Characters Of A Broken Man After Divorce

What are the characteristics of a broken man after divorce? What attitude can you find in a broken man after divorce?

Men are different beings from women. It is very hard for a man to show his weakness or how damaged they are from their past experiences or sometimes it is hard for anyone to know how damaged a man is.

Men have different ways of expressing their feelings or showing different characters when damaged.

Characters of a Broken man after divorce – 11 Clear Attitude

Being divorced can affect many things in a person’s daily routine, especially if the person has been divorced more than once. It changes their views and perspectives on life and living.

After all is said and done, there are certain characteristics that a divorced man that has been broken will show.

There are a lot of attitude a broken man may possess, but for the purpose of this article, we will be looking at 11 common characters of a broken man after divorce.

These attitude includes:

1. Cases Of Insomnia

They find it hard to sleep or fall asleep because of the thoughts of failing in a marriage or a relationship.

They always get up the next day feeling tired and worn out because of the thought that goes through their mind keeping their brain busy.

2. He Would Go Through Depression

After being divorced, a very high percentage of a broken men will go into depression. Especially one that has experienced divorce more than just once.

Because of the constant failure to have a fruitful marriage with a person they felt forever for, their mindset changes towards everything and anything.

They tend to keep to themselves and their thoughts for fear of losing again if they should try.

He Would Go Through Depression

3. He Avoids The Public

They always avoid the public. They always try to stay alone or indoors or drown themselves in work rather than make any contact with the public.

They always give excuses as to why they can’t come out to the public.

They always feel that people are paying attention to or know their stories.

Even if they want to mingle, they always do that in a very secluded area with less population.

They are very critical of who and where they meet and hang out.

4. Constantly Talking Negatively

Because of the failure they have encountered or the unsuccessful experience they’ve had in marriage. This damages their belief in anything positive.

They are constantly talking negatively about everything around them. They exude negative energy towards everything and anyone.

They either try doing something because they are forced, or they don’t have any other choice.

No idea sounds positive to them any longer; rather, they speak negatively about it and pass it for other stuff.

5. Gets Into A Bad Habit

Damaged men, after divorce, are prone to engage in or get a bad habits like drinking, stupor or smoking or living their life without any second thought.

Damaged men, after divorce, always tend to do things that are off the norm. They practically forget their health or how the present behavior they are engaging in will affect them tomorrow.

This is because they believe nothing has to do with them or will happen to them.

6. Looks For Closure In Anything And Anyone

They look for closure in anyone and anything. They look for the dwelling of acceptance in anything around them.

Divorced men who are damaged look for answers in whatever they can lay hold of. They feel there have to answer for their bad luck in keeping a marriage.

So when they don’t find it in a relationship with someone after the divorce, they leave that one and go for another. This makes them unstable and probably confused.

7. Looks Down At Themselves

After a divorce or a series of them, damaged men constantly look down on themselves.

The advice that you can do more or be better or that something good will come out of this doesn’t sit well with them.

Rather they immerse themselves in the oceans of self-pity and tend to stay away from everyone or anything that carries that positive energy.

They constantly talk down about themselves in every way possible. Even in areas where it is known that they can handle it, because of how damaged they are mental, they feel nothing good can ever come from them again.

8. They Always Have Regrets

Regrets are not always far away from damaged men after a divorce, especially those from a messy one.

You will always hear them use the word if I had known or needed to be more cautious or if I should have been more patient before rushing into one.

With this constant list of regret, they tend to be always insecure about everything and anything and everyone around them.

They always see their past in their present. They feel stuck in time and always wish to turn back the hands of time.

They will always talk about their past marriage in the present marriage or relationship with someone.

They find it difficult to make peace with their past and move on.

Have Regrets

9. Feels That He Is Never Enough

You find damaged men questioning everything about them and their relationship with others after a divorce.

Even when they get into a relationship with someone who is healthy or willing to walk that part with them, they always get the urge that something is off or missing.

This makes them question their partner at every given a chance or need constant reassurance from their partner that they’re enough for them.

At any slightest character change from the people they relate to, you see them blame themselves for the change or distance given to them.

They find it hard to believe that the reason for a change in character from anyone close to them might be caused by other issues and not them.

10. Do Not Take Care Of Themselves

Looking unkempt or out of place is something a damaged man will always find himself in after a divorce.

Because of all these negative vibes and the feeling of being stuck in time, a damaged man after divorce will always look untidy or may not even have time for themselves since they feel there’s no need to do that, even for themselves.

Their bad habits and unhealthy routine keep them ignorant of everything they need to do for themselves.

11. Do Not Believe That Anything Good Can Happen

In James Clear’s Words, “Believe in Yourself” is Obvious.

He┬ásaid, “The largest distinction between successful and unsuccessful people, in my observation, is not one of intelligence, opportunity, or riches. It’s the conviction that they can achieve their objectives.

We all experience failure, vulnerability, and uncertainty. Some of us believe that we will eventually figure it out if we keep going. I’m grateful to be among them as I sit here on Thanksgiving.”

Men who have been divorced for a long time or have had the experience more than once tend to question everything around them.

They become so damaged that they believe nothing good can or will happen to them.

It will take a lot of mental work and practice to make them believe in themselves and that something good will happen to them or with them.


The best way to help and deal with a damaged divorced man is to be patient.

There is something about the heart and the mental ability of a man. The things they have been accustomed to taking time to let go of.

Listen to him, understand his weakness and vulnerable moment, be his confidant, introduce new and exciting things to do with him, and be patient with him to heal and recover from the hurt.

If you have feelings for him, be sure he wants a relationship with you or is ready for one.

Being divorced is not what most men desire to go through. Most men want a happy and blissful marriage with a person they understand and also understands them in return.

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