12 Disadvantages Of Dating A Separated Man

What could be the disadvantages of dating a separated man? There is no big risk in a relationship as dating a separated man. After separation, there is always a bond between partners, and there are likely to reconcile.

Dating a separated man is risky in such a way that he can leave anything. You are unsure of the relationship practically, especially if he has kids. You may not know the true story behind his separation, that is, when you’re a rebound, so he won’t tell you.

When dating a separated man, be mentally ready to be judged by people. Questions will be thrown at you making you feel unfortunate for stopping by a separated man.

Disadvantages Of Dating A Separated Man – 12 Disadvantages

There are different types of separated men. Before going into a relationship with someone who parts ways with his partner, you need to have an in-depth knowledge of the categories of separated men he belongs to.

When discussing types of separated men, we have the ones that have a rebound to fill those spaces while waiting for their wife; their separation may be a mutual feeling, so there are likely to reconcile.

These types of separation have a fixed during, so you are automatically not in a relationship. You are just there as a rebound for some time.

They are the types of men that separate from their partners completely due to a serious conflict. It may be that their marriage was arranged or built on lies, so these types of men are likely not to go back to their ex-wives, but not 100% assurances because they may still have something in common for the installation of they had kids together.

Most women ignorantly date a man going through a separation, leaving them with regrets. The question is, what are the disadvantages of dating a separated man?

This article is an eye-opener that will help you avoid making mistakes while trying to date a separate man and save you from future heartbreak.

Here are the disadvantages of dating a separate man

1. He Is Still A Legal Husband To His Wife

Dating a separated man is a matter of choice, but you must keep in mind that he is still a legal husband to his wife. Separation does not mean divorce because there is a 90% possibility of getting back with his wife.

He Is Still A Legal Husband To His Wife

When he has not divorced his wife, and you come into the picture, you are nothing but an intruder because you will leave all your efforts to keep him will be to no avail.

Even if you have a child for him, you are his illegal wife, so he can decide to send you out anytime after reconciling with his legal wife.

2. You Become A Rebound

After separation, most men need someone to help them out with certain things, like taking care of the kids if he has one, satisfying their sexual desires, etc.

Your stay in the relationship is temporal because his legal wife can come back anytime.

He also needs someone to be there emotionally, so you will likely hear him complain about his ex-wife when conversing with him. You are just a helper. When the duration of the separation expires, you will leave.

3. Change Of Mind

After being separated, they might be something left that is still holding them together. It might be a divorce or kids, so there is likely to be a change of mind after standing by him during the divorce.

He might not be interested in you anymore, which will become a total waste of time and a heartbreaking situation for you.

He might even change his mind during the divorce and withdraw the case. They will reconcile and live as husband and wife.

4. Unavailability

Dating a separated man is a total waste of time. After separation, he has a whole lot to do for himself. He has to heal and recover from his past relationship, so he won’t be available to meet your needs. It will now be left for you to cope.

5. Insecurity

A man not officially divorced from his wife does not know what he wants, so you’re going to be the last thing on his mind.
You will feel insecure about him because you’re not sure of your place in his life.

6. Dating His Problems

Dating him means dating his problems too. When you settle with a separated man, Know that he has a lot of loads on his shoulder, and you will carry most of the loads.
You will be exposed to all his problems and drained at some point.

7. A Long Patient

To date a separated man, you need more patience in the relevant and irrelevant things. Anything you do in the relationship requires patience because things can change anytime.

For instance, he might be with you, but his mind is with his ex-wife, always talking about his ex-wife and going out to spend some time with his ex-wife, so it needs patience if only it’s going to work.

8. You Are A Rebound

For you to be his rebound means that you are only there to feel those caps temporarily. This occurs when the separation has a duration.

It is always heart-bleeding to realize that you are being used to waiting for someone.
You will realize that you’re a rebound when things start changing. He no longer finds you entertaining, always being aggressive, etc.

9. Not Being Committed

If you date a separated man thinking he will be committed to you, then you must be deceiving yourself because a separate man is never ready to be committed, he has a whole lot on him, his kids, life to work on, past to recover and he still needs to heal.

10. Waiting

You will have a long time to wait for him before he is 100% free. Since he has not divorced his wife, you are still determining who you are to him and the next stage.


Waiting for him may require more years because you don’t know when the conflict between his ex-wife and him will end.

To have peace of mind while dating him, you must wait and be patient.

11. Accepting

After separation, most men will always want to explore their freedom living a flirty life. They may not want to get into a relationship again.

There may have you only for their sexual desires, and there is the possibility that they are also seeing other women. It is left for you to accept and endure, but this is one of the red flags you shouldn’t take lightly.

12. Having An Unstable Life

After separation, his life will certainly be unstable unless he has everything planned out before the separation.

He is likely to be financially unstable because he is likely to channel his money for the well-being of the kids, processing the divorce.

He may be mentally unstable too because he will struggle to heal or because of the task pilled up for him so that he won’t meet your needs, and you will be unstable too.

What Are The Reasons Women Date Separated Men?

1. Pressure

Most women accept any man, be it separated when under pressure. The pressure may come from their parents or contemporaries. They accept separated men to escape those threats against their mental health.

2. Growing Older

Most women reject prominent men when they are younger to enjoy life’s pleasures. As they grow older, men become scarce. They no longer look attractive, so they accept separated men with the hope of marrying them to avoid menopause.

3. Inferiority Complex

Feelings of inferiority make most women date separated men. Seeing their contemporaries makes them feel less.


Many women ignorantly date separated men, which leaves them with regrets. There is a need to know those red flags before deciding to marry.

It is risky to date separated men because they are still legal husband to their wife. This man is not divorced but separated do not know what he wants, he won’t be available emotionally, and he may have a change of mind anytime.


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