How Does A Woman Feel After Being Cheated on? 4 Major Ways

How does a woman feel after being cheated on? What Does she feel after being betrayed? This article is here to give insight on that.

Cheating has slowly become rampant, and a common thing in our generation as couples go their separate ways after a while of being together because of a cheating partner.

There are many reasons why partners cheat in marriages or relationships; they may cheat because of lack of commitment or not being intimate; partner uses sex as a tool to create a bond, so if a woman is unable to satisfy her partner, he is likely to cheat on her or have an extramarital affair with someone.

Men leave their partners due to the reoccurring problem called cheating; infidelity is a blow in marriages, and it is heartbreaking when a man cheats on his wife for whatever reason.

Women tend to feel betrayed and bitter about their life, and those feelings make them question their identity and sense of belonging.

How Does A Woman Feel After Being Cheated on? 4 Major Ways

Women have easily fallen into the bad side of cheating; they suffer more as they are emotional and weaker. Some women summons the courage to separate from their cheating husband because they hurt bitterly.

It is not easy to trust someone wholeheartedly and stay committed in a relationship, and it is gut-wrenching to see your partner cheats on you. It will make them feel less about themselves and makes them question their self-worth. That is why most women never heal after being cheated on

Cheating can’t be a mistake, and it’s a choice, an intentional action. Men cheat on their partners intentionally sometimes.

It may be as a result of resentment to make them leave, it mostly happens in the case where the woman is so obsessed with her partner, and the only thing to make her leave if he isn’t interested anymore is to cheat on her.

Women are weaker vessels and end up reacting badly toward cheating partners, the feelings are always unbearable, and it changes a whole lot about them.

It affects them emotionally and physically; women feel depressed, and most times, some women can’t get over it; they do drastic things, and most women die of depression.

How do women feel when cheated on? Men tend to ignore this aspect and go about cheating, not knowing how hurtful it is. After sharing a bond with someone and they end up betraying your love and trust, the cheater does not know how traumatizing the feelings are.

Most men cheat without caring about how women will feel after they find out the act; here are the ways women feel after being cheated on:

1. Feeling Of Betrayal

Women feel betrayed after being cheated on. In marriages or relationships, partners are expected to be more committed to their partner.

During marriages, couples share vows to be loyal to their partners. They make promises and establish a bond that is not meant to be broken. Partners make promises of fidelity, and they vow to be emotionally and physically attached to each other.

They promise to stick to each other forever and never cheat. After being cheated on, women feel betrayed and hurt because they were committed to the relationship or marriage, which is why they will feel hurt.

Feeling Of Betrayal

2. Feelings Of Abandonment

They feel heartbroken. Most women give their all to save their marriage and relationship, and when they realize it has all been in vain, they suffer heartbreak, and most could result in suicide.

The feeling of being cheated on is hard to control as it leads most women to death.
Women always feel angry, angry that they have been used and deceived, and they have become a victim of a cheating partner.

Some may become violent and attack the third party in their relationship. This anger that boils in them can make them change towards people around them, and they become aggressive over everything.

Women feel regrets, and they regret ever knowing their partner and getting involved with them. They regret being ignorant and stupid. They regret ever loving the man.

Another feeling is anxiety, and some women end up feeling distressed and mentally unstable at that point as they find it hard to believe their plight.

Shame is still a feeling a woman has when cheated on. They become ashamed of being left for another woman, ashamed that another person was chosen over her.

3. Feelings Of Loneliness

After being single and finally finding someone you love, and he loves you too, she becomes your partner. As time passes, you cheat on her, which will make her feel lonely because she will become unsure of who she is to you.

She feels lonely, hiding away from the world, her friends, and everyone else. She holds back from moving.
She’s scared, scared of moving forward, scared of moving and being left again.

4. Feelings Of Giving Up

Most women feel like giving up on love when they realize the one person they sacrificed everything for his eyes on someone else and is having an affair with the person.

She begins to worry if she is never enough or a play toy to be kept till the man becomes tired of her.
Now, men things most women have nothing to offer in a relationship or marriage, giving them a reason to cheat.

Most men have hearts elsewhere and act like they love their recent partners. Cheating has also been said to be hereditary and a genetic trait from the parents. Some people believe karma has a way of getting back to a cheating partner.

Feelings Of Giving Up

How Can A Woman Get Over A Cheating Partner?

There are a lot of ways a woman can get over a cheating partner, most of these ways include:

1. Acceptance

Accepting is one of the tools to get rid of the feelings of being cheated on. Those feelings will always be there, and it will hurt you more if you don’t accept that a cheating partner will never be better.

If you are still with your partner, it is left for you to accept the flaws of your partner and also knows that he will likely cheat.

2. Leave If You Can

Most women see cheating as an unforgivable offense, so they move on easily after realizing their partner cheated.

This occurs mostly when the woman is not wholly committed to the relationship or marriage and they are not emotionally attached to their partner. As such, they leave after realizing that their partner cheated on them. Stop going back to people who cheat.

3. Find Things That Keep You Busy Without Thinking About The Cheating Partner

After realizing that your partner cheated on you, to overcome those feelings that come, depressing thoughts, feelings of bitterness, etc., if you don’t find something that will help keep you busy, you will always question your self-worth.

You feel so bittered about yourself because your partner cheated on you, and you’re finding it hard to move on or to get rid of those feelings.

One of the most common things to do for the feelings to dive away is to get yourself busy with work or get a hobby, even a skill, or go hang out with friends or acquaintances.

4. Open Up To Friends And Become Socially Active

At times sharing your feelings with people can help make you feel better as you’re likely to get words of advice from them.

The feeling of being cheated on is not easy to deal with alone, so if your partner cheated on you and you’ve been trying so hard to get rid of those feelings, talking to your friends or close family members is also a remedy.

Open Up To Friends And Become Socially Active

5. Find People With Positive Vibes

People who constantly judge you, trying to shift blame to you, will always worsen your feelings. You realize that your partner is cheating, and you leave because he betrayed you and broke your trust.

People will always judge you forever. Leaving and surrounding yourself with judgemental people will make you feel bitter about yourself and even question your identity.

You are trying so hard to overcome those depressing feelings of infidelity. What you have to do is to surround yourself with people that have positive vibes and not people that judge you.

Tips Women Need To Keep Their Partner From Cheating

Most times, women are the fault men cheat in a relationship. They tend not to understand or act differently when things go wrong, and maybe their partner isn’t doing too well financially.

Otherwise, you keep pressing his neck, comparing him to other contemporaries, such will make him look outside for peace of mind. Putting too much pressure on a man can make him leave.

  • Know Where You Belong In A Man’s Heart

Most women do not know their place in their man’s heart, and they don’t know if their man loves them the same way they do. Try knowing your place in a man’s life; doing a review at times helps. Pay attention to him so you know when he has changed or when things go wrong

  • Help And Care For Him

Men also have emotions, and they sometimes need to be taken care of; that’s why they cheat when they can’t get that attention from their partner.

Share vows to be loyal to their partners, make promises and establish a bond that is not meant to be broken. Partners make promises of fidelity, and they vow to be emotionally and physically attached to each other.


How do women feel after being cheated on? Women are weaker vessels, and they get too emotional and committed in a relationship. That’s why when their partner cheats on them, they feel depressed and bitters about themselves, and they have this feeling of abandonment and lack of belonging.

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