How To Treat A Cheating Husband

There are a lot of ways how to treat a cheating husband. Being cheated on by your partner when married is always one of the most traumatizing experiences for married women.

It makes one question a lot about marriage; it puts you in the line and keeps you on the edge of the marriage.

But what happens when you are aware of your husband’s cheating habit? Their question is, how should I treat him? How should I treat him?

How show I make him know his wrong for hurting me this way? Most especially when he acknowledges it and wants to make amends.

How To Treat A Cheating Husband – 13 Major Tips

There are a lot of ways on how to treat a cheating husband some of them include:

1. Blame

At that point of vulnerability and brokenness, you will tend to blame yourself for his shortcomings and put yourself as the reason he cheated. Therefore, giving him the right to justify his actions.

First, you should be aware that it was never your fault. When you have checked all the odds and actions, you will discover that you did pretty well in your part of fulfilling your duties as his wife, and there was no reason for him to have an affair with another woman.

Secondly, please don’t put yourself in a depressed state, don’t let it get the best of you or snatch or steal away your joy of being.

Most especially in cases where you discover he didn’t just cheat on you with one woman but had an affair with multiple women showing clearly that the problem isn’t you but him.

2. Be Sure

Most women get all suspicious and accuse their husbands of what they heard without being sure of the information.

As a married woman, it is advisable that you never let third parties define your marriage; you should never take what the third party told you about your husband as the final word for you to make a decision.

Get to know and be sure if the suspicions are confirmed.
With valid proof and conviction, you can decide and know the right step to take. Wrong decisions can bring forth problems and break the marriage when the accusations are wrong, as it shows a lack of trust.

Also, remember to mention the Woman’s instincts, it’s said that a woman’s instincts are sometimes 90 percent accurate, but it is wise not to solely trust on guts but get valid proofs to back it up.

3. Seek Counsel

After discovery, you must seek counsel from a marriage counselor or a person you find worthy of trust, and their words are proven right and worthy of trust.

When faced with this sort of case, most women lose their sense of judgment, making them make rash decisions or find themselves searching for solutions and words to say as the case didn’t only affect their emotional health but also affected their mental health, making them lose the capacity to make the right decision then.

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Be sure that the person you are going to get counsel from or talk to about your marital issues is trustworthy and will not wash your dirty linen outside but will not only cover you but also protect you from the rash world of judgment and gossip outside.

4 Confront Him When You Are Ready

When your suspicions are proven right, and you have gotten the right counsel, you should confront him about the affair when you are ready and you are sure that you are mentally and emotionally fit to talk about the affair.

When confronting him, please don’t base your words on what you heard but use the verified facts, be strong on it, and don’t be moved by emotions because things need to be done right.

No matter how the pressure may be, he may want you to talk about it at some point, but be sure to let him know when you choose to talk about it if you are not ready to talk about it at that time.

5. Figure Out The Reason

After the confrontation, do well to listen to his reasons. Pay attention to the words and the excuses he gives but without letting them get to you, and be sure he meant them.

You must know why he cheated as it helps justify not just your future actions but also helps to relieve the tensions within, helping you make a decision in the right frame of mind and with justified reasons.

Don’t be harsh in your confrontation as it will not help but escalate the problem, and it will not bring out the truth you wish to hear, as most men cannot function in an environment that breaks their ego even when they feel remorseful.

6. Give Yourself The Proper Care.

When you’ve confronted him, your instincts and suspicions are proven right. If you discover it wasn’t your fault, decide to give yourself the care you deserve. Keep trying to figure out why he did what he did.

Give yourself the attention you deserve and live your life to the fullest. Pay less attention to him and his escapades. Do something fun with your life, learn new things travel to new places. Give yourself a full body treatment, and focus on your Job and project.

7. Attention

Don’t give yourself to checking out what he does and who he converses with. There are a lot of Don’t when it comes to the part of Attention.

You should not get yourself obsessed about knowing who the woman or the women he is having an affair with. You will bring g yourself to a point of total disrespect or disvalue.

As much as the emotional distress that happens at that point is understood, don’t let him know that his actions are getting to you but rather give him the “I don’t give an f***” attitude but not in the harsh or wild way.

8. Forgive On Your Own Terms

To Forgive is good but on your terms not because he said you should forgive him but on your own terms and conditions. Though it’s said that forgiving a person is not for their sake but for yours.

How To Treat A Cheating Husband

Know why you ha e to forgive him. When you don’t be in the haste to take him in, give him time to show how sorry he is and his willingness to make amends

9. Be kind

At that point, you all feel rage, anger, and the hunger for vengeance. Be careful not to let it get the better part of you or let you choose to express it to the point of doing a payback. It doesn’t work out well in the end.

Be you, do you? Be kind and show him, undeserved love. Show him what it means to be faithful and loyal to a spouse. Keep up with duty as a wife and a partner.

Also, here is another thing you should know, being kind doesn’t mean you should be stupid or play dumb or act as a permit to say a “fool,” but rather be smart and know you’re right.

10. Upgrade

There will be a reason why he cheated or is cheating. Knowing the reason is important as it helps you to know how to deal with his cheating habit.

For example, if the reason for his cheating is how you dress or present yourself. Then it would help if you did an upgrade for him and you. This doesn’t only make him want you but also helps in improving your self-confidence and self-esteem.

If you cared for him, loved and gave yourself for him, then there should be a turnaround where you take yourself back and let him beg and crave for you.

11. Communicate

If he cheated on you and felt guilty about it and wants to change, Communicate, talk about the reasons, find solutions to problem, set limits, talk about the progress of the plan to heal from it.

Don’t be judgmental, have an open mind and see things from his point of view and get the share the feelings and thoughts with him. Let him know how bad he hurt you and how much you can take, that’s letting him know he won’t get away with it the next time.

12. Consider Separation

Sometimes staying under the same roof with them can be choking and may not help but aggravate the whole issue. Put yourself first and then your children.

Don’t base your thoughts on separation on what families and friends will say but instead on what’s best for you and your children.

And also, the thought of them having something to do with another woman keeps coming on at the sight of them, and also, the fear of them giving you STDs will be constant since there will be the presence of insecurities and distrust.

Considering separation is advisable as it gives you a long time to think about the drama and makes them understand your worth in your absence.

13. Pray

While you do all you do, upgrade, separate, pay kindness, less attention, etc. pray for him.

Marriage is an institution that was created by God, and he alone has the right remedy and punishment for a cheating husband.

Prayer does not only help get your sanity back but also helps you stay calm amid the chaos keeping him in suspense and questions about your next move or what may be going through your mind.


In all your doings, know the limits; sometimes, most women forget the purpose of the change, leasing them to take it further than necessary.
With this, sometimes there’s a turning of the table where the fault is no longer on the husband but instead on you.

It’s good you have a marriage coach who checks and discusses every step to ensure you stay on track.


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