Obvious Signs He Is Leaving You For Another Woman

One of the most beautiful things in life is loving someone who loves you the same way.
The feeling you get after meeting that one person you want to spend forever with can not be compared to eating a box of tasty chocolates.

Yes, that’s how incredible it is. And then, all of a sudden, things start to change. You start feeling he no longer loves you, and doubt begins to set in. His new behavior leaves you wondering if these are signs he wants to leave you.

He may start to be secretive, grumpy, and unhappy around you. Moreover, these behaviors may make you feel hurt and anguish and tingle your instinct.

There are a lot of signs to show your spouse is leaving you for another woman and we will be considering some of them.

Obvious Signs He Is Leaving You For Another Woman – 15 Clear Signs

Of all the ways of breaking up, few can be as heartbreaking and traumatic as unfaithfulness. In most issues where this transpires, people who get dumped for the other woman end up blindsided by it. Or, they never get confirmation of the fact, which often makes the breakup much worse.

However, it is better to be aware of the red flags and prepare for the worst.
Reading this article will help you understand the things going on in your relationship and help you recognize the signs, and make the best decision for yourself.

A lot of signs are clear that a man is leaving you for another woman and for this article we will be considering 15 of them. They include:

1. Avoiding

Do you feel your spouse/partner has been avoiding you lately? Like canceling the late-night outings, movie dates, and dinners you plan?
They prefer seeing a movie alone; they rarely come home early: you are often already asleep when they arrive.

Obvious Signs He Is Leaving You For Another Woman

They give silent treatment when you talk and ignore you.
These behavioral changes could suggest they are trying to stay away from you. If you have not been involved in an argument recently, this is a red flag.

2. Planning

In every relationship, there are goals set to be achieved by the couple.
They make plans about things like purchasing a house, raising children, going on vacation, or creating a joint bank account.

But lately, your partner has yet to show much interest in discussing plans. When you bring up such topics in discussions, it evades.
Sometimes, your partner/spouse makes plans with his family or friends but barely lets you in.

You only get to find out later from a friend or family member. If such episodes reoccur in your relationship, it could be a concern.

3. Intimacy

Intimacy is the foundation of every relationship. It keeps the connection active and healthy. Talk to your partner if you feel your intimate life with him is declining.

If it happens for a short moment, it might be expected, but if it occurs for too long, it could indicate that your partner/spouse is slowly losing interest and planning to leave you.

4. Secrecy

We know everyone has a right to their privacy, but when your partner/spouse is constantly hiding vital information from you, hiding his stuff and documents, shutting his personal computer whenever you walk into the room, and sneaking in and out of the house, always protective of his phone, it is t all for concern as it is a red flag.

5. Availability

Suddenly, your partner/spouse prefers the company of his friends and other people. He goes out early and returns significantly late. He no longer attends events and functions with you.

He no longer has fun with you or spends the weekend with you. Gradually the time you both spend together declines. He is either too busy or tired when you initiate a fun outing. This is a sign of a marital breakup.

6. Infidelity Case

Cheating is a habit that can destroy a relationship, especially if it reoccurs.
This is sad and heartbreaking, but if you find out your partner/spouse has had an external affair more than once, it could be a way of letting you know he is tired of your relationship with you.

He might be doing this constantly to annoy you into dumping him because he doesn’t want it to look like he left you.
However, the case may stand, it is a warning that you end the relationship ASAP to prevent more hurt on your part.

7. Intuition

In your quiet time, when you are alone and contemplating, a little voice in your mind keeps whispering that along the line, your man is over with you.

It may not be the voice of cynicism. It may be your guts giving meaning to all the crazy things happening in your life. Constantly having such feelings indicates your relationship is breaking. If you start having this feeling at one point in your relationship, do not ignore it.

8. Losing Interest

This sign is often hard to confess. This is one of the things that happens when you begin to notice the other cues listed above in your man. His coldness begins to rub off on you as well.

You reciprocate the energy he gives off. You start ignoring him and getting used to his absence. This may not happen instantaneously because you love him.
It might take a long time, but as long as it sets in, you become less concerned and let the relationship flow in whatever direction.

You do not try to talk to him or complain of lack of attention. Once you start losing interest in a relationship, it indicates the end of that relationship.

9. Sex Interest

Research has revealed that under normal circumstances, men initiate sex more than three times more often than women in heterosexual relationships.
This means the man is more likely to make the first sexual move.

If this takes another turn, he seems less concerned and uninterested in lovemaking, especially for a long time; it could be a sign that he is cheating and wants to end the relationship.

10.  Blame Game

We all know that love overlooks many things. When you love someone, you try to ignore minor flaws.

Unexpectedly, your once-sweet, loving, and compassionate partner is now the opposite of what he used to be. He starts noticing all the mistakes he ignored before; he gets angry at the slightest impulse. He becomes fond of raising his voice at you.

This indicates that things have changed, and the relationship is no longer safe for you.

11. Airing It

In the heat of anger and tension during an argument with you, your partner let it slip that one of the reasons he is still with you could be due to obligation, your children, his family, or his ego, etc.

If this has ever happened to you, you should pay more attention to your relationship because out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaketh. He might have just told you his mind.

12. Uncomfortable

People tend to sigh when they are bored, hurt, or uncomfortable. And recently, it has become your man’s common language around you.
He frequently switches his sitting position and sighs when you are with him. This indicates you bore him, and he doesn’t want you around him.

13. Always on Phones

Do you find your spouse on the phone all day and night? Sometimes they smile, move away from you, or sneak out to answer a call. This might be a case of an external affair, and if it occurs for months, it is a red flag.

Obvious Signs He Is Leaving You For Another Woman

14. Social Media

Recently, your spouse has been trying to hide their status, stories, and posts from you on their social media accounts. They block you from viewing every post they make.
They are slowly taking you out of their social life. They might be bringing the new lady to the limelight. If you notice such behavior in your partner, it is a sign he wants to leave you.

15. Taking Bigger Steps

Here, taking the more significant steps means cutting off communication with you and moving out of the house.

You keep trying your best to fix the relationship and make it work. You plan dates, and dinners, constantly surprising and trying to impress him; you get gifts for him as well, but he doesn’t see these efforts and does not try to talk about the sudden change in his behavior.

Occasionally the partner who wants to leave the relationship demonstrates telltale signs in such a way as to provoke an adverse reaction and annoy you to justify the cause for the breakup.


You often see all these signs and red flags but ignore them because you feel they are insignificant. If you notice any of these signs in your partner, he might have the intention of leaving you. Visit a counselor for advice.

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