Husband Living With Girlfriend During Separation

Is it ethical if found a Husband living with girlfriend during separation? In an age and time where separation has become part of the new normal and is unavoidable in marriages, it is important to prepare ahead for such occurrences.

During the separation phase, there are means of curtailing damages, including emotional and psychological damages.

The damages acquired during separation could result from a host of things, including your spouse’s public admission of having love affairs and living with his mistress.

Husband Living With Girlfriend During Separation -13 Ways To Deal With It

This alone could lead to emotional breakdown and psychological trauma. Below are thirteen ways to deal with your husband living with his girlfriend during separation.

1. Seeking Redress Through The Court

One of the ways of dealing with a husband staying with his girlfriend during a period of separation but not a divorce between a couple is seeking the face of the law.

According to section 39 of the marriage acts, whoever, being unmarried, going through the marriage ceremony under this act with a person whom they know to be married to another person shall be liable to imprisonment for five years.

Seeking Redress Through The Court

This law prohibits a spouse from living with any person he has sexual relations with. The person has committed a crime against the law by trying to separate a couple joined under the law.

But this alone can only hold weight in a marriage that has been consummated in a statutory court because it champions monogamous marriages, defined in Hyde V. Hyde as the union between “one” man and “one” wife to the exclusion of others until “divorce” or “death”.

You can sue the parties involved; the girlfriend and the husband. The husband on the grounds of breach of a contractual marriage, and the girlfriend under section 39 of the Marriage Act.

2. Ask For A Divorce

Another way to deal with a husband living with his girlfriend during a separation phase is to seek immediate divorce. This is because, according to the law, he has committed adultery, and divorce can be granted based on such an act.

The matrimonial causes act section 15 provides for the dissolution of marriage, and subsection b) provides the reason for adultery. If the partner can no longer tolerate the other partner’s lifestyle of adultery, then the marriage can be dissolved.

The court hearing a petition for the decree of dissolution of a marriage shall hold the marriage to have broken down irretrievably if and only if the petitioner satisfies the court with the fact that since the respondent has committed adultery and the petitioner finds it intolerable to live with the respondent.

3. Move On

Furthermore, one could decide to move on because marriage is not the bane of existence. Having a failed marriage does not stop anyone from acquiring more wealth and having a blissful life.

It could be that the husband had affected her growth and well-being, so please move on like it does not matter to you. Love yourself more and take care of your family, take vacations, and take self-treats. Enrolling in workout sessions could help too.

4. Seeking Help From The Extended Family

Since most marriages in other parts of the world are often conducted traditionally and legally, seeking the extended family’s help may help in this case. It is always said that a man respects his extended family’s notions and decisions, which could also help.

5. Communicate With The Spouse

Each and every relationship, as well as any successful partnership, benefits from effective communication.

Although there will always be ups and downs in a relationship, having a healthy communication style will help you deal with disagreements and forge a stronger, better relationship.

Clearing out misunderstandings through dialogue could end his girlfriend’s hold on him. Talking out your issues, getting to understand, and compromising from both sides could bring your once-loving husband running back home to you and your children.

6. Seek Help From Your Friend

Two good heads are better than one, which also applies to this situation. Your friends could be more experienced in issues concerning marriage and offer valid and effective advice. It is said that a problem shared is a problem half solved.

Silently dealing with this issue may leave you heartbroken and emotionally wrecked. Asking your friends for help is a valid step towards dealing with problems in your relationship, including separation problems.

7. Seek Help From A Professionals

You can find a mental health specialist by asking your primary care doctor for a referral, asking friends or family members, or even searching online for a therapist in your region.

These specialists include clinical social workers, psychologists, psychiatric nurse practitioners, and certified counselors.

A doctor is trained to care for health issues, a teacher is trained to handle learning processes and impart knowledge to people effectively, and so is a guidance counselor.

A guidance counselor knows how to handle critical life issues, and you should endeavor to visit one and enroll in sessions that will benefit your mental health and enable you to make firm decisions.

8. Focus On Building Yourself

Focusing on oneself entails learning about oneself and gradually changing one’s life.

Focusing on yourself makes you more aware of who you are, whether it is by working to improve poor self-esteem, replacing negative thoughts with good ones, or setting aside time to take care of your fundamental needs.

Apart from moving on with your life, building aspects of your life that you never imagined would exist is a perfect solution.

Learn skills apart from the ones you have already acquired, and improve on the ones you have acquired too. Sketch out plans and business ideas and work towards actualizing them.

9. Pray For Him

Sometimes the issues we face could be spiritual, so it is only pertinent to seek spiritual help to solve them. Your man may be in a spiritual web created by his girlfriend, and he needs your help to come out from it.

After all, a woman is a man’s helpmate. Please pray for that man, but don’t cause a psychological strain on your mental health while you are at it.

10. Work On Yourself

The advantages it brings for mental health are among the most significant benefits of self-improvement. Working on yourself improves your understanding of who you are and enables you to manage your thoughts and emotions more skillfully.

When we have issues with people, the fault could come from ourselves. Try to identify your flaws and work on them. Also, acknowledge that you have flaws.

Acknowledging your flaws will make it easy for you to work on them. No one is perfect, and even though we are all imperfect, it is wrong to take pride in our imperfections.

11. Change Your Location

If your current location still reminds you of your husband and this causes pain to you, please leave. Changing your location and removing things that bring back memories of his activities will help you.

You need to breathe fresh and undiluted air and move around in a place void of negativity. Moving on will be easier then.

12. Find A New Love Interest

If you feel unloved and crave intimacy, you should open your mind and heart to love interests. Your husband has a girlfriend, and it is acceptable that you find someone else too.

Find A New Love Interest

Go to parties and events, dress smart, and look radiant. Surely, you will find someone that will love you and give you the intimacy you want.

13. Talk To His Girlfriend

After trying out every possible option and you think you still need help, please talk to the lady with your man. You can both compromise and agree on decisions that will help you.


you need to try out every means and option that will help you deal with the fact that your husband is living with his girlfriend during a separation phase.

Your mental health is important; you can only live a long and beautiful life if you deal with your relationship problems immediately. If you need to forget and leave him forever, please do.


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