17 Characteristics Of A Cheating Woman

What are the characteristics of a cheating woman? what attributes can be found in a woman who has defiled her bed?

Cheating could be sexual or emotional. It is sexual when a person has sex with someone apart from her partner and emotional when she begins to seek comfort in the arms and ears of other men.
She begins to crave more attention and satisfaction from anyone other than her partner.

It is mostly put on the radar that men cheat. Most times men are labeled as biological cheats and polygamous with an insatiable desire that cannot be quenched by one woman. In recent ages, we have been made open to the fact that women cheat.

It is not enough to claim that a woman is cheating. This will be seen as an empty thought without pieces of evidence.

17 Characteristics Of A Cheating Woman

In this writing, 17 signs or characteristics of a cheating woman will be outlined.

How do you know that your wife or fiance is cheating on you?

You will surely be able to tell after reading this. Even if she is so good at hiding it, one of these will surely be glaring and a shred of evidence to back up your accusation.

Most of these characteristics include:

1. Lack of Communication

Women naturally like to talk. They always want to express themselves and be loved, especially by their partners.

They always want to be on the radar and be idolized. When your woman is doing the opposite, she surely has something that she is hiding from you.

Maybe she is getting attention and expressing herself himself elsewhere; who knows?
When your woman is no longer interested in making conversations and easily gives up on them, something is wrong. She might be cheating.

Lack of Communication (1)

2. Low Commitment In The Marriage

Women love committing themselves to relationships. If a woman loves you and values the relationship, she will give her all into the relationship and make sure that there are no issues.

When a woman no longer wants to commit herself to you, she is surely cheating. She may no longer feel like committing to any relationship and wants to have the time of her life.

It is called the hoe phase, and when a woman begins to embark on this period in her life, she is no longer interested in being in a relationship with you. She wants to have fun and experiment, and committing to one person will not allow this.

3. Always Raising Conflict

She is no longer pacified, and everything seems to irritate her. A cheating woman will always raise an argument out of mere jokes. She knows her words and uses them intelligibly to create chaos. She takes no apologies and does not forgive.

She will create insignificant issues from trivial things.

4. Manipulation As A Characteristics

A cheating woman is deceptive and will not spare any moment to manipulate your thoughts, words, and actions against you. She no longer loves you and is always manipulative to your detriment.

It is common to find in cheating characters the manipulative tendency. She will always want to play the victim when problems arise.

5. Effects Of Moodiness

A cheating woman would constantly splay off different emotions at the same time. She will always go through mood swings because she seems to be getting irritated at you, and you can not only match her energy. Everything you do will seem unpleasant to her, and so her reactions will show.

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6. Her Peers As An Attribute

If the kind of friends your woman is keeping are wild and cheating women, there is a very high probability that your woman will eventually cheat on you.

Birds of a feather flock together, a woman who is not cheating will be disgusted in the company of women and men that cheat.
To seek validation which is normal for most people, she will cheat emotionally or sexually to fit in with them.

Eventually, she will share the same ideology with them and adopt their lifestyle.

7. Constant Issues Of Lying

Consistently lying about everything is a glaring feature of a cheating woman. She is full of deceit, and her words are not coherent and do not align with them.

It is not just about being dishonest but engaging in it consistently. She will lie about things that are not even important and exaggerate too.
Most times, she is lying to cover up her tracks.

8. She Accuses Her Partner Of Cheating

Accusing her partner of cheating suddenly and without any proof is one of the most evident characteristics of an infidel woman.

The ideology to her is that everyone is cheating on their partner because she is cheating.

This includes her partner. Any act of his or concern towards the opposite gender becomes a suspicious move, and she will not hesitate to accuse him.

9. Apologizing Without Cause

A cheating woman will apologize even when she is not guilty or has committed no offense.
She often says she doesn’t deserve her partner.

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10. A Sudden Change In Sexual Habits And Physical Appearances

She begins to crave different experiences and becomes more adventurous and aggressive in her need for sex. She also changes her appearance and begins to look different.

This does not mean that she is becoming intimate, but every time she tries to have sex with you, the feeling is different and distant.

11. Exaggerated Show Of Care And Love

A cheating woman will pretend to care to cover up her acts. As a result of this, most of her actions will be exaggerated and unnecessary.

Most times, this occurs when she is trying to apologize for wrongdoing. She will make a scene out of it.

12. Issues Of Secrecy

A person who is doing something bad and would not like to be caught will always keep secrets. A cheating woman will hide bits of information about her daily life and activities. She will rarely even want to talk about them. She will always digress from the topic of discussion to avoid being asked questions.

13. A Different Pattern Of Using Social Media And Her Phone

A cheating woman would suddenly change her behavior when she is on the phone. She will apply new lock patterns to apps and will always be on guard against the usage of her phone by anyone.

Even on social media, her posts and comments and her messages will be different. She will use suggestive replies and post more revealing and sexy pictures while denying the fact that she has a partner.

A cheating woman will always want to have access to her man’s phone and his contacts but will never allow access to hers. She will keep and hide it like it is a precious stone.

14. Claims To Love Solitude

A woman who is cheating would always avoid your presence. She will scramble away at the mere sight of your shadow. She no longer wants your company or even the thought of it.

A cheating woman would claim to love solitude as it gives her a sense of freedom to think and work out innovations. But this is not so, and she is probably preparing to be in the arms of another man.

She rarely frequents the home anymore and is barely seen in the house too. To cover up her tracks, she will have the guise of new friends or too much work, even new hobbies.

One sign of a cheating woman is that she’s rarely around. Even on weekends, she always has an important appointment to attend to.

Although this may be a genuine reason to be out, it does not rule out the fact that she could be cheating.

15 Grows Cold And Uncaring

A woman who is cheating will no longer care for her man’s feelings. She is no longer interested in what her man thinks or does, even in his welfare.

The reason is that she has a love interest outside of her relationship and is directing the care toward him.
She becomes disinterested in making plans and setting goals for the relationship.

16. No longer Respects Your Decisions

A cheating woman will no longer respect your decisions and thoughts. She will not even ask for your opinion, and whenever you give one, she flings it to the breeze.

A cheating woman will break the rules and verbally disrespect you too. Because she is engaging in an unlawful act, she is no longer committed and does not see you and your actions as being important.

17. Emotional Detachment Issue

A cheating woman will begin to detach herself emotionally from you in her actions. She is no longer concerned about being intimate and reciprocating your affections anymore.

She will stop sharing her feelings with you. Already she has someone she is doing that with.


These signs are pointers that a woman is cheating. This does not rule out the fact that she may have genuine reasons for her actions, but in most cases, when she displays more of these signs, she has something to hide. Watch her and be vigilant.



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