Signs of Reconciliation after Separation

Everything is possible, they say, if you put your heart to it, yes, even for partners who are separated and wish to reconcile.

Reconciliation after separation is possible when both partners are positive about each other and willing to give marriage bliss another chance.

In this case, we see most partners give up and settle for a divorce when they don’t receive the same energy from the other partner or know which signs to look out for that will give them hope for a reconciliation.

Signs of Reconciliation after Separation-17 major Signs.

There are a lot of signs of reconciliation after separation and for the purpose of this article, we will be looking at 17 of them and they include:

1. Feeling an Emotional Bond

Having an emotional bond with your partner is a sign of knowing your stand.
The emotional connection you both feel towards each other has to do with You staying alert towards their feeling, needs, wants and every little thing that concerns them.

You both become friends again, feeling comfortable with each other’s presence. There’s an absence of misunderstanding or doubt; you talk to each other about your plans or daily routine.

With this emotional connection, you engage in tons of non-intimate touches, like hand-holding, forehead or cheek kisses, back rubs, hugs and other sweet gesture.

2. Find Ways to Meet

You both create time for each other, no matter the busy schedule or the numerous activities on your to-do list.

The occasional reminder of activities or dates with them is a sign to get back together.

3. Talk about the Future

When reconciling with your partner, conversations about the future are essential as it helps to know the way forward and if the success of the marriage is possible.

The feeling of comfort and trust when you talk about the future with your spouse when separated and the fact that they give you listening ears and are interested indicates a lot about their desire to make amends.
It shows you both feel secure with each other, which is a step forward.

4. Discuss Needs

You discuss needs, not just physical needs but also emotional, financial, economic, mental and spiritual needs.

You both have time to discuss how you felt about the past relationship, identify the problems that caused the separation and get the solutions needed to make it work.

Helping each other fix those needs, both personal needs and general needs, can fasten and host the decision.

5. Curious about Each Other

You are interested in each other’s life; you want to know practically and mentally everything that’s going on in their lives.

Their daily routine, follow them on every social media platform, asking those close to them about their well-being at every chance you get, or they have.

6. Come to an Understanding

The emotional bond and the genuine interest for your spouse or between you both brings a common understanding in your relationship as the time created and the constant discussion throws a lot more light on the personality, likes, Dos and Don’ts about your spouse.

Understanding becomes present in the daily and consistent relationship with each other. With this, any further outbreak of issues or problems easily comes to a resolution because of your understanding of each other.

7. You have Healed

Healing is essential in every human day to day living. When there’s no healing the will be no Understanding and the will be constant blame.

But when you heal from the past issues in the marriage that led to the separation, you discover that their presence does not irritate any more which helps you have a rethink on your divorce or separating decision.

There will be acceptance and forgiveness. Then with this comes the urge to turn and write a new chapter with your partner.

8. You Have Forgiven and are Forgiven

Forgiveness goes a long way to create a pace for a new beginning, as there are no grudges or hurt held in against each other.

With the presence of forgiveness and the awareness that you have been forgiven, you are ready to welcome any discussion regarding reconciling.

Acknowledging that it didn’t break the marriage but helped the relationship between you and your spouse to better for yourself and each other.

9. Problems have been Solved

Problems, issues, mistakes or anyone you call it are the number one triggers for separation.

The question now is what happens when they are solved, and both partners come to a good understanding of the problem.

There is the oneness of heart in the absence of troubles, problems or misunderstandings during separation.

10. Recognition and Acceptance

Recognizing is one and accepting is another. When you recognize you wronged or they accept that the fault came from them giving a chance to speak and remove and also improve.

Knowing or having this with your partner gives you a better push to fix things and reconcile with your partner as you have come to accept their weakness while giving each other the encouragement needed.

11. Taken Responsibility

When you or them start taking responsibility of their actions and duties to or the children if there are, brings you are step closer to reconciling with your spouse.

It does not only give you the chance to sought things out but also helps in making known to each other the roles the have to play to make the marriage last.

12. Still Trust Each Other

Trust is a solid basis for any relationship or marriage to stand the test of time.

When you still have Trust and belief in your partner, there are huge possibilities you desire to fix, or they desire to fix the marriage when separated.

Most couples, when separated, have no trust or belief in each other anymore, as it leads to distancing and separation.

13. Discuss Goals and Priority

Discussing goals and priorities with each other says a lot about the bond you share and your understanding of one another.

It not only gives you and your spouse a chance to understand better why each person acts the way they do.

You find each other looking and seeking ways to help each other achieve their goals and fix their priorities for better achievement.

14. Compassion and Care

Discovering you can’t help but worry about their well-being is a sign of ending the drama and getting things right. You help out with their activities without them asking for one. You look for ways to help them or make their leads lighter financially, mentally, spiritually and physically.

You can not care for a person who doesn’t mean anything to you, and here, we are talking about the compassion and the care you give to a person you once wished not to have anything for.

With this feeling, you have the urge and push to reconcile to be there for them when need be without wasting any moment since you are worlds and miles apart at the place of separation.

15. Checking In on Each other

A little call here and a short text are signs that they or you still have them in mind.

This says a lot about your feelings towards each other. The hunger and craving to hear from them even after the therapy and obedience to counsel to stay apart for a while during the period of separation.

Constant calls or asking close one to know how they are fairing.

16. Appreciation and Gratitude

Couples who appreciate each other and accept each other’s weaknesses and wrongs have greater chances of a successful marriage.

You find yourself appreciating your spouse in every little way, remembering the good times, and being grateful for their strengths.

Also, at every point you get, you find a way to tell them how grateful you are for their presence in your life and even become their biggest fan.

17. Discuss Boundaries

In the conversation you have, you discuss Boundaries, healthy boundaries that are necessary for reconciliation after separation, such as coming into an agreement about funds and life.

Talking about each other’s limits and respecting each other’s privacy. Children’s welfare, bills.

Discuss the issues that led to your separation and fix limits and boundaries on things that led to the separation.


In addition to the signs, Reconciliation has to do with falling in love again and merging two different ideas and views of life. Reconciliation cannot happen if there’s no openness of heart and mind.

One must be ready to compromise and give the other a chance to express, not under any form of manipulation or emotional blackmail.
When the signs are visible, there should be a conscious act of nurturing, feeding and letting them bloom.


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