9 Things A Man Needs Before Marriage

When a man is about to get married, there are certain things he must do, know, or have before getting married. This article is about exposing you to the things you should do or know before marriage.

If you read this article and pay absolute attention to it, you will realize that you will be able to understand the things to consider before marriage. Marriage is a serious, lifetime commitment. This article will make sure you are doing everything correctly in the things to consider before getting married.

9 Things A Man Needs Before Marriage

Look at the 9 things a man needs before marriage.

1. You Must Be Financially Secure.

As a man who is ready to settle down, you must be financially secure. First, he is about to start a new home, so he will have to buy the things used at home, like appliances, to make the home.

You must be financially secure.

Secondly, he is bringing someone into his home, so he must also be financially able to take care of her. He must also be able to make sure his wife is comfortable in the house. Money is a vital element of life, but one shouldn’t get married for money.

You want to live a comfortable life with the freedom to spoil your wife and children whenever you desire.

2. Must Be Accountable.

When a man is responsible, he accepts responsibility for contributing to what is happening. He is willing to consider how your communication may have been harmful if your message offends someone.

When he is at fault, he does not place blame on others. He does not offer justifications for why things happen.

He is also able to make thoughtful judgments on his own without guidance. His wife can count on him in terms of decision-making in a situation and also being able to possess authority over or control (over) problems.

3. Possess Emotional Intelligence.

Before getting married as a man, you have to have emotional intelligence. What is emotional intelligence? The ability to understand, manage, and express one’s emotions and act wisely and sympathetically in interpersonal interactions.

To be emotionally intelligent, focus on developing open and effective communication.

Make sure your main point is obvious, leave out stuff that isn’t pertinent to the person you’re conversing with, and pay attention to what the other person says. It will make it easy for your wife to open up to you if something goes wrong.

4. Be Sure She Is A Good Woman.

The crown of every man is a good wife. Before getting married, you must be sure she is the right woman for you. That’s why it is not advisable to rush into marriage.

She makes you want to change for the better. It does not mean she’s trying to force or impose herself on you.

She gets along with your family and friends, gives you support, and is always there during good and bad times.

A good woman will appreciate everything you do for her, even if it seems insignificant to you. She will also help you to focus on positive things. This tip is very important before getting married.

5. Develop a Disciplined Finance Plan.

Another important thing a man needs before getting married is to develop a disciplined financial plan. Remember now that you’re about to have a family and you should now have a budget of the things you want to spend money on; because if you don’t draw a budget of what you’re supposed to spend money on, you’ll definitely misuse money.

Learn to save, differentiate your needs from wants, refuse the pressure to spend, reuse what can be reused, and stay focused on your budget. Your wife can be your accountability partner so that you can be more disciplined.

This article talked about marrying a good woman in number 5. A good wife will help you save, invest, and only spend on the most important things. It is elementary for our money to pass between our fingers like water.

You must be aware of your financial situation, both now and in the future. Maintaining financial discipline is a constant struggle; achieving financial fitness is undoubtedly challenging.

6. Effective Communication.

For your marriage to work out, you must be able to communicate effectively. The key to a successful marriage is communication. If you don’t know how to communicate without using curse words or not even communicating at all, there’s no way your partner will be able to figure out that they have hurt or offended you.

You must learn to communicate how you feel and not assume, because you might be very wrong in your assumptions when you think. Be careful to use the right words, and speak with straightforwardness. But make sure you’re not saying hurtful words.

7. A Job or Steady Income.

Yes, I know your genuine affection for her, but do you also have a job? Any marriage’s continued success depends on more than just romantic love; it also depends on having access to the money needed to address specific problems.

A Job or Steady Income.

If you want to marry the woman of your dreams, you must understand that your love may only be practical when there is money. Not millions of naira, but at least enough to pay for groceries, clothing, household expenses, and medical care.

Before getting married, you can take the required steps to make sure you are capable and at ease enough to make that move. that is why you have to have a steady income and job so that the marriage could be sustained.

8. Be Sure of Commitment

Commitment implies that you will continue to treat your spouse respectfully, even if you are upset or angry.

Commitment also entails promising to help your partner both now and in the future.
How couples demonstrate commitment in a relationship might vary depending on their previous and current experiences and expectations.

When spouses are personally or emotionally dedicated to one other, they “view their connection and emotional link as the most important thing in their lives, and stay married because they want to, not out of necessity or a sense of responsibility.”

A relationship benefits from commitment because it provides structure and stability. A commitment demonstrates that you are willing to put your interests aside for the sake of another individual. It serves as the foundation for developing love and trust in a relationship.

For a man to be ready for marriage, he must be sure he will be committed and able to stay content with one person.

9. Be Ready For Responsibilities

Responsibility means respecting, equalizing, and being honest with their partner. Responsibility also means encouraging their partner’s aspirations and personality. 

Never demean or belittle their partner. To appreciate their partner’s decisions, even if they disagree with them.

A true man fully commits to the connection. He is devoted to his partner and understands that good and successful relationships require effort.

His love for his wife is a full-time commitment. He feeds and deepens the relationship by maintaining open, honest communication and teamwork.

A man before marriage should know that his mission after marriage is to fix the three Ps: Providing, Protecting, and Professing.

He must provide for the needs of the family, which consist of the wife and children if needed. He must protect them. The safety of the family is solely on his head. It is his responsibility to fix that. 

He must also be ready to profess love regularly for his wife and children through words and actions. These are the primary responsibilities of a family man.


Marriage is not something that should be rushed; it should be properly planned by both partners. This is because many marriages fail due to a lack of proper planning. A man should only rush into marriage if he is ready.

When a man is getting ready to marry, there are a few things he must do, know, or have. This page will provide information on things you should do or know before getting married.

If you read this essay properly, you will be able to understand the elements to consider before marriage. Marriage is a commitment that lasts a lifetime.

If you’re seeking things to know as a man before marriage, read through the steps in this article; they will help walk you through the process.


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