27 Fun Relationship Exercises For Couples

What are the 27 fun relationship exercises for couples? what exercise should a couples do to strengthen their bond? As a couple, you get to realize that a constant routine every day can be very boring, and it gets worse when you and your partner are not working toward having more fun in the relationship.

A relationship should be one where you get to be a thousand shades of yourself without feeling dramatic or judged. Most times, you want to make your relationship a fun place to be, but you don’t know how to and neither does your partner.

Having fun is the easiest exercise one can have, it includes doing very little things that matter so much. A fun-filled relationship is bound to be long-lasting with beautiful memories and strong bonds created in the process.

27 Fun Relationship Exercises For Couples

There are a lot of fun exercises for couples, but for the purpose of this article, we will concentrate on 27 top fun relationship exercises for couples.

Here, are 27 things you can/should do to make your relationship more fun and less boring:

1. Create A Bucket List

Even before you and your partner got together, there are several things you two must have had in mind to do when you find someone you love. This is where you ask questions, and write down the things your partner wants to do, as well as the things that you want to do.

This forms a bucket list. Make sure you both get to tick off those things on the bucket list by doing one at a time.

Create A Bucket List

2. Have A Picnic Date

The thought of a picnic date I’m sure is already one to bring a smile to your face. When you or your partner get so engulfed by work or other things, going on a picnic date will help to cool off.

Sitting in an open field/environment and having a fun time with someone you love while eating and talking about your favorite memories is therapy for a tired mind.

3. Make Breakfast Together

Little as this might seem, preparing breakfast alongside your partner is a beautiful way of creating a bond.

Having them pass each ingredient to you while talking and laughing about a topic or a video you both may have seen is a little way to spice up your relationship.

4. Go On A Movie Date

Movie dates are never one to fail. Pick your partners’ favorite movie genre and buy tickets to see a movie together. For most people, seeing their partner happy is the easiest way of getting themselves happy too and this works every time.

5. Buy Each Other Food

Food is very important in a relationship as it is in our everyday lives. Buying and sending food to your partner at work or home is a way of showing how much you care about them. Buying each other food may be a love language that makes your relationship more fun.

Buy Each Other Food

6. Go For A Work-out Session Together

After a stressful week of unchanging routine due to much workload, you and your partner can choose to go for a workout session on weekends to relieve the stress of the week. Workout sessions can be a beautiful way to have fun in your relationship. You can try out different couples’ workout routines.

7. Take Random Photos Of Each Other For Memories Sake

Photos help save the most beautiful memories. Taking random photos of your partner when they laugh, frown, act cute, look upset, and even when they are doing the silliest thing is a beautiful way to keep memories of the times you have spent together.

8. Volunteer Together To Do Something Fun

Couples volunteering together for something they both share similar interests makes the relationship more fun. This way, both couples get to have a good time together doing something they both love to do. It helps create a strong bond between couples.

9. Go On Vacations Together

Vacations are necessary for every relationship. Staying in the same environment for years without a change is capable of killing the vibes of a relationship.

Intermittent vacations to your partner’s dream country or tourism site they wished to go to, create a beautiful bond, and memory and are also a fun part of a relationship.

Go On Vacations Together

10. Play Your Favorite Games

Men are known to love video games and spend most of their free time playing them. Playing your partner’s favorite game with them adds to the fun of being in a relationship. The defeats, wins, feigned anger, etc. are ways of making every minute as couples count by making the most of it fun.

11. Share Lots Of Hugs

Hugs are therapeutic. Sometimes, words are not needed to convey how a person feels, hugging does a lot of comforting and transfer of emotions when shared with the right person.

Couples should share more hugs to express how they feel about each other. They can make it a point of action and always hug each other at the slightest possibility.

12. Learn Something New

Choosing to learn something new with your partner is an exquisite decision to make. Trying out things together, teaching each other, failing, and trying to come up with excuses as to why the result did not come out well is a cute way of making your relationship more fun and healthy.

13. Go Stargazing Together

Lying under an open sky in a field, with your partner beside you, watching the stars while connecting them.

Talking about the beautiful memories you have both shared, then lying in comfortable silence with smiles on your faces gives a typical example of things to do to have more fun and form a stronger bond as a couple.

14. Converse More About Random Topics

Having more conversations with your partner can serve as a basis for fun in the relationship. Telling the most insignificant stories, calling to check on them, etc. are ways to keep your partner updated about your day-to-day activities.

15. Have A Karaoke Session

Karaoke sessions are known to be fun times. Having a karaoke session with your partner is something you should do from time to time, for the fun of it.

16. Take Up A Couple’s Challenge

There are lots of couple challenges on the Internet today. You can add a little more fun to your relationship by trying out the challenges with your partner.

17. Choose Your Partner’s Outfit

There’s a feeling of satisfaction that engulfs a person when their partner compliments their outfits, imagine the feeling that same person would have if their partner decides to take out time to choose their outfit. 

Using the weekend to choose your partner’s outfit for the following week will keep a signature smile on their faces every day when they wear it.

18. Write Love Notes

Writing love notes and putting them where you are sure your partner will find them, is a sweet way of making your relationship fun.

19. Whisper Words At Intervals

Whispering comforting words to your partner gives a different kind of soothing feeling. It makes them feel loved and fulfilled. This act is encouraged to promote intimacy in a relationship.

20. Always Be Ready To Spur Surprises

Constantly surprising your partner with the things they have always wanted, the things they need, or the things you feel they deserve is an outstanding way of showing how much you love them. Surprising your partner with gifts makes your relationship fun.

21. Play Games Together

Engaging and introducing your partner to new games is a fun activity in relationships that should be adopted. It makes it possible for you two to spend more time together doing something fun.

22. Go To Church

When you and your partner share the same faith and level of spirituality, going to church and taking part in different activities together will serve as a way of strengthening your bonds.

23. Share Music Playlist

Creating and sharing a music playlist with your partner is a very romantic gesture. Making them feel how you feel through music is also a beautiful way of conveying feelings. This way, they get to think of you whenever the music pops up.

24. Take Walks Together

Going on evening walks together, with hands entwined, viewing the city, and letting your minds wander to nowhere exactly is a refreshing activity couples should consider. It gives room to communicating and sharing intimacy in both words and silence.

25. Go On Road Trips

Going on road trips with a full stacked bag of food and clothes is as fun as it sounds. It is one activity to consider when trying to add more fun to your relationship.

26. Visit Museums Together

In cases where you and your partner are both thrilled with artwork, visiting museums and other places of great artifacts will surely be an interesting thing to do.

27. Share Kisses Together

Kisses are reassuring. It is an easy way of making your partner feel special and loved. Sharing more kisses in your relationship is highly recommended.


For a relationship to be fun, you have to go extra to achieve it. This can be accomplished by doing a few of the above-mentioned exercises or all if you can.

A relationship is not supposed to be made up of two people who are goal driven without any sense of having fun. It is supposed to be made up of two people who love the company of each other and would do all it takes to make the other happy while also working on their goals.

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