How To Improve Communication In Marriage

A lot of people have issues with “how to improve communication in marriage.” Communication is one of the vital pillars of a healthy relationship between any gender or class.

Without communication in a relationship, there is a very high possibility of a breakup, separation, or divorce. There is also the presence of resentment between couples or partners due to unspoken words or issues that were noticed but resolved due to lack of communication.

Lack of communication may be caused by various issues like lack of intimacy, lies, complacent, emotional invalidation, ego, passive-aggressive behavior, poor listening skills, lack of attention, etc. in this article we are give you insight on how to improve communication in marriage.

How To Improve Communication In Marriage – 15 Steps

Do you want to improve your communication with your partner? here are a few tips to do the magic.

1. Teamwork

Learn to include your partner in everything you do. When making decisions or wanting to take an action on a thing include your partner in it. Ask them about their perspective and what they think should be the right step to take.

How To Improve Communication In Marriage

This increases the chances for communication to be improved. It also makes them feel important and belong. This also makes them know their words and thoughts matter.

This loosens them up and makes them feel more comfortable to express their thought and feeling with you since it is respected. this is one of the ways or methods how to improve communication in marriage.

2. Use “We” Not “I”

Be consciously using the word we in every statement when talking with them. Constantly using “I” will make you look selfish and inconsiderate. Marriage is a partnership and everything that affects A affects B.

Therefore, the word WE makes them feel included and gives them the urge to be committed to making it work or positively responding to the matter.

It also gives them a sense of responsibility for the matter, because the word we have put in the idea is that both of you have the same responsibility to make it work and nobody is to be blamed for the wrong. It may not be the best but this is how to improve communication in marriage.

3. Check On Your Partner Regularly

Check on them on regular basis through calls, and text messages. With this act, communication is improved as there’s a want to know how they are fairing.

Talk about the projects they are handling or about to handle and ask about their progress, or whether they have started. Show sincere concern about their well-being. When getting stuff call or ask if they are interested or if they want something.

This may not be the absolute point but it is how to improve communication in marriage.

4. Be Curious

Curiosity they say isn’t wrong. But when overdone can ruin little things. Know when to show curious affection towards your partner.

Be curious to know everything about them. Their day-to-day activities, longings, dreams, expectations, and projects. This is how to improve communication in marriage.

5. Be Open-Minded

When communicating with your partner be open-minded about the problems, topics, and everything that is brought up.

Avoid being judgmental this causes a rift in communication making the other not be free to say what’s on their mind leading to a bridge in communication. It is not the best but it is how to improve communication in marriage.

6. Be Accountable

Take responsibility for every action you take, your words, and every activity you get involved in.

Think of your partner in every action you do. This is how to improve communication in marriage.

7. Understand Your Partners LoveĀ Language

Knowing your partner’s love language goes a long way in making communication with your partner easier and more accessible.

How To Improve Communication In Marriage

Using the wrong approach to resolve a problem or communicate with your partner without understanding first, their love language and the level of understanding will not fix things but rather make things worst. This is how to improve communication in marriage.

8. Don’t Be Aggressive

Don’t be harsh with your words. When you are trying to communicate your feelings to your partner, your words should not be driven by your hurts and pain at that moment.

You should take a time out when you feel the hurts taking over your speech. It is easy and sometimes unavoidable not to be harsh with your words when you feel you are attacked.

When you feel hurt don’t be in a haste to talk to your partner about it, especially when you know you cannot control your words.

If they insist on talking about it at that moment, calmly make them understand you wish to be given some time and you are not ready to talk about it. This is how to improve communication in marriage.

9. Be Willing To Fix Things

Be intentional about wanting to make things right. Put in a conscious and calculated effort to fix things up with your partner.

Register for a counseling session, and talk with your partner about how you want things to be done right. Listen to them don’t be in a haste to speak, give them proper attention and pay utmost attention to details and little things they mention or may not talk about.

This is how to improve communication in marriage.

10. Be An Active Listeners

Learn to not only listen to you but pay close attention to every word in silence and willingness to understand your partner’s worries.

Go beyond just nodding your head and agreeing with everything they say. Hear what they say, understand wear those words are coming from ask them how they feel about that situation get to know how the solution they are bringing up will help out with the situation.

This is how to improve communication in marriage.

11. Spend Time

There’s something magical about spending some time with each other. Get away from your phone and take out some time from your leisure time and get to know your partner more.

With this, you will be able to talk to them about your worry. In a cozy and comfortable environment, there’s always a feeling of confidence, peace, and security that gives the other a feeling of trust and security to listen and to speak their mind without being judged.

12. Don’t Run Into Assumption

Don’t be quick to conclude on a particular matter or action about your partner. This makes them frustrated and gives them no urge to talk about the issue.

You don’t always have to be the clever one or the all-knowing one. In situations like this, you got to free your mind and let them act it till the end or hear from them to know why they did what they did.

This does not only break the bond but breaks the trust in the marriage, therefore bringing in a strain between the both of you. Give your partner a benefit of the doubt.

13. Try Intimacy

Make more time to feel the love and increase the flame between you both, does that sound exaggerated, of course, it should be exaggerated so that you can understand it without the need to go further with words.

Get softly physical with your partner at the time and moment you feel or you both feel is best. Don’t just go straight into the main deal, spend time in foreplay and experience every part of their body, that’s for the physical aspect.

For the mental aspect talk to them and give them words of affirmation to become a love doctor. Yes, that’s funny but necessary for intimacy. Say the need to hear. Make the hear their importance in your life and how beautiful your world is with them in it.

14. Don’t Be In a Defensive Mood

Don’t be ready to always give an excuse for everything you do. Most times these excuses come up because we do not want to take responsibility for our words or actions or be accountable for the actions we took or things we did, with this, you will not have an opportunity to listen.

I’ll say loosen up, relax and see from the angle they are seeing from. A positive reaction will always attract a positive reaction. Two wrongs can never make a right.

Though they may be wrong about the issue still listen without saying something to calm them down and then you can now make them understand but if you do the opposite it messes up situations.

Most couples prefer to stay away from each other to avoid that sought scenario.

15. Pray

Truthfully, I had to save the best for the last, prayer helps if you are not a believer and prayer helps improves every situation in marriage, I guess this is the time you do because it works.

Prayer helps calm your spirit and takes away worry anxiety, and fear. It authorizes the Holy Spirit to give you direction on what to do to improve the communication and the bond between you and your partner.


After all, is said ad done it’s also important you know when to let go.

Sometimes poor communication and a lack of willingness from your partner to make the marriage work could be a sign to do not wish to continue.

Take a break or take some time away from your partner to figure things out. Talk to them about it and if they do not flinch or change then it’s good you put yourself and your mental health first.


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