that catches the fancy of you and your husband. Relate to good old times. Relive the memory of when you both started. Show and tell him how much you love him and how much he means to you.

Show appreciation, show encouragement in his work and person. All this is part of romance. You have to let go of your pride and ego to fix your marriage.

9. Don’t Be In A Haste

Don’t be hasty about your plans. Take your time to execute each plan you’ve written.

If one fails try it again but this time around with another strategy. Enjoy the show and savor every moment. Know why one did not work and figure out which one will work better. Don’t be pushy or get frustrated when you fail.

If you rush your plans, let your desperate and frustrated self get the better side of you. The results will not come out as planned but rather keep you in a place of worry leading to a mental breakdown.

Nothing good happens overnight. Wounds don’t heal in a second. It takes a lot of pampering, and effort, to take the right medication with patience to get the right result.


if all is done and still yet your husband does not give the attention that is needed, seek an expert’s advice like a marriage counselor.

It is good you know when to stop so that you don’t lose yourself trying to fix something dead.

Sometimes talk sessions and therapy with a marriage therapist will be helpful and also sometimes separation, not divorce will be needed for both of you to catch your breath.

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