17 Signs Your Wife Has Given Up On Your Marriage

Could the be signs your wife has given up on your marriage? are there any hidden messages? is there anything I need to do better? In this article, we will be examining that.

Marriage proposals are chances for women to consent to the marriage offers, but accepting the marriage proposal may not mean that she is saying yes forever.

17 Signs Your Wife Has Given Up On Your Marriage

What signs should you watch out for to know that your wife has agreed to say no to forever? Below are listed 17 of them, and they include:

1. Cheating

Even when she agrees to be faithful, she will cheat on you to prove that you do not matter to her. She will often not do this in secret to pass the message to you.

If your wife is cheating and she makes sure you are aware, she begins to say goodbye to your wedding vows and rings.

Cheating on you means she does not value the sacredness of marriage or your vows.

Cheating also means she craves what you no longer offer and will go outside the home to get it.

Signs Your Wife Has Given Up On Your Marriage


2. Confrontations

If a woman intends to divorce, she will not stay mute about it. She will say it to your face besides sending signals and brewing.

You might even be warned about the date she plans to send the divorce papers to you. She will threaten you on many occasions.

If a woman has made up her mind on essential issues in life like this and talks about them, then she is bound to stand firm on her decisions.

When this happens, it is pertinent that you find out the reasons behind her actions and try to resolve the issue. The odds are that she has sought counsel and feels this is the best decision to make.

3. Leaving The House

When your wife begins to seek comfort in solitude and not in your presence, a divorce is brewing up.

This shows that your company irritates her or you disrupt her peace. Staying together helps to create a bond, and she does not want that anymore.

Every person who loves someone craves the person’s attention and presence; the absence of this means the opposite. It could be that you no longer do things that attract her to you, or she is bent on leaving.

4. Taking Decisions Without Your Consent

It would be best to verify your stance when your wife does not value your contributions to her daily activities anymore.

She feels that you are not essential and that your thoughts on issues are not worth it.

Already, she has begun to portray the point that she is single and not married. She is taking lowly your importance in her life.

5. Changes In Temperament

When a person in your presence tends to be lukewarm, it shows that the person is no longer comfortable with you.

If your wife develops mood swings whenever you are with her, is rarely happy, and keeps cold air, then something is bothering her.

You should find out what is amiss on time because if it escalates, there could be no hope of saving your marriage.

6. Body Language

Body language is vital to watch out for; when someone does not want to speak on an issue, their body will say it for them. Her body language can relate if she yearns for you or not.

If her facial expressions always show disgust and she does not want to touch you or hold hands anymore, that is a sign that she is losing interest in the marriage.

If she says yes but always expresses negativity, she is not interested or wants to please you with words in her mouth.

Her body language will give you an insight into when she is trying to cover up her disgust towards you; watch out and be alert.

7. Nonchalant Attitude Toward The Upkeep Of The Home

If your wife begins to show no concern about the house and her duties, then she has her eyes elsewhere.

Women are naturally caring towards their families, and something is amiss when this trait is absent. If this continues without any redress, then she might decide to leave you legally and forever.

Signs Your Wife Has Given Up On Your Marriage

8. Secretiveness

Marriage was meant to be a non-secretive unit; it is not a cult. Keeping secrets means that there is something to hide,e and she is making stairs for actions you do not need to know about.

She could be planning on leaving you and cheating or doing things that you do not accent on.

She is probably covering up her tracks and dirty deals or has a love interest which is not you. Confront her and talk about the situation before it progresses to the point of being served divorce papers.

9. Breaches In Compromise

Breaching agreements and compromising means she no longer cares about your feelings and opinions.

Compromise means sacrifices, and if she does not want to sacrifice anymore,e then she has given up on the marriage.

You do not need a soothsayer to tell you that divorce is brewing in her mind.

10. Disrespect

Disrespect is a huge red flag. Respect is the melting point of any relationship; it is necessary for coexistence.

If your wife disrespects you and your decisions, she no longer values you. It loses importance when the value is detached from a thing or course.

If your wife does the opposite of what you say consistently, and has no regard for you, too, then she is tired of the relationship.

She is sending a signal that she has given up on the marriage and would love a divorce.

Losing respect for you will make it easier for her to make decisions detrimental to the relationship without any remorse.

Who could do that apart from someone who wants to break free? Being disrespectful is one of the signs your wife has given up on your marriage.

11. Lack Of Contention

If your wife is never satisfied with what you give her and constantly compares your efforts with strangers’ and unrealistic films, she is bound to be on the lookout for more.

If she does not change her behavior, she will seek what she wants by all means, and it will not matter to her if it is in another man’s arms.

This can lead to divorce, and you might have to let her go. This is one of the signs your wife has given up on your marriage.

12. Incessant And Aimless Nagging

Nagging is an ear sore and can spring up separation. It could be her way of driving you away from her.

When your wife constantly and persistently complains about issues and things that do not matter, you need to find out the problem because it is not another regular occurrence.

Nagging could lead to disagreements and fights that will drive you both apart. She is sending a signal, and you need to act quickly. This is one of the signs your wife has given up on your marriage.

Signs Your Wife Has Given Up On Your Marriage

13. Deprivation Of Sex

Sex is intimacy, sex is marriage, sex is love, and sex is bonding.

Denying sex might signify that she does not want to be to you any longer. Sex is a vital part of marriage and a reason to marry.

If she claims to deny sex as punishment for the wrong you did, it probably might escalate, and slowly, the sexual attraction towards each other will fade.

When it does fade, it will bring up more grounds for divorce.

14. Lack Of Appreciation

Being ungrateful is a sign that your efforts do not matter to her.

She will not be impressed even though you uproot mountains before her.

She no longer feels your love and intentional thoughts towards her; even when she does, she does not want to accept it.

It could be due to falling out of love with you or not being interested in the relationship anymore.

One thing is sure; she will find a way to dissolve the marriage if she does not get what she wants. This is one of the signs your wife has given up on your marriage.

15. Disagreement

Ceaseless disagreements do not bode well for a marriage, showing that you are incompatible and could lead to damage, such as emotional and physical abuse.

When your wife begins to disagree aimlessly and is always making mountains out of a mole on unimportant issues, she is sending a signal which is screaming separation.

16. Lack Of Forgiveness

Couples are expected to forgive and tolerate each other’s excesses, making a living together possible.

If she wants to pay attention to any mistake of yours, including the non-deliberate ones, you need to watch out.

Over time it will grow into hatred for you and lead to her seeking a divorce.

17. Silent Treatment

Do not wave it aside when your wife keeps giving you the silent treatment.

If she does not want to hold conversations or communicate with you anymore, it is a sign that danger is near.

When she no longer complains about your in-actions, do not think that she has forgiven you or that she understands and is turning a blind eye; she is bidding time until she can no longer stick to your side. This show signs your wife has given up on your marriage.


Marriage is not a bed of roses, and human beings are unpredictable. Change is a constant reality in our world today, and a loving wife could be uncaring and not interested in marriage anymore. This shows signs your wife has given up on your marriage

Do all you can to keep your home and watch out for signs; they will always be there.



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