How To Make Him Value You After A Fight (13 Ways)

A lot of women in relationships are curious to know how to make him value you after a fight.

Do you feel ignored and taken for granted by your boyfriend? Feeling more like a trophy girlfriend than a companion, do you? Your boyfriend might begin to take you for granted after the honeymoon period, leaving you pondering how to make him see how valuable you are.

You start to feel like you are in a one-sided relationship as you shoulder most of the burden of maintaining the connection. Your partner doesn’t appreciate you and makes fun of you without cause.

You are reminded of the housewife whose spouse picks fights with her and makes fun of her for staying in and doing nothing.

You refuse to speak up in the hopes that one day your partner will accept you for who you are and that the situation will improve, but nothing could be further from the truth.

“You don’t know who is important to you until you actually lose them.” – Mahatma Gandhi.

It would be best to make deliberate, practical moves to entice your partner to value you and show you more appreciation.

13 Ways To Make Him Value You After A Fight

Particularly in the context of romantic relationships, these statements ring true. In a partnership, effort must be shared, and to make things function, two individuals are required.

It is time to make your partner see your value if you’re the one making all the effort and he’s just taking advantage of your silence.

“Stop letting people who do so little for you control so much of your mind, feelings and emotions.” – Will Smith.

It will hurt if he doesn’t respect you. He may not consider the relationship as anything more than a casual fling, even though you may want him to see you as the one. However, it is different if you and your date have explicitly decided to keep things informal.

1. Value Yourself First

First, how can you expect anyone else to if you don’t believe in your value?

This is the issue when trying to get your boyfriend to see your value. You don’t appreciate or value yourself; if you did, you wouldn’t allow someone to abuse you this way.

Learn to respect yourself, let go of the wrong things, and concentrate on the good stuff.

Whether you want it to or not, if you do that, everything will shift. You’ll discover that; as a result, you walk a little taller, feel better overall, and have a much happier attitude.

Your partner should treat you with respect, affection, and kindness. You’re not providing this to yourself if your boyfriend isn’t giving it to you.

Value Yourself First

2. You Could Step Backward

Taking a step back can help you learn how to convince him of your value. Reduce the heat a little.

Be distant and avoid making him your main priority. As he begins to wonder what occurred, his attention will shift.

Although it is not optimal, maybe he needs a quick reminder of what’s in front of him because he’s been preoccupied with other things in his life. It can be accomplished by taking a step back.

3. Consider Some Radio-quiet

It is time to cease if you’re the one who always texts or calls first. If he texts or calls, you can react without a doubt but wait a bit before responding. Don’t answer the phone right away, either.

For someone to notice your absence and wonder what is occasionally happening, you need to be quiet for a while. It’s undoubtedly one of the methods to discover how to convince him of your value.

4. Have Something To Do

Focus on you instead of your partner if he isn’t giving you the attention you demand. You will find completing it much simpler if you keep yourself engaged and busy.

Additionally, you’ll discover that developing new interests and possibly meeting new people will improve your social life and general pleasure. Ironically, this will all make you more valuable in his views.

Instead of trying to convince him, demonstrate that what he is doing is unacceptable.

When words fail to express your anger toward someone, actions must be used instead. Actions communicate louder than words!

One option is to ignore his messages or calls immediately but ensure that everything you do conveys that you are not pleased by being made to feel unimportant.

Have Something To Do

5. Say No More Often

It would help if you learned to say “no” to him and demonstrate that his conduct is unacceptable.

You do want to be the cool partner, no doubt. I’m sorry, but there will be moments when you have to play the villain. Ladies are notorious for accepting invitations when they don’t want to.

In reality, you probably say “yes” more often than “no,” which gives the impression that he doesn’t need to work very hard. Time to push him to work harder!

You don’t have to accept every suggestion he makes. Say no more often. He must be told no.

You can make him fight harder for your attention by saying “no” a little more, which will help him see your value.

If you have previously consented to go out when you didn’t want to, start saying no. Stop doing whatever you once did to live a simple existence. Start rewarding yourself now.

6. Make Your Individuality Known

Sometimes in relationships, we go out of our way to please our partners without realizing it’s not working. When you go above and beyond for someone, they begin to expect it.

He must understand that you lead a separate existence from him. Spending time apart and visiting friends and family is beneficial. So, feel free to go to a club with your friends on a Friday night.

Stop being a doormat and put your fiery freedom to good use. Do what you want for once without reason, and stop being a pushover.

This freshly asserted sassy side will be very alluring to him. It’s undoubtedly a way to show him how valuable you are while making yourself happy. Going out is essential for him to understand that you don’t need him if you feel like he treats you like a lesser person.

7. Consider What You Enjoy And Yourself

Time to practice selfishness. Find your worth on your own, and take the time to appreciate it if he can’t see it for himself. Or go ahead and peruse at home if that’s what you like to do.

Go to the exercise more often if you like it. You may frequent coffee shops a lot; go there more frequently.

Quit sacrificing your needs for someone who doesn’t constantly affirm your greatness. You’re learning how to convince him of your value by doing that.

Additionally, you might discover that you are having so much fun that you are no longer interested in going above and beyond for him.

8. Reestablish Ties With Acquaintances

Sadly, it happens more frequently that when a new partnership begins, friendships get neglected. The more harm was done, the longer time passed.

It is time to get back in touch with those pals and resolve never to repeat the same error.

Make plans, go out, enjoy yourself, and remember what a blessing it is to have close companions as you discuss issues with them.

Naturally, it helps if you post this on social media at the moment so he can see how much fun you’re having! Alternatively, if you prefer to study at home, go for it.

Reestablish Ties With Acquaintances

9. Go To The Exercise More Often If You Like It

You may frequent coffee shops a lot; go there more frequently. Quit sacrificing your needs for someone who doesn’t constantly affirm your greatness.

You’re learning how to convince him of your value by doing that. Additionally, you might discover that you are having so much fun that you are no longer interested in going above and beyond for him.

10. Be Assertive, Not Timid

It is difficult to challenge someone on a subject like this, and it requires a lot of bravery, but you must do it. Avoid being passive-aggressive and attempting to leave hints.

He doesn’t understand. Just be direct and truthful with him. When it concerns your emotions, there is no room for evasion.

11. Enlighten Him Of This

You must express your feelings to him if you want to move forward. You are a human being, not just someone who keeps him toasty at night.

You must therefore connect. Be precise when describing your feelings to him. He can only understand what you’re going through if you do it.

12. Don’t Just Concentrate On The Bad

It is normal to mention some negative things in your conversations with him. You experience loneliness and contempt.

But also let him know that you’re talking to him because you want the partnership to succeed. Showing your boyfriend that you’re ready to work on things if he meets you halfway will help him see your importance.

13. Show Him You Trust Him

Men may distance themselves if they don’t feel trusted in a partnership. He may know that some of his actions are wrong, but he may be reluctant to address them for fear of starting a conflict.

He needs to know that you believe in him. He will know you trust him if you open up about your emotions.


The incorrect question is how to help someone understand your value in their life. Instead, consider where you place your value and what you can contribute to a partnership.

It doesn’t matter if someone doesn’t want to be with you if you are content with who you are and live according to your beliefs.

Then, it reveals more about them. And because you stayed loyal to yourself, you’ll have the emotional stability to let them go and move on.

Putting yourself first in a relationship and being clear about your wants and boundaries are the first steps.

By working with a therapist or coach, you can develop the resilience to embrace people for who they are while defining your emotional style and belief system.

Only your reaction to reality is under your control. You will observe that people treat you differently when they recognize your value. You will live a more fulfilled existence and make him value you again without trying.

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