Wife Seeing Someone Else During Separation – 13 Things To Do

Wife seeing someone else during separation. Having a spouse who seems to have lost complete interest in your marriage can be depressing, especially when you can not get yourself to move on.

Many complications are likely to arise in your life, from physical to emotional and psychological well-being. Every person handles separation from their partners differently.

The decision to see someone else is sometimes considered the best without acknowledging its effect on their partners. This decision is seen as the rapt action to avoid more damage and alleviate the emotional and psychological pains associated with separation. This helps to rekindle flames that were once considered to be out.

As they say, “you never know how deep your love goes until you are separated at least once.”

In other cases where one partner has completely lost interest in the marriage, it is up to the other to decide whether to give up on their marriage.

Wife Seeing Someone Else During Separation – 13 Things To Do

When you have a wife who is seeing someone else during your separation, there are lists of things you can do–if you intend to keep your marriage:

1. Accept Your Feelings

It is okay to be hurt and pained and broken. It takes time to recover from the pain of feeling cheated on.

Accept Your Feelings

Even when you choose to forgive, it does not mean that the hurt will go away. Accepting your feelings is the first step to acknowledging that you are human and this will help you work to becoming a better version of yourself.

2. Do Not Reciprocate

If you intend to get your wife back, such will not be possible if you decide to see someone too to make her jealous.

The act of reciprocation here can sever the broken bonds in your relationship and give no room for reconciliation. This will only further develop a gap between you, and reconciliation is never an outcome of reciprocating negative energy.

3. Talk to Your Wife

Communication has been tested and trusted to be the pillar of every relationship. Communicating more and expressing how you feel can serve as a stepping stone to rekindling your broken relationship, as every partner needs one whom they can connect with in thoughts and emotions.

Bringing down the walls around you for your partner is always the right thing to do.

4. Share Your Feelings

Being able to address the issue intelligently with your spouse without any form fated up argument can help them see they are wrong.

Sharing how you feel about her movements will give room for rethinking and reanalyzing her thoughts, as she may act on her feelings as a coping mechanism.

Being open to your partner can act as a means of restitution, depending on how much of your life you may have kept hidden from her before the separation.

5. Reach Out To Supportive Friends

As much as this might seem unnecessary, sharing your struggles with your supportive friends will help play the vital role of giving the advice you need.

Having someone to talk to will help to put the pieces together and reduce the risk of isolating oneself. Knowing that someone else knows can be all you need to ease yourself from emotional stress.

6. Seek Counseling

In cases where you can not handle the entire situation, seeking the help of a counselor is very important. A counselor will help you have a more personalized conversation with your partner where you can finally get to question each other, express your hurts, and in the end, get to understand each other.

This can be actualized when they create a conducive atmosphere where you and your wife can have a heartfelt constructive conversation. When you two come to terms with rekindling your quenched flames, your counselor will significantly assist you in achieving that goal. The result of a counselor’s mediation is not always positive but will make any decision being met smoother.

In cases where you are unacquainted with infidelity and do not wish to keep up with such acts, the following can be considered

1. Do Not Blame Yourself

Having a wife who can not stay faithful until the end does not mean something is wrong with you. It does not mean you are not competent, nor does it mean you are not good enough.

Do not blame yourself for your wife’s unfaithfulness. The feeling of guilt is not to be harbored in you for any reason. It is essential to understand that this is a phase where you question all the decisions you have ever made.

Seeking the right person to talk to or professional help from a counselor will bring more clarity and ease.

The self-blame or blaming of her and her significant other is likely to set in, and your mental health is bound to suffer where there is no firm hold on one decision.

2. Go Ahead With The Divorce

Your wife seeing someone else during separation shows that she has lost interest and is no longer willing to reconcile.

Therefore, going ahead with the divorce is the best way to eliminate an unfaithful spouse. A divorce, most times, is the only door to psychological freedom. It will also serve as the answer you may seek to all questions you need help answering.

3. File For A Lawsuit

Being separated but still legally married makes your wife see another man, an unfaithful partner committing adultery, which has breached your marriage contract. You can choose to sue her and the philanderer.

In cases where the man knows that she is married, he is susceptible to 5 years of incarceration according to section 39 of the marriage act.

4. Love Yourself

Channeling every energy emerging from you to love yourself will help to achieve productivity growth.

Although physical reactions like stress and lack of concentration may seem inevitable, staying healthy and adapting is a choice one can easily make.

Focusing more on yourself and being able to invest time and energy into loving yourself will serve as a beginning to placing the right things in order of their priorities. As commonly stated–being able to love oneself will help you better love others.

5. Avoid Contact

During separation, Contact must be maintained or avoided. Your wife seeing someone else during the break is enough reason to keep and maintain your space so far away from hers.

Avoiding any form of Contact until necessary will help build a thick skin psychologically and emotionally in cases where you may have found the separation period hard. This is why you will most likely be encouraged to talk or meet up with your partner only when it is essential.

6. Work On Yourself

It is essential to build oneself. In a context where your wife had initiated the separation and went ahead to keep living her life ahead of you, it is necessary to pick up pieces of yourself and put them back together.

Engaging the mind with work keeps it from wandering far off; exercising helps balance and reduces overthinking stress. All these will help you function better as an individual and move on faster.

7. Do Not Regret Your Decision

Choosing to completely walk out of your marriage because of your wife’s infidelity during separation is a valid reason.

Regret for actions should never be allowed to set in. Everyone does not have the power to forgive and forget, and when they try to make themselves forgive forcefully, it affects their psychological well-being negatively.

Choosing to keep a marriage when trust has been broken is never the right decision to make, except you can quickly amend and let go, which is almost impossible. Nevertheless, whatever decision you make, do not regret it.


The above points help you finalize the decision you are already contemplating on. Times like this can be very complicated and tricky.

You are bound to do two things–either continue in a marriage where you will keep seeking validation or move away from it. Understanding that a broken trust is equivalent to a broken home is very important.

Keeping up with the probability that your spouse is not reciprocating your faithfulness will build a cloud of doubt and suspicion, which can be very hard to push aside.

Where the decision is to continue, help should be sought from professionals–a counselor, who will help you channel or be able to express your emotions to feel better.

Ultimately, the decision to be made should be for the best of it and after several considerations and analysis.

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