Depression Unhappy Wife Letter To Husband

Depression, unhappy wife letter to husband? Depression is a mood condition characterized by chronic sorrow and loss of interest.


It affects how you feel, think, and behave and can lead to various mental and physical difficulties. It is also known as major depressive disorder or clinical depression.

Various factors, including a loss of control and abuse in a marriage, can cause depression. Minimizing each other’s feelings, having little sex, feeling abandoned and powerless, and no longer having fun together all indicate an unhappy marriage.

Effect Of Depression On A Marital Wife

Depressed women were significantly more hesitant and subservient than normal, had an impaired sexual relationship, felt less affection and more guilt and resentment towards their partner, and had significantly more interpersonal tension.

Depressed women with adaptive premorbid marital modifications were less reticent and submissive, experienced less marital friction, and attempted to protect their partner from the effects of the illness.

Patients with maladaptive premorbid marital adjustment were more likely to blame their spouse for the disease. While the spouse’s involvement in the therapy of his depressed wife appears to be necessary, the degree and direction of the involvement would be determined by the premorbid marital adjustment.

Depression Unhappy Wife Letter To Husband – 2 Sample Letters

Unhappy Wife’s POV

Dear husband”

Bunny, as I fondly call you. This pet name reminds me so much of how we started and how far we’ve gone. The love we share, how you love me, and how you care for our children and me.

I know you know I love you and know you love me, or should I say I’m almost drowning in oceans of my doubt about you don’t love me.
Babe, sometimes I feel you don’t love me, and you are with me or still with me out of pity and the fear of what people will say.

But what keeps me going is that I see you stay by my side to make sure I fight this depression, but I’m sorry to say it’s taking the better part of me.
You deserve someone better, someone which compliments you in all aspects.

I know this wasn’t on your list for better and for worse when we took our vows on the alter and before hundreds of people seven years ago. Sorry, I am not as strong as you have always encouraged or said I am,
The fact that u can’t live up to the wife you’ve always wanted and the mother you’ve always desired for children has taken a toll on me.

The thoughts and memories of the woman you told me of before we went on this forever journey have never left my mind and thoughts as I have always wished to make you proud to be my husband.

These shortcomings, these failures, these disappointments don’t stop coming!! and I can’t help but keep asking, why me? And it makes me say, why not me? I have always failed in everything.

With these, I can’t seem to stop the voice of fears within that tells me you are going to get tired and fed one day and you won’t be able to deal with me anymore, that you are going to take our children far, far away from me, and at the same time I feel it’s the right thing for you to do.

I know this is never a thought you will entertain, but I believe you have, and all you are doing is just enduring this moment for a little while.
Every day I wake to start at the door, having the push to just walk out of my life and that of the children.

Yes, I may be wondering if I have thought of ending my own life, yes I have countless times, but I don’t know what keeps me from doing it. As I’m writing this letter I want to end it.

I wish you life and happiness but not with me in it. You deserve more than everything you get. I don’t want to infect my depressed state. I love you but I don’t deserve you.

Yours faithfully,


Postpartum Depression (PPD) POV

Dear sweetie

I know how happy you are having our son in your arms. I see the happiness you get when you hear the sound of his cry as you’ll get the opportunity to show him how much you love him and is ready to give him the care you believe he deserves. I know the joy you have for becoming a father.

I remember how we spoke about being parents and your genuine joy when I told you about the conception a year ago. I remember how we went front and back about who will be a better parent for him.

Right now, the case is different. I never knew that a time like this would come. I never knew that I won’t have that joy of being a mother, that I won’t be able to take care of my child.
Every day I wish someone could work in that door and carry him away.

The thought of him makes me feel irritated. Currently, I wouldn’t say I like the fact that I’m a mother. Every day I pray that someone will take me up from this nightmare.

I usually wonder how you love him so much. But all I say, see and feel hate and disgust. You will feel disappointed, angry, or in total disbelief at everything you read, but I’m sorry, I can’t help it. I feel so tired and scared at the same time about everything.

I’m in a state of constant questioning about everything and whether I made the right decision to be a wife and a mother.
I do want to feel what you feel, but honey, I can’t.

My nights have turned to days, No appetite, and I don’t feel like having any intimacy with you because of the fear of taking you in.I know you are trying, but I sincerely wish you stop trying and give yourself a break.

Yours faithfully,



Depression is a married woman impacts people who are close to and associated with her. 

It discusses the quality of life for each member, their feelings about the depressed woman and their general satisfaction with the partnership.

 Depressed people are often indifferent, melancholy, exhausted, and pessimistic. They have little energy for the responsibilities and joys of relationships and family life

Much of what they talk about is bad, and even neutral or positive situations can become negative when viewed through depression.

 Normal obligations and tasks are not carried out. As they see what isn’t happening, partners and older children frequently find themselves picking up the slack. 

Without the depressed partner, spouses can do a lot on their own. 

All of these changes in the family dynamic might cause resentment and rage.

Emotional connection, closeness, and sexual desire frequently fade, leaving the marriage with loneliness, sadness, and disappointment.

Many people who are not depressed or have never experienced depression wonder why the depressed person can’t just go on with life and do the things that would make them feel better. 

Impatience, feeling overwhelmed by the circumstance, and a partner’s lack of understanding can all contribute to different issues as couples cope with depression.

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