How To Talk To Your Husband About Being Unhappy

A lot of people are wondering if there is any cue on the subject matter of how to talk to your husband about being unhappy.

One of the frustrating things that happen in marriages is when you cannot communicate your feeling correctly to your partner when you are unhappy or when you do, issues are raised because of how the message was given and how it was understood.

In cases when you are unhappy and you want to talk to your husband about it, and he doesn’t give you the attention needed, we will provide you with the option of letting go or filing for a divorce.

So it is important you know how to translate your feelings into proper words and know the suitable measures and strategies to take to let your husband know that you are unhappy in your marriage without him taking it in, in the wrong manner, or have a false understanding of the situation.

How To Talk To Your Husband About Being Unhappy – 11 Ways

Are u unhappy in your marriage but don’t want to let go so fast without resolving the matter? are you having an issue with knowing how to talk to your husband about being unhappy? You don’t know how to talk to your husband about it? Here are few ways.

1. Figure Out What Makes You Unhappy

Before talking to your husband, you must figure out what makes you unhappy. Before meeting your husband to talk about it, you have to know why you are feeling the way you are.

With the proper discovery of the reason or cause of your unhappiness, you will be able to get a solution to it.

It will make you unable to state what you want from your husband, and it will also put your husband in a place of confusion, not knowing how he can help to make the situation better for you.

Sit down, take a deep breath and ponder, search through your thoughts and memories and try to figure out why, where, and how it all started. 
Be sure not to be one-sided and put yourself in the picture, not just your husband. This is a way on how to talk to your husband about being unhappy.

2. Look Out For The Right Time

Look out for the right time to let your husband know about your being unhappy in your marriage. Know or know his schedule and his day-to-day activities. Also, you should check the mood in which he before got to meet him to talk about your being unhappiness.

Only walk up to him anytime or anywhere if you consider the state of things or know whether he is in the mood to discuss something with you. 

Look Out For The Right Time

If not, things will only escalate and worsen without proper consideration than being better or giving a solution to your unhappiness.

If your husband is the type that’s always grumpy and doesn’t give the right atmosphere to welcome you for a conversation, then you need first to know what will work or make him listen to you without being defensive and making him reason with you. Timing is very important factor if you are looking for a way on how to talk to your husband about being unhappy.

3. Be Willing To Work It Out

Before talking to your husband about being unhappy, you have to be willing to make them work. You can talk to your husband about your unhappiness if you don’t want to fix it. 

Therefore you going to him because you want to be happy is one thing, and the willingness to make it work is another. It is like making food and craving to eat it.

The willingness to make it work gives you a better atmosphere to get solutions to make it work and also reason with your husband to find a way out of your unhappiness.  To be able to work it out is a way on how to talk to your husband about being unhappy.

4. Reminisce On How It Was In The Beginning

After getting the proper time and being able to get the right atmosphere for the conversation.

Don’t rush into spilling your feelings or telling him about your unhappiness. Rather, create a positive environment.

Remember the good times before and after your marriage. Talk to him about the funny and beautiful things that can create a good feeling not just in him but in you too. This is how to talk to your husband about being unhappy

5. Consider His Feelings

This helps soften every had spot within and gives him or gets him to provide you with the utmost attention.

What you did just increased his curiosity and interest in the conversation. It also helps give your expression a better entrance.

Amid the thought and conversation about your feelings and memories and his too. Listen to him. Don’t be the only one talking.

Engage him in the conversation and pay detailed attention to how he feels too.

Detect if he is also unhappy in the marriage and ask him how he feels about the marriage so far.

This helps you know if you are the only one unhappy in the marriage. If during the conversation you notice he feels the same way in the marriage, ask him what he thinks is the problem and ask him if he can figure out how it started and when it started.

But if he doesn’t notice or does not feel the same way, you can start stating your present unhappiness but be subtle and calm. Remember to have a sense of humor, this is how to talk to your husband about being unhappy.

6. Recognize His Efforts

Don’t be quick to start putting blames or faults or bringing up his wrongs, his dos and don’ts, because you are unhappy.

Recognize his efforts, and acknowledge the little and big things he is doing and has done.

One of the best ways to get a man’s attention is to rub his ego. Tell him he is doing well or trying in his role as a husband and father if you have children.

This makes him want to keep listening to you and also want to do his best to keep up the remark and praise. This is a way on how to talk to your husband about being unhappy.

7.Talk About Your Feeling

After the environment has been set, this is the best time to talk to your husband about being unhappy.

For example, “we had good times together, like you coming back from work and giving me a few minutes of attention, love, and care before going to other things like watching football.

Talk About Your Feeling

But now you just come home and go straight into the ball without that care and feeling. I miss you so much”.

That sounds better than just going into the problem this way “now you’ve changed, you don’t care about me but just yourself and the football” this will put him in a defensive mood and turn off every light of hope to fix it.

Be sure to make your feeling and the reasons for your unhappiness known and where the fault is from.

If the fault is from you, be sincere about it, and if the fault is from him, let him know. The matter will not be one-sided, so make your feelings known. This is how to talk to your husband about being unhappy.

8. Don’t Be Aggressive

When letting your husband know your state of being unhappy be mindful not to be aggressive with the conversation. Be selective with your words and don’t be disrespectful too.

Two wrongs can never make it right neither can being aggressive bring a solution. Be calm and peaceful. Listen when needed and speak when necessary. Be gentle and polite with your words and action. Consider his feelings when talking or acting.

Understand your husband’s temperament. Know the best way to communicate your feelings to him. This helps to keep things calm and in check. This is how to talk to your husband about being unhappy.

9. Don’t Be Emotional Be Logical

Don’t let your emotions direct your speech and action; instead, be logical and critical about your feelings.

Being unhappy can make you emotional and depressed but when talking to your husband about it, be logical and firm.

In most cases, when the husband doesn’t want to accept the responsibility, he takes advantage of your emotional state and makes you feel it’s your fault that things are going soar.

Talk about your long term goals and how the state of things are affecting it both for you and him and the family in general. This is how to talk to your husband about being unhappy.

10. Make Your Request Known

State your request after the conversation on the reasons that caused you’re being unhappy. Make sure you have listened and that you both have acknowledged the cause.

Make your request known, and let him know what you want and how you believe you should resolve it. Take your time and talk about it with him. Listen to his view and understand his perspective on the matter and the solution. This is how to talk to your husband about being unhappy.

11. Come Into An Agreement

Agree with your husband on the solutions to make it work after talking to him. Make sure you both had an agreement and cleared things out peacefully before dropping it to engage in any action.

If there’s no agreement between you and your husband, then it’s good to say that the issue hasn’t been resolved, and your chances of happiness are slim.

Coming into an agreement with your husband gives both of you the awareness and consciousness that there is something to fix. Therefore in your day-to-day activities, you will make efforts to include that in your activities. This is how to talk to your husband about being unhappy.


One important fact you should know is that happiness is from within. You must understand that no one holds the keys to your happiness except you.

After following the steps to talk to your husband about being unhappy, you need to search within and get or find ways to make yourself happy.

If taking a break or going on vacation will help, get to participate in fun activities. Get to find things that make you happy, your husband.

Learn new things, and acquire new skills till you find your joy. Nevertheless, don’t disregard your family in your pursuit of happiness. This is for married women who are interested in knowing how to talk to your husband about being unhappy.


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