15 Important Marriage Counseling In Durham NC

Is there a possibility to find therapist who are competent enough to give effective marriage counseling in Durham NC?

Well, this is true. There is are few authentic and high rated counselors in Durham NC. Brace, up let’s take a walk through the list of top rated experts in marriage counseling in Durham Nc.

A significant number of first marriages end in divorce. It is not unusual for couples to reach a crossroads in their marriage and decide divorce is the best course of action.

However, some people try to salvage whatever pieces of the union remain. The decision to undergo marriage counseling is a decision to fight for your marriage.

Couples seeking marriage therapy are often those experiencing a myriad of challenges, including infidelity, negative communication patterns, negative emotions, and a lack of conflict resolution skills.

These challenges, if left unchecked, eventually end a marriage. The work of marriage counseling is to prevent this from happening and to restore wholeness to the union.

15 Important Marriage Counseling In Durham NC

A marriage therapist uses his/her professional knowledge and experience to create a treatment plan suited to the couple’s needs.

They may employ a wide range of techniques ranging from CBT to DBT. In the end, the ultimate goal of spending hundreds of dollars on therapy is to find a solution.

If you have decided to fight for your marriage, below are some marriage counselors in Durham, North Caroline, who are willing to help you figure it out.

1. Jessica Revels

Jessica is a therapist trained in various models such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Dialectical Behavior Therapy. With her Masters in clinical counseling, she creates a safe, non-judgmental counseling space for her clients.

Her office is located at 1415 Hwy 54 W. Suite 204. Durham, NC 27707.

She charges $160 for 50-60 minutes of couples therapy. She doesn’t accept insurance. For further information, take a trip to her website.

2. Carolyn Stevenson

Carolyn is a highly trained therapist with over twenty years of experience. She has completed a postgraduate clinical fellowship and Masters of Divinity from Harvard.

She works with couples to help them to develop new insights and find happiness in their marriages.

Her office is located at 732 Ninth St, Durham, NC 27705. Her fees are undisclosed, but you can book an appointment to find out more on her website.

3. Monique Sorensen Porter

Monique is a licensed clinical mental health counselor who helps couples to turn their marriages from a source of difficulty to a source of pleasure.

She is a therapist at Modern Change located at 5316 Highgate Dr. Suite 221 Durham, NC 27713.

Office hours are 10 am to 6 pm from Mondays to Thursdays but you can schedule an appointment on weekends. Her fees are undisclosed.

4. Beth Newton

Beth is a licensed clinical social worker with over twenty years of experience. She is trained in CBT and EMDR. She is passionate about helping couples to enjoy marital bliss.

She runs Newton Counseling with an office located at 3622 Lyckan Parkway, suite 3008C Durham, NC 27707. She is available to work seven days a week, offers a free consultation for potential clients, and can be reached via her website.

5. Dr. Wil Nichols

Dr. Wil is a relationship expert with over thirty years of experience. He holds a doctorate in Theology and Family Counseling. He is also a pastor who applies his faith to his work.

He runs My Marriage University, located at 2116 Page Rd. Durham, NC 27703.

Asides from counseling, he provides resources and organizes events aimed at teaching couples to make the best of their union. You can contact him on the website for further inquiries.

6. James McCracken

James is a licensed clinical social worker providing counseling services via Telehealth. He is committed to helping his clients deal with feelings of distress and longing in their marriages. He also assists his clients in figuring out patterns of interaction that don’t favor them.

He runs a private practice located at 3326 Durham chapel hill Blvd B-130, Durham, NC 27707. You can learn more about his practice, receive a free brief consultation, and set up an appointment on his website.

7. Deborah Klinger

Deborah is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who practices psychotherapy and yoga therapy. She offers guidance to couples experiencing marital difficulties.

She runs a private practice located at 1415 Broad street Durham, NC 27705. She charges $175 for 50 minutes of couples therapy. She also offers a shorter session lasting 25 minutes which costs $100.

To book an appointment or make further inquiries, you have to fill out a form on the website so that you can be added to a waiting list.

8. Kate Cosgriff

Kate is a licensed clinical social worker who works with clients in Durham. She has a Bachelor’s in Psychology and a Master’s in Social work. She is dedicated to helping couples to figure out their problems. As a lifelong learner, she continues to seek better ways to help her clients.

She runs a private practice located at 1316 Broad Street, Durham, NC 27705. Her fees vary depending on the length of the session. To work with her, visit her website for more information and to schedule a meeting.

9. Charles Jardin

Charles is a licensed psychologist and clinical training director. He works at Greenleaf Psychological and Support Services at 5850 Fayetteville Rd. Suite 210 Durham NC 27713.

He enjoys working with couples looking to address a variety of challenges. He tailors evidence-based treatment strategies that meet the unique needs of his clients.

His fees are undisclosed, but he accepts some insurance plans and can be contacted through the website.

10. Rick Rothman

Rick is a licensed clinical social worker who is experienced in assisting couples to deal with a wide range of challenges. He works at Compass Family Therapy, where he employs his knowledge and expertise to solve marital problems.

His fees are not mentioned on the website but you can reach him by dialing 973-590-1045 or sending an email via the address on the website.

11. Veronica Watford

Veronica is a licensed professional counselor that uses current evidence-based practices to assist her clients. She works at the Relationship Counseling Center located at 14 Consultant Place Ste 210, Durham, NC 27707.

Her fees are undisclosed, but you can reach her by phone, email, or filling out a form on the website for further inquiries.

12. Dr. Katrina Kuzyszyn-Jones

Dr. Katrina is a professional therapist who has experience working with separated and divorced couples. This experience has made her committed to saving marriages because she knows how devastating a failing marriage can be.

She practices at KKJ Forensic and Psychological Services located at 5317 Highgate drive, suite 213, Durham, NC 27713.

Visit her website for more information or to book an appointment.

13. Carolyn Miller

Carolyn is a professional therapist who enjoys working with couples to identify the influences of family systems, stressors, and interpersonal conflicts on marriages.

She works at Lepage Associates located at 5842 Fayetteville road, suite 106, Durham, NC 27713.

She does not accept insurance. All information pertaining to billing and scheduling appointments can be found on the website.

14. Brinn Clayton

Brinn is a licensed marriage and family therapist associate who is passionate about helping couples improve their relational health. He is a Christian who integrates his faith into his practice to address the problems his clients may be facing.

He works at Potter Counseling, located at 1921 N. Pointe Dr., Suite 280, Durham, NC 27705. He charges $135 for couples therapy and accepts certain insurance plans.

15. Dr. Sophia Caudle

Dr Sophia runs Bull City Psychotherapy, located at 1816 Front Street #250, Durham NC 27705. She is a licensed clinical mental health counselor who has received several certifications.

With over twenty years of experience, she strives to provide each client with a unique treatment strategy suited to their needs.

Although her fees are undisclosed, you can visit her website to obtain more information.


The benefits of marriage counseling cannot be over-emphasized. With counseling from the right therapist and a couple who is ready to put in the work, a broken marriage can be fixed, couples can learn better ways to communicate, conflicts can be resolved and a lost romance can be rekindled.

If you are wondering whether marriage therapy is for you, just take a leap of faith today.

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