I Want A Divorce But I’m Scared Of My Husband

It is a normal phenomenon that a lot of women in marriages go through the fear of getting a divorce. Hence, “I want a divorce, but I’m scared of my husband.”

Consequentially, it has been noticed that many women go through the burden of keeping silent in a marriage where they do not feel comfortable, and most times, because of inaction leads to many problems after that.

However, this article will discuss why you should not be afraid and what you can do to improve the situation.

I Want A Divorce, but I’m Scared of my Husband -7 Reasons Not To

There are a lot of reasons not to be scared of your husband when you need to get a divorce, and some of them include the following:

1. Stereotype:

After all, caffeine was once regarded as harmful. If you drink alcohol, they say caffeine was once considered dangerous. They now claim you won’t develop cancer if you consume enough of it.

Enslaved people used to be acceptable. There are many errors that society supports. Ugh, you won’t develop cancer. Enslaved people used to be okay. There are many errors that the organisation supports.

If the marriage is not safe for you, please, it is okay to move on. Don’t remain in a marriage you don’t feel safe in to prove that you love someone.

3. Face Your Fears

It has taken a lot of effort on your part to try to suppress your emotions and thoughts. You are unable to live the whole life you can because of it.
Come clean with yourself first.

Take in the message that your inner voice has been whispering: you cannot continue to support this marriage.

You’re still here, so take a look around. Knowing that the fear of divorce paralyzes you won’t kill you. Face your truth without passing judgment.

4. Have a Diary

Use an online journal protected by a password for complete privacy and security.
Whatever the fear of divorce may be, it becomes less frightening when we put our deepest thoughts and feelings about it in writing. Their reality increases as well.

Permit yourself to daydream about how your life would be different if you did something. For once, resist the temptation to consider your feelings from a fear-based perspective.

The wisest version of yourself already read what you wrote, so you can’t go back and delete it. On that one, there is no turning back.

Remain true to yourself. Do this a few times before bed, and then allow it to soak in for the entire night.

5. Remember Why you want it

A lot of people act based on their emotions and fear of leaving. If you are getting divorced, something must have triggered the idea. It is very okay to follow intuitions sometimes.

Remembering why you wanted the divorce will motivate you to move on. It is also true that many women stay silent in abusive relationships because they are scared, which is wrong. Many women should learn to walk out when marriages don’t feel safe anymore.

6. Talk to Someone

Speak with someone already a part of your life and whom you trust. Sharing the truth with a dependable coworker, friend, sister, brother, or neighbor will help you live the truth.

Your truth has likely been suppressed for a very long time. If you’ve been struggling with this, you may have been striving to be someone you’ve imagined yourself to be—the ideal mother, wife, husband, son, businessperson, etc.

There is no such thing as perfection. Consider taking your mask off; you might be surprised by the love others have for you.
By talking to others, you will see why you shouldn’t stay in a marriage that you feel is unsafe.

7. Be Honest with your spouse about your Feelings

If your fear of divorce prevents you from being completely honest with your spouse about your thoughts and feelings because you believe they are narcissistic or overly dramatic, consult a professional first.

In most other situations, prepare your truth beforehand to prevent being redirected or, worse yet, paralyzed during the conversation.

 Be ready for any arguments they may raise against your decision that your marriage is over. Remember that they are not experiencing the same emotions as you.

 Be prepared for an attack because they might take your emotions as evidence that you have done something wrong.

You can reassure your spouse that, although the marriage is not one person’s sole responsibility, you accept responsibility for how you feel now.

You will be able to enter a new space thanks to this exchange. You have now spoken your truth with no remorse, shame, or assigning blame.

Turn back only if this conversation changes how you view your marriage, which it occasionally does. The following action is crucial if that applies to you.


It is something that has been on your mind for a while. Even though you have been unhappy in your marriage for a time, you are still together on the first day of the new year.

You experience a range of emotions, from fear to excitement, when you consider getting divorced or ending your relationship with that person.

It is wrong to stay where you don’t feel safe anymore. You must read this article if you are scared of your husband’s reaction when you ask for a divorce.


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