How To Become A Marriage Counseling

A percent of people are curious to know how to become a marriage counseling expert. Marriage counseling is needful for couples to learn how to resolve their issues, communicate better, and keep or recapture the spark that once lit the flames of their love.

Staying in a long-term, committed relationship is one of the most difficult things humans demand of themselves.

Disagreements, arguments, and fights are inevitable when you live hand-in-hand with another person. Thus there is a need for marriage counselors.

Who Is A Marriage Counselor?

Marriage counselors, sometimes called marriage and family therapists, are highly educated mental health professionals who provide therapy for couples. 

They give clients the therapeutic tools they need to improve their relationships, resolve disagreements and manage their mental health. 

Marriage counselors often act as mediators in challenging discussions, ask questions to expand the conversation, and listen to patients individually to help them prepare for couples therapy.

Marriage counselors help couples deal with issues that are affecting their relationships. They provide support, guidance, and counseling to help couples resolve their problems. 

Marriage counselors are compassionate professionals who want to help their clients resolve conflicts and overcome emotional and mental disorders.

Typically, these counselors listen to their client’s issues, help them understand these problems, help set specific goals for their clients to work toward, and develop strategies to meet them.

Additionally, family marriage counselors will deal with a variety of problems that are affecting relationships. These problems include anger management, communication, infidelity, substance abuse problems, parenting differences, and financial problems.

Marriage counselors do not work solely with married couples. These counselors can work with any couple experiencing difficulties. While this situation can certainly include married couples, those seeking help include unmarried couples, same-sex partners, families, and individuals.

Additionally, marriage counselors treat couples before they enter a marriage when they’re going through a divorce, and after a divorce.

Counseling may also involve couples who are marrying again after a divorce. In addition, counselors can help clients through major life changes, such as a layoff or a death in the family.

While some marriage counselors work in facilities such as substance abuse centers, hospitals, nursing homes, and mental health homes, others choose to open their own private practice.

For these counselors, clients generally travel to their office and meet with the counselor in the office.

However, counselors may occasionally travel to meet the clients. Family marriage counselors usually work full-time. Since counselors work with people who have family and job responsibilities, these professionals also work evenings and weekends.

How To Become A Marriage Counseling Expert – 5 Quick Steps

Here are steps you can follow to become a marriage counselor:

1. Earn a bachelor’s degree

Marriage counselors begin their education with a four-year degree from an accredited college or university.

In the United States, this accreditation comes from the Commission on Accreditation for Marriage and Family Therapy Education (COAMFTE) and the American Psychological Association (APA), which examine the program to ensure its academic and clinical requirements are sufficient preparation for a mental health career.

While master’s programs in marriage counseling don’t typically require a specific bachelor’s degree, aspiring marriage counselors often significant in the following relevant subjects:

  • Psychology

  • Sociology

  • Psychiatry

  • Nursing

  • Counseling

  • Social work

  • Interdisciplinary social sciences

Regardless of your major, consider seeking an internship related to mental health to help you prepare for your master’s program.

You can also ensure you’re academically prepared by enrolling in courses focusing on psychology, human development, human biology, and psychological tests and measurement. This is how to become a marriage counseling expert.

2. Earn A Master’s Degree In Marriage And Family Therapy

Before you can begin your marriage counselor career, you will need to earn at least a master’s degree.

Earn A Master's Degree In Marriage And Family Therapy

Most master’s degree programs also offer specializations, so you can pick a type of marriage counseling that fits best with your wants. IF you are serious about of your dream, this is how to become a marriage counseling expert.

3. Gain Clinical Experience In The Field

To become a licensed marriage counselor, you must gain clinical experience.

Before continuing your career path, you’ll have to complete somewhere between 2,000-4,000 hours in a supervised setting.

Expect to earn around two years of clinical experience before you’re eligible for licensure. This is how to become a marriage counseling expert.

4. Earn Licensure In Your State

After finishing your clinical experience and earning a master’s degree, you’ve likely satisfied all the prerequisites for licensure.

Remember that licensure varies from state to state, so completing the requirements in one state might not be satisfactory for another. This is how to become a marriage counseling expert.

 5. Choose The Environment In Which You Want To Professionalize

Once you’ve earned your degree and licensure, you can decide where to put your newfound skills into practice. 

The good news is that c opportunities for marriage and family therapists are poised to see a 16 percent increase by 2030 (according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics), which is much faster than the average growth rate for all occupations.

As an LMFT, you can open a private practice, work at a mental health or substance abuse treatment center, or practice in a hospital. Healthcare providers are increasingly looking for qualified professionals to help address the underlying issues that exacerbate their patients’ problems.

As with any career, becoming a marriage and family therapist will bring ups and downs. But in this people-centric field, you’ll have the chance to help others break out of old patterns and positively impact generations to come. This is how to become a marriage counseling expert.

Some of the skills that you will need as a marriage counselor include effective communication skills, empathy, and the ability to effectively manage conflict.

You should also be patient, compassionate, and have experience working with couples or families. In addition, it is helpful to have a strong understanding of psychology and human behavior.

Marriage and family therapy professionals are expected to have some important qualities, these qualities are what puts you in the path of how to become a marriage counseling expert. They include the following:

  • Communication

    Most counseling requires clear communication between the counselor and their clients. Educating clients about treatment processes and plans requires an effective understanding of verbal and non-verbal communication.

    Counselors often work with people who are dealing with stressful and difficult situations in their marriages and relationships, so they must demonstrate compassion and empathize.

  • Critical Thinking

Counselors make diagnoses, implement therapy models and conduct research with clients by combining communication and active listening.

  • Interpersonal Skills

Counselors work with different types of people. They spend most of their time working directly with clients and other professionals and must be able to encourage good relationships.

  • Listening

Being an active listener is a crucial skill for counselors so they can best understand and untangle the concerns and needs of their clients. Counselors will learn what language to listen for and how to identify what isn’t being said.

  • Organization

Counselors in private practice must work with insurance companies and keep track of payments.

  • Problem-Solving

Working through complicated issues is a key part of helping clients solve problems in their own lives or with others.

  • Research

Studying patients and their behavioral patterns is a part of the counselor’s role, learned through classes and clinical residencies.

Following this will teach you how to become a marriage counseling expert.


Becoming a marriage counselor can be rewarding to help couples improve their relationships. And if you have the necessary skills and experience, you may be well-suited for this profession.

The stigma that was once attached to counseling and therapy is vanishing. Today, more people realize the benefits of seeking professional help to resolve conflicts.

Additionally, more insurance companies are referring clients to family and marriage counselors instead of psychologists and psychiatrists. Many schools are creating online degree programs in counseling to help meet the demand for certified marriage counselors.

Since family marriage counselors offer an essential service to their community, they can earn a decent wage. The BLS reports that in 2012, the annual median salary for counselors was $46,670. While the lowest 10 percent of counselors earned less than $25,540, the top 10 percent earned more than $75,120.

For professionals with a helpful and compassionate nature, a family marriage counselor may be the ideal job. This growing field offers plenty of job opportunities and much job satisfaction.

You can become a licensed marriage and family therapist with the right education and training. But, consider the pros and cons of this career before making your decision, and seek out resources like the AAMFT, NBCC, and ACA for more information.

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