Signs Your Wife Misses You During Separation

Are there signs your wife misses you during separation? In relationships, partners usually miss each other after separation. At times love may not be enough to sustain a relationship. There are other things involved in a relationship. Some marriages survive Esperanto on their own, and some end in divorce, as the case may be.

Being separated from your partner doesn’t mean that’s the end of the road in marriage; there are likely feelings that grow to miss each other.

They might be reasons for the separation; if the relationship gets too toxic, it demands a temporary break, but there is a 50% possibility that the break may sometimes lead to divorce. In separation, you will know if your partner loves you aside from those things that lead to the parting of ways.

In marriage, you might be separated from your wife due to numerous reasons, such as her not being submissive or performing her duty as your wife, cheating, individual deferences, etc. she might feel remorse after the breakup if she still loves you and works towards Changing, they are so many signs to know if your wife still misses.

When your wife misses you, it might be that she still loves you or something still makes her miss you. Most women can’t move on after being separated from their humans.

Signs Your Wife Misses You During Separation – 15 Clear Signs

Here in this article, we will show you 15 signs that your wife misses you after separation and how to get her back.

But before yearning for the signs that she still misses, you ponder what led to the separation. Understandably, separation is not the end of the road in most marriages, as most partners still have a strong bond even after separation.

Below are the signs that your wife misses you, and they include:

1. Communication

It still boils down to communication. This is one of the major signs that she misses you by constantly communicating with you through any medium, such as phone calls, text messages, or indirectly through your family or friends.


Through communication, she will express her feelings to you, being curious about your well-being.

2. Stalking

This is another sign that she misses you by continuously stalking you through your family or close friends, asking them things about you, and being interested to know more when she notices new changes in you.

3. Making You Jealous

Women are complicated creatures. They want you to find out things yourself. Your wife may miss you but will not come out plain to tell you that she does, especially if the fault is yours. When she misses you, she will try to make you jealous.

She will want to make you feel that she is doing so well without you, but deep down, she’s dying by going on dates and acting flirty.

4. Showing Compassion

By showing compassion, she will grow curiosity about you, be always concerned about your daily life, and ensure you feed well.

5. Redefining Goal

Before separating, you might have been discussing plans and how to work towards achieving them. When she starts talking about those plans, reminding you of what you wanted to do and contributing immensely to it means she misses you.

6. Memories

When she’s always giving a throwback of those good old memories you had with her, talking about those things you did and wishing it would happen again, she misses you.

7. Visiting

At this point, she will always look for an opportunity to visit you unanimously. At times, she might visit uninvited to check up on you.

8. Changes In Her Behavior

When she misses you, there will be a change in her behavior. That is when she does the usual things, like calling more than she is supposed to, surprising you with gifts, and buying you things you don’t even need. Those little changes show that she misses you.

9. Having A Hard Time

Most women move on easily after separation, but when she’s persistent in you, always thinking about you, and having a hard time moving on, she misses you.

10. Breaking The Silence

After separation, there is always silence from both partners giving each other space to heal. When she breaks the silence first, that means she misses you.

11. Constantly Asking For Help

If your wife can take care of herself, when she starts missing you, she will constantly ask for your help, even if the thing is irrelevant. It might be advice or financial help.

12. Not Putting Blames

It is normal for partners to put their place on each other after separation, but when she doesn’t point a finger or accept the blame, she’s missing you and looking for a way to reconcile.

13. Craving Your Attention

Women are very emotional. They need more attention when she starts doing things to get your attention, always getting you into a conversation with her. All those things she does to get your attention result from the fact that she misses you.

Craving Your Attention

14. Keeping In Touch With Your Family

After separation, most women would have cut the link between themselves and their family, but when she misses you, they will always communicate or visit your family.

15. Talking About You

When she talks about you with other people, that’s to say she can’t get you off her head. The only person she’s always thinking of is you, especially when conversing with you or family members.

The above are signs that your wife misses you after separation. Knowing these signs, the next step is to bring her back.

How can I bring my wife back? Men often ask themselves this question, and I understand how overwhelming it will be, especially if the fault was from her.

Before looking for ways to bring your wife back after realizing that she misses you, think about what you’re you guys apart.

In every relationship, there is always a conflict, and most conflict leads to breaks. That’s why couple goes on breaks and reconcile, some separation may lead to divorce, but it all depends on how you handle it.

You can’t just bring her back because you realize she misses you. There are more things involved in others not making the same mistake again.

Was the separation her fault? Then she might have realized her mistakes and worked towards making things right.

The most common thing that wives do that lead to separation are not performing wifely duties, not being submissive, always being disrespectful, etc., or are you the one at fault? If you are at fault, you should feel remorseful, setting aside pride and apologize to her.

Here Are The Ways To Bring Your Wife Back

1. Seeking A Therapist

At times it is good to seek advice from people. You won’t be able to handle everything alone, so bringing in a third party can go a long way to help, especially when you don’t know what to do anymore and the whole situation gets too overwhelming.

Seeking a therapist can help summon you and your wife together for verbal interaction. This is an 80% possibility of getting her back.

2. Forgiveness

You can’t get your wife back if you don’t forgive her and yourself, forgiving the event that led to the separation.

By forgiving, you’re letting go of that grudge you harbored in your heart and seeing your relationship with her in different dimensions.

3. Healing

If your wife was the cause of the separation, it must be a heartbreaking thing for you. What you have to do is to heal first.

Without healing, you won’t be able to be courageous while trying to face her. So you must heal first from the scar and do what you want.

When you’re still recapping the incident, you won’t be able to move or make any decisions.

6. Understanding

Lack of understanding is one thing that never makes a partner come together. If you got separated from your wife because of a lack of understanding, you should try to be understanding.

The way you understand things and take them the way there is defined by the level of your maturity. It doesn’t matter how much riches you have. A woman can still leave if you don’t understand her.

By so doing, you will learn how to be an understanding husband.

7. Identify And Fix The Problem

Most marriages fail because of the inability to identify the cause of the problem. First of all, look for the cause of the separation and trace it from the roof so that you will know how to tackle the problem.

8. Facing Reality

Most partners take a break because they are disappointed. What they see may be below their expectations, which is why it is good to take things the way there are.

After the separation, be brave enough to face reality and accept changes that might have occurred during that process.

9. Take Responsibility

In getting your wife back, you should be able to take responsibility for the situation, stand up for yourself, and go for what you want to avoid losing your marriage.

10. Setting Differences Aside

Differences make couples separate. One has to set differences aside to succeed in marriage, set those differences, and agree to certain things your wife says.


After separation, there is a strong bond that still exists in some partners. That is why it is not all separation that ends in divorce. Before partners separate, there must be a reason for their separation. It might be a lack of communication, not being submissive in the wife’s case, etc.

Missing your partner after separation is a normal feeling one can’t control. Those signs when your wife misses you may include making you jealous, always calling you, getting your attention, showing care, always visiting, etc. those are the signs she shows when she misses you.

After knowing those signs to be sure she misses you, you can get her back with the help of a therapist, forgive her and yourself, be understanding, set differences aside, face reality, accept responsibilities, etc. Those are ways to get your wife back.


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