I Have To Remind My Husband To Do Everything- 11 Steps to Take

A lot of women have problems when they face situations in marriages; some complain, “I have to remind my husband to do everything.”
Although it is a partnership, just like any other, not everyone views marriage in the same way.

It means you have not established the ground rules of your relationship if you constantly have to remind your husband to do everything. The real question is whether you even have any rules for your relationship.

In the early stages of a relationship, it frequently seems unnecessary to have any rules. Men often think it’s normal for women to handle everything.

They act as though they are house guests, expecting to be served and being surprised when they are required to clean up or perform any other household duties.

This article is for you if you’re tired of constantly reminding your husband to do things and you don’t want to be the only one your family can depend on.

I Have To Remind My Husband To Do Everything – 11 Steps To Take

You will discover ways to simplify your life, strengthen your marriage, and divide up the household chores with your husband without using ultimatums, fights, threats, or any other less-than-pretty methods of argument.

Here are some helpful suggestions for persuading your husband to treat you and behave differently.

There are many ways to remind your husband that he should be helpful, but this article will examine eleven ways. These eleven ways include:

1. Divide The Labor Based On What You Enjoy

It is highly expected that young couples have the problem of knowing what to do at a particular time and sharing responsibilities.

However, these couples are always advised to try a divide-and-conquer conquest in other to get work done.

An ancient adage states, “A problem shared is a problem half solved”, so dividing the labour into segments will help make things easier for your husband.

2. Set Goals

Decide what you can and cannot do around the house and what responsibilities you expect him to perform without being reminded.

Make a list, go over it with your husband if you can, and try to agree on how to divide the tasks equally.

It is time to specify the repercussions if you fail to follow through once you clearly understand who is responsible for what in your family.

For example, “if you forget to take the kids to sports, I won’t make dinner that day, and that responsibility falls on you,” or “if you forget to get the groceries, I won’t remember to put your laundry in the washer.”

No matter how trivial or silly this may seem, it would help if you established penalties for any contract violations. Why should anything alter if there are no repercussions?

If you can do everything yourself and all your husband has to put up with is the occasional minor criticism, why would he bother?

Therefore, you must strictly adhere to the agreement and be consistent when setting the parameters for the consequences of inappropriate behaviour.

Say you want him to view you as a serious person. In that case, you can also mention divorce as a possible result of his failure to abide by the contract. However, only do that if you are genuinely prepared to divorce him.

3. Invest In Your Emotional Bank Account

Planning regular date nights, connecting, forgiving one another, and practising patience with your partner as you would with your children are all examples of “making deposits into your emotional bank account.”

This has to make him know his responsibilities as a man. Many things are neglected because the woman first did not invest in her emotional bank account.

It also did not make the husband see the necessary reasons they should invest there.

4. Talk About Priorities

You may occasionally depend on your spouse if you’re in a committed marriage. The next question is, “Are you putting yourself first?” Your husband might not be doing so, but are you?

Before attempting to change your marriage, make a few changes in your own life. You can start working on your wedding once you’re content with who you are.
You have to be first in this situation.

5. Make Your Routine Automatic

Self-care seems ideal in theory, but who has time for that? Having enough time to brush one’s hair and teeth most days is a victory. But in view, it is essential.

“Self-care is not selfishness; it is self-preservation. It is crucial to feel less worn out, avoid caregiver burnout, and still have energy for your romantic relationship.

Taking care of yourself and other aspects of your identity can set an excellent example for your children and give them room to grow into independent adults. It is advised to list the self-care activities you miss, then create (and follow) a caregiving schedule with your partner so that you both have downtime.

6. Create A Backup Strategy

It is highly expected that couples come up with a plan when they are taking up responsibilities.

It is also expected that sometimes there are cases of emergencies. On this record, couples likely create backup plans and strategies to meet their target.

So If you need help with your husband taking up responsibilities, you can adopt this strategy.

7. Negotiate

Yes, we’d all like a spotless home and homemade meals, but managing a household requires compromises that both parties can live with.

In a true compromise, there is some winning and some losing. It is a sign of success when a couple comes to a settlement they can live with. You will always perform at a higher level than anyone else. However, it must be enough if your partner meets your expectations to an 80 per cent level.

8. Appreciate

Give specific compliments. Small things may be involved. Find something positive your partner is doing. He claims numerous positive developments that we can appreciate but do not.

He is 100% correct; you may have realized that you are only complimenting your husband on the things that irritate you rather than the things he did well.

Finding time to appreciate your husband will make him feel valued, and everything he does will make him feel acknowledged and respected. This act will also boost him, encouraging him to do more.

9. Discuss The Results

It is essential to discuss results with your partner. It encourages him and makes him see the progress of the work he has done.

10. Eliminate Stereotypes

Many people in your vicinity will say, “They are men; what do they know.” It’s also sometimes said that “it’s not a man’s thing” or that “the family belongs to the woman.”

What these people advise you to do is to remain silent and endure suffering. You can, however, do better than that.

The stereotype of love is the strongest of all. It will be sufficient to let your partner know how much his actions bother you if he loves and respects you.

Even the best people make errors.

He might have grown too comfortable in the relationship or been under stress. Such issues can, however, be quickly resolved.

But it will be very challenging to change your relationship if your husband only saw in you the perfect replacement for his mother.

Keep in mind that you deserve love. To save your family, you don’t have to be your husband’s or kids’ housekeeper.

Love doesn’t hurt; unhealthy relationships that mimic love but aren’t based on it do.

Do you want to spend the rest of your life constantly reminding someone to do anything? Is that the best you can manage?

11. Consult An Expert

Speaking with a relationship or marriage counsellor is advised. Since they are specialists in this area, they will advise you on what they think you should do to improve your relationship.


Keep in mind what it’s like to be loved. Your marriage problems may be more severe than you realize if no recent memories come to mind.

Love entails consideration, nurturing, respect, and comprehension. How many of these do you typically receive from your husband?

The reality is that a committed husband who loves you and your children won’t ever abandon you to bear the total weight of life’s challenges by yourself.
Therefore, did you allow yourself to end up with a man who doesn’t love you enough or is he just the type which requires constant communication?

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