Why Does He Want To Get Married So Quickly? 13 Reasons

Many ladies in a relationship cry in panic, “He wants to marry me after two months. You have the chance to get to know the other person totally while you are dating.

You will also note how excited your partner is to tie the knot. There is a lot of reason a man is eager to marry you; that is what we will discuss in this article.

Why Does He Want To Get Married So Quickly? -13 Reasons

Getting married is such a magical experience. For most couples, the utmost objective binds their love for each other. Harmoniously, you will start your own family and live happily ever after.

Now back to reality, marriage is complicated, and selecting a life partner is a significant deal and should not be done in a rush.

However, most men are eager to get wedded for specific reasons.
This article will look at 13 reasons why a man wants to get married so quickly, and they are:

1. Narcissism

Narcissists get married because they want someone to boost their ego and be a permanent source of narcissistic supply. They have a record of going too fast in a relationship.

They want someone who is a steady source of love and adoration and boost their image. The reason behind narcissists’ behavior is that while growing up, they failed to develop a sense of self. They made a false self-image but needed other people to boost their self-esteem.

A partner can be a steady, constant source of this external validation the narcissist needs when a narcissist finds the person they want to be with, that one person that meets their standard, they try to seal the deal so fast.

This is not the only reason a narcissist marries quickly. They also want to be viewed as successful in all facets of life. They want to be seen as that loving spouse, and this creates part of their self-image.

The faster they achieve that and display the superior image, the better. They often go for successful, intelligent, and beautiful women. Partners like this are trophies and big wins for a narcissist.

Research proved that it takes time for these traits to be visible to the other partner; however, they rush into marrying their partner before they realize their true and manipulative nature.

Narcissists want to impress their family, colleagues, and friends as soon as possible, so they marry fast.

2. Loneliness

Many men feel the cure for their loneliness is marriage. They think their spouses will be there for them and depend on them for happiness.

Having their wounds kissed by someone who does not view them as a disaster but loves them regardless is the most calming experience.

Once they meet someone who shows them love and affection, they immediately decide to spend forever with her and rush into marrying, feeling that it will take away their depression and loneliness.

Most marriages based on the foundation of this ideology do not work out because if you cannot be alone and happy, then your relationship is false and just a trick to curb loneliness.

3. Regular Sex

Many men get married just for the sex part. They rush into marriage due to high sexual urges. They need a woman ready to deliver at any time and day.

A man’s need to have sex is as defining his masculinity as the need to get up and pee. To men, nothing is more satisfying than sex with a loving partner. And this can only be possible with n spouse.

Once they find a woman, they rush into marriage, forgetting some steps that are supposed to be taken: to get to the sex part.

4. Low Self Esteem

Many men have been rejected at one point or the other in their lives. And if you ask any man, getting one of ten girls to say “yes.” to date you is excellent.

As funny as it may sound, it is true. Probably four girls politely turned him down, three laughed in his face reminding him of how broke he was, and one introduced him to her bodybuilder boyfriend.

After all this humiliation, he finally finds a girl who agrees to go out with him. He will feel he has no choice, as this might be his last chance—most people with low self-esteem rush to take advantage of any chance to get married.

5. Parental Pressure

Parental pressure takes a toll on the mental health of children. Parental stress is often linked to education, achievements, and cultural and societal expectations.

This is a burden parents place on their children. Many parents constantly remind their sons how much they want to carry their grandchildren before dying.

They keep ringing in your head that for you to fulfill your duty as a man, you need to get married. All this pressure pushes a man to marry quickly to impress his parents.

6. Peer Pressure

Many men want to get married because all their friends are married. In a clique of men, they might be the only single person.

His friends keep asking questions like, “when are you getting married”? Or “don’t you want to settle down”? The pressure to feel among grows every day. And once they are in a relationship, they quickly want to tie the knot.

7. Time And Age

Many men are scared of growing old without getting married. We know there are specific achievements we want to see when we look back, but it is not a yardstick to rush marriage.

Some men feel that they are supposed to have gotten married at a certain age. If not, getting married later will be almost impossible.

Even society sets a specific period for a man to have settled down. But one should not get married because their age is increasing. After all, age is just a number, they say.

8. Procreation

People are different, but there is a belief that men want to have children more than they want to get married.

As products of evolution, we have a deep need to procreate. A man wants a child who can carry on his name.

And since religion and society frown on having a child outside of marriage, they rush into marrying a partner to produce children.

9. Social Status

Generally, marriage can be referred to as a bond/commitment between a man and a woman. A bond entangled with love, tolerance, support, and harmony. Also, creating a family means getting into a new stage of social advancement.

Marriage is a stable relationship in which a man and a woman are socially permitted to live together without losing their social status.

A married man is seen as more responsible, accomplished, and recognized socially. Many men rush into marriage so that they can be identified.

10. Insecurity

Some men feel insecure about their looks, status, flaws, etc. And they think no woman will love them the way they are.

They have this constant need to have someone to talk to and be there for them in trying times. When such men get into relationships, they tend to rush things.

This is because they feel if they waste time, their partner might change her mind. They tend to marry so fast to avoid losing a potential life partner.

11. Financial Stability

Research has shown that married men earn approximately 11% more than never-married men. Even economists say that divorced/separated men make 9% more than single men.

Why does this often occur? Some attribute it to employer discrimination. Others believe married men earn more because marriage makes them more productive, and others feel highly effective men are likely married.

Most employers take a man’s marital status as an indication that he is stable and responsible. They could give preference to married men when giving promotions on the ground that he has a family to cater to.

In some countries, especially American society, marriage comes with several monetary benefits, including lower tax rates, better insurance options, etc. Many men rush into marriage to enjoy these benefits.

12. Love

Falling in love is indeed an excellent thing. Having happy moments with that particular person is what we all want. Many men get married too fast because they want to show proof of their love for you.

They want to shower you with unlimited attention. They become too excited about moving to the next step without getting acquainted. They feel the love they have for you is sufficient. But is love all that matters?

13. Parental/Religious objections

Many families do not support their sons marrying a particular lady. The son decides to elope with her due to his love for her.

Today the term “elopement” is colloquially used for any marriage performed in haste, with a limited public engagement period or without a general engagement period. Some couples elope because they wish to avoid parental or religious objections.


Marriage is an important occasion in one’s life; it is a right for people to communicate their love and commitment to one another. A solid relationship with someone they hold dear to their heart is a tremendous feeling.

The process of marriage is meant to be smooth but taken slowly. If you feel your partner is rushing you into marriage, talk to him about it or seek advice from an experienced adult.



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