I still love my husband but we are separated – 13 Things to do

“I still love my husband, but we are separated,” A problem many women in marital homes suffer from.

It is heartbreaking when partners separate from each, but they are still in love with each other. Most partners separate because of individual differences; not all separations end in divorce. Most partners separate through mutual agreement, and they have duration.

Love is not enough to sustain marriage; heeding to the do’s and don’ts of marriage can help keep the marriage.

Why are you separated from your husband? There are a lot of things that make partners separate, such as cheating, lack of communication, trust, etc.

What signs make you think you still love your husband, knowing he is separated? What led to the separation?
These are the questions you should sit back and ask yourself. Does your husband love you the way you do?

I still love My husband But We Are Separated -13 Things To Do

What are the things to do to fix and win your husband back?

Here is a list of the things to do to get your husband back after separation

1. Learn Your Husband’s Love Language

Men are mostly seen as emotionless creatures. People expect them not to be emotional when they are emotional, they are weak, but they also need to be loved. They have love languages too.

Your husband’s love language might be attention, listening ears, gifting surprises, etc.; you need to learn his love language and act to it.

2. Forgiveness

When you forgive, you will be relieved mentally. By forgiving your husband, you will cease to feel resentment against him, especially if the separation was his fault.

Did you catch him cheating on you? If you still love him, you must accept what happened by not looking into the past. Forgive him and forgive yourself, too, to get him back.

3 Consult A Therapist

Marriage conflicts are better to settle between you and your partner, but when it gets too overwhelming, you need to seek a therapist.

A therapist can help organize a session for you and your partners where matters are being discussed verbally and settled at once or separately with your husband.

4. Give Him Space

This might be the hardest decision to make since you’re still in love with him, but you have to do it by giving him space; you will know if he loves you the same way you do or if he misses you.

5. Don’t Be Insecure Around Him

Generally, people prefer to avoid being monitored and controlled. Stop growing suspicious about him or what he does. It makes him feel you don’t trust him. You can gain his trust by supporting him and not bugging him with loads of questions.

6. Try To Heal

Give yourself some time to heal before going into fixing things with him. Heal from the past conflict by letting go of your resentment against him.

7 Identify and fix
Finding out the cause of the conflict between you and your partner can help you know the remedy and predict the end.

Identify the cause of the separation, and it is not time to shift blame. By knowing the cause from the root, you can trace it to when he married you, and now you will know how to fix it.

8. Be A Listener

I understand that women are recognized as species that always have what to say, but at times, you also need to be a listener to your husband too. Men have emotions, too, so they need someone to listen to them.

9. Communicate Clearly

Communication is a key starter and holder of every relationship. Try to communicate your feelings to your husband and make him trust you.

10. Facing Reality

You might have noticed a great change in your husband through the process of the conflict. You have accepted him, don’t expect much from him but take him the way he is

11. Re-define Your Goals With Him

In marriages, couples with plans for the future go to him and talk about those pending plans and how to achieve them.

12. Understanding

When conversing with him, show some level of understanding, know when he needs to be left alone, and try being observant to detect modes and what to do.

13. Show Compassion

Do you still love me, your husband, and want to fix things with him? You can start by doing unusual things you never did before, be concerned about him and the things he does, check out what he will need help with, and check how you can help out.

Below Are The Signs That You Are Still In Love With Your Partner After Separation

1.Give Him Attention

If you want your marriage to succeed, you must spend more time and effort together. What does it mean to be attentive to your partner, then? It indicates that you know their presence, words, needs, and difficulties and that you choose to take action.

When you start giving your husband attention irrespective of the fact that you are separated from him, always checking up on him, and sending multiple texts as before shows you truly care.

When you start doing things to get, his attention is also a sign that you still love him.

2. Encourage Communication

What constitutes effective communication in a marriage? In a strong relationship, partners communicate openly, freely, and confidently, expressing even their most private ideas. When obstacles happen, they speak their worries and emotions with ease and consideration, and when things are going well, they speak their optimistic views.

Communication is one of the signs that you love your husband always. Expressing your feelings to him, you find yourself saying more than you should.

3. Liking What He Likes

Expressing common values. A few traits that everyone likes include intelligence, humor, compassion, kindness, and loyalty. Women who possess the qualities men value and cherish arouse strong feelings of attraction in men.

When you start liking what he likes, agreeing with him, try reading his mind, it means that you love him.

4. Carrying Him Along

When you still love him, you won’t only share your feelings with him, but you will also Carry him along in all you do, asking for his opinion.

5. Apologizing

According to recent research, apologizing to your spouse and asking for forgiveness are essential components of a happy marriage. When necessary, apologize to your partner to help them feel heard, encourage forgiveness, and help you move past your mistakes.

You will always find yourself apologizing when you’re wrong without shifting blames. You won’t argue even if you’re wrong or allocate blames.

Those are a few signs you will notice when you’re still in love with your husband during separation.


It is normal to love your husband after separation, and your marriage may have crumbled because of a lack of understanding, respect, trust, etc. you can always fix things if you still love him by communicating, understanding him, and identifying the cause and fix it.

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