My Husband Is Always Complaining About Me

A lot of women in marital homes have worried that state “My husband is always complaining about me.”

In a marriage, complaints are always good to express feelings about your spouse’s behavior. It lets them know what is wrong and how to fix the problem rather than laying complaints outside about your marital issues, thereby inviting in a third party that may lead to conflict.

He might complain about the dirty dishes, inability to tidy up the house properly, failure to look presentable, etc.
My husband is always complaining about me; this is often what most married women say, but the question is, why is your husband always complaining about you?

What are the things you do that make him complain? Whenever he start laying complaints, who is always at fault?
These are the questions you should ask yourself before looking for a remedy.

What Is Complain?

What do we mean by complain? According to research, complain is dissatisfaction about something or someone.

Complaining in a relationship is simply the dissatisfaction or discomfort a man has towards his wife, questioning her in all her doings.

In every marriage, communication should be a sole priority but when complains replaces that atom of communication, it is critical because the marriage is likely to end in dismay.
Why do partners complains?

Complains are part of communication in every relationship because it depict dissatisfaction and works towards bringing a good change. Sometimes, partner’s complain for them to be heard.

In as much as complaints are healthy in a relationship, constantly doing them can harm the marriage. A man who is always complaining about his wife’s behavior or the things his wife does may not be emotionally intelligent to understand the feelings of his wife.

When a man complains about his woman, it might be due to frustration from work or outside. It will make him more aggressive, pouring it down on his woman.

My Husband Is Always Complaining About Me – 7 Shocking Reasons

There are a lot of reason your husband is always complaining about you. Here are 7 shocking response to why husbands complains about their wives

1. Expectations And Reality

Expectation is the strong belief you hold towards someone or something, while the reality is how things are and not what you expected.

This is most common when the man has high hopes during courtship and realizes that it is not what he had thought would lead to complaints.

After marriage, things may not flow well as your husband had expected, and you may lack being able to perform those duties you did during courtship; for instance, if you had Always split the bills and after marriage, you couldn’t do it anymore that can make him complain about every little thing you do.

If you’re not obligated to him as a wife should to her husband, he will always complain, especially when your work is eating your time. This could be the problem whenever “My husband is always complaining about me”

2. Cheating Or Infidelity

What Exactly Is Infidelity? The act of being disloyal to a partner or other partner is referred to as infidelity or cheating.

Cheating Or Infidelity

It usually refers to having sexual or romantic interactions with someone other than one’s significant other and violating a commitment or promise in the process.

Why do people defraud? A wide range of events might precipitate an affair. A survey of 495 persons uncovered eight major reasons: Anger, low self-esteem, a lack of affection, a lack of commitment, a desire for diversity, neglect, sexual desire, and situation are all factors to consider.

Cheating is one of the major destroyers and reasons men complain about their women. When your husband sees a woman outside the marriage, he is likely to be complaining about you because, at that juncture, he wants you to react to him to take it as an insult and do something drastic that might result in divorce. This may be the reason you think “My husband is always complaining about me.”

3 Lack Of Commitment

In your marriage, you should be able to prioritize your husband before any other thing. Not being able to understand your husband’s needs can make him complain when you do things out of the box, always emphasizing things he doesn’t like and ignoring his wants as your husband.

Giving excuses for his sexual desire anytime he wants, sex has a spiritual attachment, and it is another way of being committed to your husband. He must not beg for it, and not being able to satisfy his desires can also make him complain.

No matter how a man loves his wife, there will always be a time he will need space. That’s another way of being committed by understanding his peace, leaving him alone to think and reconnect rather than bugging him with unnecessary things.

Whenever he complains often and changes are not being made, the marriage is at stake because he may likely look outside; that’s where cheating comes in. This may be the reason for the notion”My husband is always complaining about me.”

4. Duties And Obligation

Duties and obligations are those things that owe and ought to perform to each other. This occurs when you’re so tight to your work or anything and not making advances to meet up your duties as a wife, not being able to take care of the home, or your husband will always complain about you.

Your marriage is slowly dying if you do not change because he will never stop complaining about those things.

That is why in most failed marriages if you look closely at it when the husband gets tired of complaining, he files for a divorce, and that’s why we have broken marriages. If you fix this, then you wont be having thoughts like my husband is always complaining about me.

5. Issues Of Resentment

Resentment is a feeling of anger when someone tries to force you to accept what you didn’t want to.

Your husband may complain because of the old grudge against you, and he unleashes it through complaining and saying things he had harbored in his subconsciousness.

Think about this, anytime you say husband is always complaining about me.

6. Issues Of Insecurity

Insecurity in a relationship means you must be more confident about your relationship. It is a deep belief that you’re not good enough for your spouse, that you don’t deserve love or any of a variety of other limiting ideas that make you anxious.

Issues Of Insecurity

You may have doubts about your worth and a low feeling of self-worth.
In romantic relationships, insecurity can lead to negative thoughts and behaviors such as: If you’re not with your spouse, you should constantly check in to see where they are.

You don’t trust your partner to be faithful to you, and you are always concerned that they’re cheating on you.

Marriage is not bondage, but how you become suspicious makes him complain about you. Men do not like to be monitored.

He might need that trust from you not growing suspicion of him, for instance, not letting him rest after work with your irrelevant questions.

Some questions can always wait, especially if it doesn’t have proof to support it. Unnecessarily accusing him of seeing other women outside. Those insecurities you have towards him can be the reason you have thoughts like “My husband is always complaining about me.”

7. Act Of Ungratefulness

Gratitude helps us remember why we first fell in love with our partner. Expressing gratitude for valuable times together and special qualities in one another awakens recollections of successful seasons that can sustain commitment during difficult seasons. Gratitude increases love, joy, and forgiveness.

Ungrateful partners not only miss out on genuine moments of optimism and connection, but their other halves may be less motivated to contribute to the partnership if their efforts aren’t recognized.

Appreciating someone for what he did can urge that person to do more.
When you’re inconsiderate and ungrateful to your husband for what he did for you, it might kill his spirit of giving.

This is also one of the reasons he likely complains because you need to be more appreciative. This will erase any notion that would make you say “my husband is always complaining about me.”

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“My husband is always complaining about me” is a phrase to ponder. In every marriage, it is healthy for partners to complain about each other’s behavior. It is set as a call for change, but it gets worse when the complaint becomes excessive.

That is why it is advisable to know your partner deeply before getting married in order not to be disappointed after marriage. Understandably, humans do change.

Complaints are 59% disastrous in a marriage if a husband complains about his wife’s behavior, especially if it doesn’t align with his expectations.

It will be difficult because his complaints may take a negative side leading his wife to seek advice from her contemporaries with, that she’s likely to act upon the advice she got.



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