15 Best Couple Therapy And Marriage Counseling Conroe Tx

Where can we get the best couple therapy and marriage counseling conroe tx? Is it possible to get the best in Conroe TX?

A significant number of first marriages end in divorce. It is not unusual for couples to reach a crossroads in their marriage and decide divorce is the best course of action.

However, some people try to salvage whatever pieces of the union remain. The decision to undergo marriage counseling is a decision to fight for your marriage.

Couples seeking marriage therapy are often those experiencing a myriad of challenges, including infidelity, negative communication patterns, negative emotions, and a lack of conflict resolution skills.

15 Best Couple Therapy And Marriage Counseling Conroe Tx

These challenges, if left unchecked, eventually end a marriage. The work of marriage counseling is to prevent this from happening and to restore wholeness to the union.

If you have decided to fight for your marriage, below are some marriage counselors in Conroe, Texas, who are willing to help you figure it out.

1. Jaye Kelly-Johnston

Jaye is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Licensed professional of the healing arts. She provides couples with psychotherapy and hypnotherapy at an affordable price.

She has over 30 years of experience using hypnotherapy to encourage faster healing. Presently, she runs Kelly-Johnston Counseling, located at 3421 W Davis St, Suite 210, Conroe, Texas 77304.

She charges $150 for 60 minutes of psychotherapy sessions and $225 for 90 minutes. For hypnotherapy sessions, she charges the same fees. Further details and inquiries can be made via her website, and you can also schedule your appointment there.

2. Heather Rule

Heather identifies as a Biblical marriage counselor. She is a part of the team at Marriage Revolution located at 1111 League line road, Suite 102, Conroe, TX 77303.

She has a Bachelor’s degree in counseling and continued her training through Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation.

Although her rates are undisclosed, you can reach out through the website to get answers to your questions.

3. Dr. Ashley Ward

Dr. Ashley is a Licensed Professional Counselor with over fifteen years of experience. At Becoming You Counseling and Trauma Services, she employs Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing to assist her clients in dealing with marital crises.

Her office is located at 331 1/2 N. Main St, Conroe, TX 77301. For couples therapy, she charges $200 for the initial appointment and $175 for subsequent sessions. She also uses Telehealth, and appointments can be made on the website.

4. Yuri Oakmon

Yuri is a therapist with a Bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Texas and a Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy. She works at The Center for Mighty Marriages and Families, incorporating her Christian faith and professional knowledge to assist needy couples.

Her office is located at 702 N Thompson St, Suite 120, Conroe, TX 77301. To schedule an appointment, visit the website to see her availability.

5. Brandy Powell

Brandy runs Hand of Hope Counseling Services. She is a therapist with over 15 years of experience, and she is a Licensed professional counselor using her knowledge to equip her clients with tools to handle life’s challenges. She provides office and phone video counseling sessions.

Her office is located at 401 North Loop 336 West Suite F, Conroe, TX 77301. Her office opens only during the week, and appointments are scheduled through her website.

6. Rebecca Smith

Rebecca is a Licensed Professional Counselor at the Counseling Center of Montgomery County. She provides couples with a neutral ground and a safe space to voice their concerns.

Her office is located at 212 Conroe Drive, Conroe, Texas 77301. She is open on weekdays but can be available on weekends via appointment.

Appointments are made via the website.

7. Cynthia Jackson

Cynthia is a Licensed Professional Counselor who uses her professional knowledge to enable her clients to build a better future. She runs Brand New You Counseling Center. Her office is located at 945 Sgt. Ed Holcolmb Suite 41, Conroe, TX 77304.

She accepts certain types of Insurance as payment. You can book an appointment via her website if you need her services.

8. Shield Bearer Counseling

Shield Bearer Counseling is a non-profit organization founded by Matthew White in 2006. They focus on restoring broken relationships and building on the strength of existing relationships.

The NGO is run by volunteers who provide affordable counseling to the communities they serve.

Their office is located at 1860 Longmire Rd. Conroe, TX 77304. After making an appointment via the website, you will be assigned a suitable counselor to attend to your needs.

9. Debbie Horn

Debbie is a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate. She runs Life Reflections Counseling, where she assists couples experiencing marital crises. Her office is 1135 Grand Central Pkwy, Ste. 309, Conroe, TX 77304.

She charges $150 per session for couples therapy and accepts some forms of insurance as payment. If you want to make further inquiries or book a session, you will find her website useful.

10. Thriveworks counseling

Thriveworks is a large organization spanning over three hundred locations. They offer services aimed at improving their client’s well-being.

This organization hires from the top four percent of providers and provides telephone, video, or in-person counseling as the client prefers. Their office is located at 3210 N Frazier St, Suite B, Conroe, Texas 77303.

The cost of therapy varies depending on the payment plan, insurance plan, location, and additional factors. When you book an appointment, you will be assigned to a therapist or allowed to choose who you work with if you desire.

11. Emily A Daniel

Emily is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Associate. She runs Prevail Behavioral Health and Wellness Centre. Her office is located at 620 Longmire Rd Conroe, TX 77304.

She works with couples to find common ground, open communication channels, break negative cycles, etc.

She charges $85 per session but also offers a sliding scale. Appointments and further inquiries can be made through her website.

12. Lanita Laskoskie

Lanita is a Licensed Professional Counselor with over fifteen years of experience. She runs Journeys of Change Counseling and is passionate about helping her clients to find marital bliss. Her office is located at 2210 N Frazier Suite 210, Conroe, TX 77303.

She charges $130 per session and accepts specific insurance plans. She offers a free 15-minute consultation to enable you to decide if you want to work with her. She can be reached via her Psychology Today profile here.

13. Cecilia R Andrews

Cecilia is a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate with a Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from The University of Houston. She combines cognitive behavioral Therapy, person-centered therapy, and other modalities to create a suitable treatment plan for her clients.

She charges $110 per session for couples therapy and uses the sliding scale. She offers a free 15-minute consultation for potential clients. You can find out more here if you want to take her up.

14. Gloria E Kessler

Gloria is a Licensed Professional Counselor with over nine years of experience. She runs Kessler Counseling Services located at 1506 FM 2854, Suite 111, Conroe, Texas 77304.

She is a Christian counselor who can use her faith to assist clients that use faith as a basis for handling life’s obstacles. This does not mean that she does not attend to non-Christians.

She charges $150 per session for Couples counseling and accepts some insurance plans. You can visit her website to see more of her.

15. Melissa DeVillier

Melissa is a Licensed Professional Counselor dedicated to working with families and couples to facilitate their growth. She runs Piney Woods Counseling and Behavioral Center. The office is located at 503 Medical Center Blvd. #110 Conroe, Texas 77304.

Paraphrasing the words of a client, Piney woods is where you go to lose your mind and find your soul. She is doing something extraordinary over there.

Although her fees are undisclosed, you can get more information by inquiring via her website. She accepts sliding scale and offers a free 15-minute consultation to prospective clients.


Marriage counseling is a proven way to get your marriage back on track. Sure, it requires work and dedication to see through it, but the results can be satisfying.

If you want to improve your marriage or revitalize a dying union, you need a therapist. And if you live in Conroe, Texas, you have enough information to make that decision.


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