31 Christian Marriage Counseling Questions

It is important for any couple intending to spend their forever with each other should ask themselves these 31 Christian marriage counseling Questions.

It is also essential for married couples who have been in marriage for a while and wish to renew their bond and have a clearer understanding of each other since many perceptions about life may have changed.

31 Christian Marriage Counseling Questions

Here are 31 Christian marriage counseling questions every couple should answer before they say I do or want to renew their bond.

1. How Is Your Relationship With God

As a Christian, you must understand your relationship with God and your level of understanding of God.

A woman of God said one time that as a Christian if you don’t have a consistent and faithful relationship with God, it will be difficult to keep one with man.

So first you should work on your relationship with God. If you can answer this 1st marriage Christian counseling question. It will help you to understand certain things about your partner and yourself

How is your relationship with God

2. What Are Your Expectations In Marriage

One of the marriage counseling questions you should answer or ask intending couples should be what are their expectations in marriage.

They should be able to know their expectations In marriage. What are they expecting from each other or their union?

3. How Do You Resolve Conflicts

Another marriage counseling question is how you resolve issues among yourselves.

What are the methods that are welcoming to you in other to fix a misunderstanding with your partner?

4. What Is Your Level Of Tolerance

How much can you relate to your partner?

This marriage counseling question helps couples know their limits with each other and how far they can tolerate others’ mistakes or conscious actions.

5. What Does Marriage Mean To You

During the marriage counseling session, couples see to me asked what marriage means to them and what their views on it are.

These will give them a broader picture of what each other intends to get into with the other person.

Most couples are not able to answer this question during their first counseling session because to some marriage is the coming together of two people, to give birth to children, raise them, grow old, and die.

With that perception, people tend to live a born and unfulfilled life.

What does marriage mean to you

6. Why Did You Choose To Send A Forever With Them?

This marriage counseling question will help couples not only understand themselves but value their partners more.

7. What Is Your Understanding Of Love?

What do you say love is? what is your view on love? How do you express love?

8. What Is Your Level Of Commitment?

How far can they go for the person they are married to? How much do they intend to sacrifice for their partner? How vulnerable can they be toward each other?

How much can you comprise your principle to suit or make the other feel comfortable?

9. What Are Your Methods Of Communication?

Communication in the aspect of feelings, how do you communicate your anger disgust love, and appreciation for your partner?

How do you express how feel or how do you want your partner to communicate with you?

10. What Are The Boundaries You Have Set?

Know the boundaries they have set with it comes to relating with each other or people outside the marriage.

If there is none then both couples need to make one for a better understanding and corporation in their marriage.

What are your methods of communication

11. What Should Be The Level Of Communication Between You Both And Your Family And Friends?

What information should be told them and what are they not to know?

What level of inclusion should be given to them when it comes to your marriage?

12. How Visible Has Your Faith In Christ Been In Your Relationship?

How has your relationship with God been during this time in your relationship?

Is it growing, or is it getting stronger, how do you both influence each other righteously?

13. How Do You Picture Your Partner As Your Wife Or Husband?

This marriage counseling question will help them know their expectation for marriage. It will widen their partner’s understanding of what the other person wants in the marriage.

14. Which Couple Or Person Do You See As A Role Model In Marriage?

Do they see their parents as role models in marriage? Or what personal guide do they follow when it has to do with marriage?

15. What Do You Believe Your Partner’s Role Should Be?

It’s good both couples get to state what they believe their partner’s role should be before getting married or in the marriage

16. How Do You Welcome Differences In Opinion?

How do you allow your partner to express his opinion and how do you incorporate them into your own opinion and suggestions?

17. Have You Dealt With Your Weakness Separately Or Together?

If not, how damaged do you think you are?

If you have how are your past experiences going to affect your present? Will you be able to handle your partner’s weaknesses?

18. What Level Of Support Do You Expect From Your Partner?

If your partner cannot support you the way you desire, do you have an alternative?

Will it cause you to leave the marriage?

Is it vital for the success and peace of the marriage?

19. How do you react to your partner’s complaints?

How do you expect your partner to react to your complaint? What are the dos and don’ts?

These are very vital questions that should be asked in a Christian counseling

20. Is Having Children To Bear Your Name The Basis Of Your Union?

Why do you want to marry, is it just for reproduction? Is it because you feel lonely? Is it because of peer pressure?

The couple should be certain of their reason to get married because that will be the driving force in the marriage.

21. What Is The Level Of Relationship You Have With Your Family Members?

How do your or your partner’s relationship with your family members? How close are you to your siblings and parents? Do you have each other’s back or support each other?

How is the energy within your family among your family members? What is your view on that?

These are necessary questions in Christian couple’s therapy.

22. What Is Your Understanding Of God’s Reason To Bring The Institution Of Marriage?

What do you know about God, How do you view marriage from the biblical perspective?

23. What is Your Level Of Trust For Each Other?

Can you sleep on the same bed with him in peace and be certain he won’t take your life or she won’t take your life? How sure are you that he or she is telling the truth about himself or herself? How certain are you that they got your back outside?

24. Do You Both Have the Same Level Or At Least Almost The Same Level Of Understanding Of Your Faith In God?

It’s important when asking the couples marriage counseling questions, you ask this because it affects a lot of their stay together.

If they don’t have the same understanding they’ll have a lot of clashes and misunderstandings during their stay together.

25. Name One Thing You Cannot Forgive Your Partner For?

Is there something you know you won’t let go if you find out your partner did it or is doing it?

How open are you? Are you judgmental towards things and people?

26. What Level Of Understanding Do You Have Of Your Roles As A Husband And Wife?

What do you know of your roles as a husband and wife? Do you believe you can perform them to an extent? Do you believe you can handle the pressure and bad days that come with it?

27. Is Sex A Major Thing For You?

Can you stay in a sexless marriage? How long can you stay without it?

Is sex a pushing force for a successful relationship? Without sex can you still be intimate with your partner?

28. Who Do You Believe Should Provide For The Family Financially?

Do you believe it is joint work? Do you leave it for the husband to do? Will assist in providing for the family? These are questions to expect in Christian marriage counseling

29. Whose Duty Is It To Raise The Children?

Who do you believe is their responsibility to raise the children?

Do you believe both parents have the responsibility to raise the children?

Who should spend more time with them? Who should sacrifice their work to stay with the children if it’s necessary?

30. What See Your Thoughts On Submission And Love According To The Bible?

How do you view submission? It is submission necessary?

How do u expect your wife to submit? Are you willing to love your wife just as Christ loves the church? Are u ready to lay down your life for her?

Is she worth laying down your life for her, does he deserve your submission?

31. What Is Your Attitude Towards Prayer And Being A Covering To Your Partner?

How do you expect to be a covering for your wife? Whose duty is it to pray for the family?

Who should be more prayerful? How do you expect to build your family altar? What us your level of understanding of spiritual things?


Christian couples counseling should be sought at least once a year, regardless of how excellent your marriage may be. By doing so, you may manage problems before they happen and seek advice on strengthening your relationship.

Christian marriage counselors are well-equipped to guide you through the process of Christian marital counseling and relationship counseling.


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