Chances Of Meeting Someone After Divorce

What are the chances of meeting someone after divorce? Is it possible to meet someone after a divorce?

For many people, divorce is not only the end of something but the beginning of another thing.

After your marriage has ended, you may find that you are longing for the companionship, happiness, and emotional and physical intimacy that a relationship can offer.

After all, you are a social animal, and a divorce does not imply that you remain single forever.

While divorce is the end of your marriage, it is also an opportunity to meet someone new and have another go at love.

As our society gets more progressive, more people do not mind whether you have been previously married.

Now more than ever, divorcees are falling in love all over again and getting to experience the sweetness of a new relationship.

Chances Of Meeting Someone After Divorce (9 Clear Tips)

Depending on the toll your divorce and the previous marriage took on you; it may take some time before you are in the right frame of mind to meet someone new.

This varies from individual to individual, so do not feel bad if your partner or another divorcee you know resumes dating before you.

Despite your gender, your chances of meeting someone after  divorce are not discouraging.

However, dating rules may be altered because you never run away from divorce. Here are nine things you should know as you attempt to find love.

1. You Should Heal

Before you return to the dating market, ensure that you are free from the guilt and hurt you may have borne from your previous marriage.

Time heals all wounds, but sometimes, you need the help of a therapist to sort things out. If you have kids, time allows them to adjust to the new reality before being introduced to a new person.

Getting healed also ensures that you do not hurt your new partner unintentionally with your actions. This boosts the chances of meeting someone after divorce.

Giving yourself time before a new relationship allows you to get over your previous marriage as much as possible.

Without this break, you may compare your new partner to your ex, which will ultimately doom your new relationship.

Chances Of Meeting Someone After Divorce

2. Be Open To Learn

If you do not want to undergo another divorce, you must pick your lessons before considering dating again.

Else you will break up again over the same issues. Learning from your past marriage involves examining it from an objective point of view.

You can even ask people who knew you and your previous spouse. You must see your part in your divorce, your previous partner’s part, and how you could have done things differently.

Let your previous marriage be an opportunity to learn about yourself, your expectations, and the qualities you find endearing in a partner. It makes it easy to connect and boosts chances of meeting someone after divorce.

3. Examine Your Motives

Why do you want to meet a new person? Many people rush into a relationship after divorce for all the wrong reasons.

You need a rethink if you want to fight loneliness, get back at your former spouse, avoid dealing with painful emotions or receive financial gain.

A new relationship may not be what you need. You should focus on finding friends, a new job, a support group, or any other suitable coping mechanism that does not involve romantic love.

Examining your motive will help increase the chances of meeting someone new after  divorce.

It would be best if you only looked forward to dating when you have done the inner work and are ready to step into a new phase of your life.

Before then, it is advisable to stay away from love because you could hurt yourself or interpret innocent actions from a place of emotional turmoil.

4. Be Honest

On the first date or before, let your intending partner know about your divorce and your kids, if any.

Many men indeed prefer women who do not have children yet.

So, if you are a mother, that is something you should be aware of and prepared to deal with. It does not mean such men have anything against you or your child.

They need more time to be ready for such responsibilities. Honesty is crucial if you want your new relationship to last.

You may have to tell your new partner about the involvement of your previous partner in your life to check if it is something they approve of or, at least, are ready to tolerate.

Being honest upfront will save you time and energy, allowing you to end up with someone who has shared values and accepts your past.

Being sincere draws people close to you and helps with the chances of meeting someone after divorce.

Plan And Evaluate Priorities

5. Set Standards

Just because you have a failed marriage does not mean you have to accept anybody that comes your way.

Even while searching for love, there should be limits on who you welcome into your life.

Ideally, your new partner should be better for you than the previous person, except if you want to experience another round of hurt and disappointments.

Divorce does not define you and doesn’t mean a potential partner is doing you any favors.

This is something to be aware of because divorce can damage your self-esteem, making you feel inadequate and undeserving of better.

You should learn to set standards, you need to set standards to increase your chances of meeting someone after divorce.

6. Keep An Open Mind

It would be best if you were more agreeable when trying out new partners.

This means that you should be open to dating outside your type. You have to shake things up by spending time with people who do not look like your ideal partner.

If you recently addressed trauma, especially childhood trauma, you may be attracted to people who are so different from your former picture of a perfect partner.

This is a good thing and should be accepted. Instead, approach your new partner with curiosity and tolerance and be ready for surprises.

7. Step Up Your Game

If you are serious about dating, act like it. If you are out of shape, hit the gym and get your body in shape.

Additionally, make yourself available to potential partners. Spend more time in others’ company.

Just act like you did when trying to score a partner before marriage. Getting a partner from the divorcee pool might be easier, especially if you are older.

This does not mean you should limit yourself to only people who have had a failed marriage.

A rule of thumb is to attempt to become someone you will love to date instead of only looking out for people you want to date.

If you step up your game, you improve the chances of meeting someone after divorce.

Admit This Is Occurring

8. Look For Red Flags

Unfortunately, some people will take advantage of you as you try to date, especially if you seem desperate for a partner.

This is very common with online dating, so consider it before opening that profile.

It can also happen if your potential partner knows that you got fat alimony. This is why keeping that kind of information to yourself is essential.

Some people may want to date you solely because of what they gain and not because they want to be with you.

It is your responsibility to look out for yourself. While courting a new love interest, break things off when you notice something you do not like.

You are not married, so you do not have to put up with something you are not comfortable with.

9. Watch Out For Your Kids

Before introducing a new partner to your children, they must be someone you have known for a long time.

You also have to be sure that this person is someone you have wanted around for a long time.

Else, it’s not worth the hassle as new partners may cause the kids to be confused and anxious.

It is also a good idea to inform your ex before making that move, especially if they are also custodians of the kids.

As a pro tip, introduce the idea to them before ever making introductions. This will enable you to know the right time for making that move.


Post-divorce dating should not be solely focused on finding a husband. Take time to meet new people and genuinely have fun.

There is no fast rule about when you should start seeing someone. Sometimes, you have to take the leap and trust your gut.

Like all relationships, there will still be problems with your new partner, and you should not presume that you are right simply because you have some experience with marriage.

Above all, do your thing and learn from your mistakes on your journey.


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