How To Find Peace After Being Cheated On(15 Things To Do)

A lot of people in relationships often have issues when facing the question how to find peace after being cheated on. If you are in this category, then you are reading the right article.

One of the odds of being in a relationship is having to deal with a cheating partner. Cheating can go a long way toward breaking the trust of your significant other, and a trust they say, once broken, can never be amended.

How To Find Peace After Being Cheated On(15 Things To Do)

Infidelity can have a long-term effect on a person, with the pains being inescapable. It is okay to grieve when your partner cheats on you, it shows you are human and that you loved them enough to be affected by their perfidy.

Research by Dr. Dennis Ortman portrays those who have been cheated on as traumatized, further stating they are likely to experience symptoms equivalent to that of post-traumatic stress.

There are a lot of things to do after being cheated on, but for the purpose of this article, we are going to examine 15 key things to do and some of them  include:

However, a victim of infidelity can always heal if he/she decides and is determined to work towards achieving peace. The following can be done:

1. You Should Practice Acceptance

The first step to letting go of pain is accepting that what has happened, has happened, and there’s no way you can turn back the hands of time to try fixing or stopping it from happening. 

When you accept that the pain of being cheated on is unavoidable, it gets easier to get through it. This becomes the stepping point to finding peace.

You Should Practice Acceptance

2. Good Therapy Session

Cheating causes a lot of damage — emotionally and psychologically, thus, placing one in a state of mental instability.

Going for good therapy will make it easier to iron out the feeling – including ones you can’t seem to figure out, into something you can deal with. Your therapist will help you go through the different stages of healing and this will help you to find peace after being cheated on.

3. Do Not Blame Yourself

It is necessary to know that as a person, your mind is bound to travel places in search of possible reasons why something happened.

When you find out that your partner is cheating on you, you start to look for the faults in yourself – questioning your past behaviors and possibly blaming yourself for not being good enough 

Do not blame yourself for another’s duplicity! 

4. You Should Work Yourself

When you decide to find peace after being cheated on, working on yourself is a must. This is when you put effort into building and becoming a better version of yourself. 

It can be achieved by taking part in a volunteer service that you have always had an interest in, or exercising more often to get your mind off your problems.

Finding a balance between your emotional and physical self will help in your progress toward finding peace.

5. Confide In Someone

Your mind will grow to find solace when its problems are shared, rather than kept in. When you have someone you can often talk to and seek advice from, you will hardly feel like you weigh yourself.

Confiding in someone gives the same feeling as finding warmth when everywhere is so cold.

Knowing that there is someone you can always rant to and tell the least details, even if it may be considered extraneous, can be therapeutic and help you cope better.

Confide In Someone

6. Find A Distraction

When you decide to find peace after being cheated on, finding a distraction that will take your mind off the problem is necessary. You are not expected to be inundated in grief but rather try to find something else you can always focus on.

The basis of your distraction has to be something you love doing. This can be playing video games, cooking, going out for walks, or engaging in other time-consuming activities.

This will help your mind adjust to these activities and stop dwelling on the hurt.

6. Change Your  Therapy Session

For a lot of people, moving on from something includes a change of environment. They believe that moving to an environment where nothing reminds them of their past despair will help them cope and heal better.

This may be the solution you need to find peace. Moving to a new place, finding new priorities, and meeting new people can have a positive impact on your mental health and help you let go of things in the past, as your mind is open to accepting the new life you are about to start.

7. Let Them Off

Choosing to forgive a cheating companion is a very deep, though hard step one can take toward finding the peace one desires.

Letting off their act will not only be so they know you have moved on but for your mental health to get better.

Forgiveness comes right after acceptance in cases like this, but most people choose to ignore it. It is necessary to know that your peace of mind may lie solely on your ability to let off.

8. You Should Be Intentional

When you are intentional about something, the amount of effort and energy you are likely to invest in it will yield the result you desire.

Being intentional about finding peace after being cheated on, means you are ready to go through all the processes to get your life back on track, and the result is always positive.

It is assured that you can always find peace if you are intentional about it 

9. Join A Support Group

Sometimes, knowing that other people are going through the same struggles as us takes away the lonesome feeling.

Sitting, listening, and communicating with people who relate to your story will help you heal faster.

Cases like this are one of the reasons why support groups are set up – to help those who need a sense of belonging somewhere, to be able to feel safe and share their struggles, thus, feeling better. It serves as a channel to let go of the feelings that mar you.

Join A Support Group

10.Start Something New

Starting a new routine will help adjust and move on quickly. In cases where you and your partner shared the same routine, sticking to it will only keep reminding you of him/her.

Starting something new can help you find peace after being cheated on as it will keep your body and mind engaged and not wandering off. It serves as a channel where you dedicate more time to a new thing rather than sulk.

11. Reach Out To Supportive Family/Friends

We have all had our moments of loneliness, and also moments when all we want to do is tug ourselves into the arms of a loved one, in silence to find comfort.

Reaching out to supportive friends or family members in your time of struggle can be helpful.

Knowing that someone who cares for you understands your pain and is also available to alleviate your pains in the little way they can is enough consolation to help you move 

12. Love Yourself

Some people program themselves to be dependent on their companion. They invest all their time and effort into loving and caring for their partner, neglecting themselves in the process.

Finding peace after being cheated on by a partner you invested so much love in can be very hard to achieve.

Still, learning to love yourself as a person can help you get through it. Starting by investing in yourself, little by little, and giving more attention to your needs. This is the point where you realize how much you are worth.

14. Mediate And Pray

Meditation and prayer have served as an outlet for pain. Meditation is aimed at achieving emotional calmness and a stable mental state. Prayer is the act of communicating with the God that you believe in.

These two practices can be adopted in your quest to find peace. Knowing and believing that there is a supernatural being who is capable of taking away your hurt and giving you the peace you crave – even when it may not be real, can serve as a coping mechanism to move on and find peace.

15. End The Relationship

As hard as it may be to think of a life without your partner, sometimes all you need to do is end the relationship to achieve peace. Staying in a relationship where your mental safety is not assured, is not the right decision to make.

When your partner cheats, the bond of trust gets broken and can be very hard to amend, this causes a sudden state of insecurity.

Amassing the courage to put an end to such a relationship will quicken your healing process and make it easier for you to find peace.


Healing processes can be very tough but it takes determination to achieve what you want, so much work is expected of you when trying to find a safe space for yourself.

Finding peace after being cheated on by your partner is a goal that can be achieved and the few points given above can help you manifest that.

Through the struggles and pains that come with having a cheating partner, the slightest ounce of hope can come from any source but in the end, it is our effort that gives results. We choose to heal and work towards our healing.

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