How To Give Your Wife Space During Separation

As a husband in a marital home going through a separation phase, you may have questions on how to give your wife space during separation.

These questions have affected many men in marriages, and it has constituted one of the many headaches many men have.
However, in this article, we will be talking about how to give your wife space during separation.

How To Give Your Wife Space During Separation-11 Quick Steps

There are a lot of steps to take during separation and for the purpose of this article, we will be talking about eleven quick steps and they include:

1. Get A Different Bed Room

Put one person in another room after removing them from the bedroom. 

Using the guest room or turning an office back into a bedroom are two examples of what this may entail. 

Get A Different Bed Room

Your having distinct, private spaces to go to at the end of the day matters most in this situation.

Make sure to cease having sex once you separate your sleeping quarters. Having sex with your spouse after you have decided to separate complicates matters and increases the likelihood of misunderstandings and broken feelings.

Building boundaries is essential to prevent gray or ambiguous areas. While two people are lying in the same bed, it creates the illusion that everything is okay and things are back to normal when, in reality, people need physical separation to consider all of their options.

Spouses should create separate living places within the home as far as possible. 

This may be simpler for couples who have a guest room, suite, or basement than for those who would alternately use a shared area or workplace with less separate space for personal goods storage. 

Some couples choose a “nesting” strategy, where they alternate living in the marital home with periods spent in an apartment, a hotel, or with friends and family. You could adopt this strategy, and this is how to give your wife space during separation.

2. Separate The Domestic Duties

Choose who will assume which responsibilities. Make a list of all the tasks that need to be done around the house and assign them to different people. In this manner, you two won’t need to constantly argue over who will do what.

It would be best if you also talked about mealtimes right now. Do you and your partner feel comfortable eating at the same time, or would you prefer to eat at different times?

Separate domestic duties are how to give your wife space during separation.

3. Separate Financial Arrangement

In a marriage, there is frequently an implicit or clear division of labor between the partners. 

Each spouse should take on expenses and tasks like laundry, food shopping, and meal preparation to formalize the separation. 

This may involve allocating the cost of shared costs as well as parenting and pet care duties. If you have jobs, consider setting up separate financial arrangements by opening separate checking accounts and switching your direct deposits to those accounts.

To smooth the transition from a joint to a separate household, you and your wife should maintain a joint account and assign each other’s specified contribution to the joint account for continuous payment of shared duties like home maintenance or childcare.

You should start separating your accounts and stop or separate any additional combined recreational costs if you have a shared cell phone plan or membership.

Determine who will be responsible for what by dividing up monthly expenses. It would be wise to split any joint accounts at this time. Separating your Financial arrangements is how to give your wife space during separation.

4. Schedule Your Parenting Time

Discuss the schedules of your kids and assign roles. If you have children, you should discuss who will drive them to and from school and any extracurricular activities.

Also, discuss future activities or performances that your kids may have. Are you and your spouse comfortable attending them together, or would you prefer to split the cost? 

A shared calendar could be useful for keeping track of all the kids’ activities. You can note who is working on what to prevent unintentional overlap. Schedule your parenting time is how to give your wife space during separation.

5. Set Boundaries

Setting limits is the first step to ensuring separation and divorce go as smoothly as possible. 

There are logical steps you can take to give you and your spouse the best chance of setting up a healthy set of boundaries, even though it may not always be an easy undertaking.

Early physical boundary setting during the separation reduces the difficulty of the real divorce separation. Managing expectations from the outset are also beneficial. After all, you and your wife have been occupying the same place physically up to this point.

Therefore, setting up distinct physical boundaries aids in establishing the mental space required to handle the problem in your way. Setting boundaries is how to give your wife space during separation.

6. Get A New Hobby

It is always a good idea to pick up a new pastime because doing so is a fantastic approach to promoting greater mental wellness. 

You get to improve your talent and learn something new while having a great time.

Attend a lesson or a class. To learn more about something that has caught your attention in the past, check for a class.

You can discover your passions by taking a cooking lesson, a computer design class, a painting expedition with friends, a make-your-own ceramics business, or a belly-dancing class.

You can get a new hobby to distract you from what is going on in the marriage right now, and in the long run, it will help you grow value—getting a hobby is how to give your wife space during separation.

7. Respect Your Boundaries

During this difficult moment, be respectful and dignified towards your spouse. It will be difficult for you both to go through a separation. Respect your partner as they should be respected, and pay attention to them when they set boundaries.

Check-in with them frequently to find out how your spouse is finding the living situation. It could be a good idea to discuss one of you moving out at some point.

Additionally, try to refrain from criticizing your spouse in front of others. Usually, this causes resentment, making things even more difficult.

8. Dates With Other People

While you and your husband are still cohabitating, avoid finding a new partner. This is not only insulting to your relationship, but it also causes a lot of confusion for your children. Wait to start dating until you or your spouse vacates the property and the divorce is concluded.

It may take some time before you’re ready to start dating again, and that’s good. Right now, concentrate on current circumstances and put off thinking about the future.

Remember it is separation and not a divorce, avoiding a date while your wife is at home is how to give your wife space during separation.

9. Hang Around With Friends

If done properly and with clear agreements from the beginning, a separation can strengthen a marriage. Getting outside assistance, hanging out with friends and keeping frequent communication are key components of a successful separation that improves a partnership.

Hang Around With Friends

10. Manage Your Social Live

You may or may not disclose your separation. Will you and your wife attend a friend’s party if you’re invited?  Make a choice that both you and your wife can live with, especially if this is a temporary separation.

It is a good idea to cease going to social functions together and to stop wearing your wedding rings if you and your partner are planning to file for divorce.

11. Consult A Marriage Expert

To complete your separation, file a legal lawsuit. You have two options if you and your spouse decide to obtain a divorce: either you can start the divorce process, or you can choose to separate legally.

While you are still cohabitating, see a lawyer to learn how to begin that procedure because it can differ from state to state.

To separate or get divorced, you may need to “prove” your intentions in some states. Your attorney will provide you advice on what it implies in light of your particular circumstances. An expert will tell you how to give your wife space in a separation.


Marriage can be very tiring and toxic, it is without conflicts and arguments. At some point couples may be tired and want a break.

A break is the separation, during separation there are a lot of time to process what went wrong and how to fix it, and if it is worth it.

Hence, space is very important during separation. If you are having issues with how to give space to your wife during separation. You could read from the highlights above. You can watch this video for more information.


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