27 Interesting Pre-marriage Counseling Questions For Couples

What are pre-marriage counseling questions for couples? What questions are we as couples suppose to expect in counseling?

In preparing for marriage, consider pre-marriage counseling to help work through  some topics and questions and to help you set realistic expectations for your marriage.

Having important conversations and asking questions before marriage can help you set realistic expectations for your marriage, improve your communication skills, and strive to improve your conflict-resolution skills before you face any major relationship challenges and barriers.

Pre-marriage counseling questions before marriage presents an opportunity for couples to address potential conflict areas in their relationship. It enables couples to prevent petty issues from becoming a crisis and also helps them recognize their expectations from each other in the marriage.

Pre-marriage Counseling

Pre-marriage counseling can mean different things to different people. Some couples may seek out a counselor or therapist to help them work through relationship issues prior to getting married. Others may choose to participate in a more formalized program, such as a Premarital Preparation Course.

Premarital counseling is a form of couples therapy that can help you and your partner prepare for marriage. It is intended to help you and your partner discuss several important issues, ranging from finances to children so that you are both on the same page.

It can also help identify potential conflict areas and equip you and your partner with tools to navigate them successfully. Premarital counseling aims to help you build a strong foundation for marriage.

Premarital counseling can help you and your partner prepare for married life together. Below are some aspects premarital counseling can help with.

  • Understanding Your Partner

Premarital counseling can help you develop a better understanding of your partner. In particular, it can help you understand your partner’s beliefs, values, expectations, motivations, priorities, and routine.

  • Setting Realistic Expectations

This form of counseling allows you to discuss all the important aspects of married life with your partner so that you both know what to expect. It also helps identify your strengths and weaknesses as individuals and as a couple.

  • Planning For The Future

Much like you and your partner would meet with a wedding planner to plan your big day, seeing a premarital counselor can help you plan your marriage and your life together.

Many times it is seen that pre-marriage counseling is not taken seriously and is considered more of a formality than anything else.

This should not be the case as it can help couples in ways more than one. Pre-marriage counseling questions broadly cover the following topics:

1. Emotions

This category of premarital counseling questions is where the couple examines the emotional strength of their relationship and how compatible they are on an emotional level.

Marriages with strong emotional compatibility thrive as the spouses comprehend each other’s emotional needs.

2. Communication

Pre-marriage questions about communication help a couple realize how they would reciprocate their partner’s exchange of emotions, desires, and beliefs.

Furthermore, answering these premarital questions to ask aids them in resolving any past, present or future conflicts.

3. Career

Many people compromise their career aspirations for the sake of their marriage. However, it impedes their personal and professional growth.

Couples who fail to understand how demanding their career can be, often find themselves fighting and arguing with each other later on.

4. Finance

Before getting married, couples should handle the aspect of financial planning and discuss each other’s financial habits and expectations.

Financial planning before marriage might help you save some time and money and asking each other money-related questions to answer before marriage will help you and your partner prepare for any unexpected crisis.

5. Household

As insignificant as it may sound, answering marriage counseling questions before marriage about the allocation of household chores and duties can help you manage the stress level in your marriage.

For this, you may:

  • Divide the chores between the two of you
  • Take turns doing different tasks on a weekly or daily basis
 6. Sex And Intimacy

From understanding what intimacy is in a marriage to knowing about your partner’s sexual desires, questions about sex and intimacy can help you familiarize yourself with your partner emotionally and physically.

7. Family And Friends

Answering marriage counseling questions before marriage about how each of you would manage your time between your spouse and your respective family and friends can help you set certain expectations and avoid uncomfortable conversations in the future.

8. Children

Premarital counseling questions on family planning can help you weigh the issues that might be an obstacle to childbearing. Analyzing your values and motives for having or not having kids can prepare you and your spouse for future challenges.

9. Religion

Counseling questions centered around one’s religion can aid couples in understanding the extent of their religious compatibility.

For example, Christian premarital counseling questions or Jewish premarital counseling questions would also be helpful for Christian and Jewish couples to differentiate between faith and religion.

27 Interesting Pre-marriage Counseling Questions For Couples

There are a lot of counseling questions for couples, in this article, we will concentrate on top 27 pre-marriage counseling questions for couples. These includes:

1. What Does A Marriage Commitment Mean To You?

It is important to talk through commitment and what it means to each of you. Once you walk down the aisle and vow to spend your lives together, does that mean through thick and thin?

Does that mean you vow to keep working even when you feel disconnected and distant from one another?

What does that mean when one of you gets a job offer in a different place? Take time to talk through marriage commitment and why you were drawn to your significant other.

What Does A Marriage Commitment Mean To You

2. What Are Your Life Goals?

You must talk through your life goals, not only so your spouse can support you, but so that you can support them. Ask one another about your personal goals, career goals, and spiritual goals.

3. Communication And Conflict

  • How will we make decisions?
  • Do we face difficult topics or avoid them?
  • Can we talk openly about everything?
  • How would we help each other improve?
  • What are the things we disagree about?

4. What Is Your Financial Plan?

The battle with finances and how to handle finances is one of the major causes of fighting and disagreements in marriage. Engaged and married couples must continue to have financial conversations and plan together.

Sit down and create a financial plan. Put your expenses on paper. See if you need to cut any expenses so you are not living hand-to-mouth.

  • How will we manage our finances?
  • How will we divide the household bills?
  • Will we have joint or separate accounts?
  • What will our budget be for fun stuff, savings, etc.?
  • What are our spending habits like? Are you a spender or a saver?
  • What is your credit score?
  • What do you want to be a major expenditure in the next 1-5 years?
  • When should we plan to have kids and start saving for it?
  • What should be our retirement goals?
  • How do we plan to set up an emergency fund?

What Is Your Financial Plan

5. Questions Regarding Household

  • Where will you and your fiance live?
  • Who will be responsible for what chores?
  • What chores do we enjoy/hate doing?
  • Who will be doing the cooking?

6. Sex And Intimacy

  • Why are we attracted to each other?
  • Are we happy with our sex life, or do we want more?
  • How can we make our sex life better?
  • Are we comfortable talking about our sexual desires and needs?
  • Are we satisfied with the amount of romance and affection? What do we want more of?

7. Questions Regarding Children

  • Do we want to have children?
  • When do we want to have children?
  • How many children do we want?
  • What will we do if we cannot have children? Is adoption an option?
  • Which one of us will stay home with the children?

8. Questions Regarding Religion

  • What are our religious beliefs and how will we include them in our lives?
  • How will we maintain/combine our different religious beliefs and traditions?
  • Will we raise our children with religious beliefs and traditions? If so, which of our beliefs are different?

Questions Regarding Religion

9. What Is Your Plan For Living Arrangements?

If you both have your own place right now, what is your plan once you are married? Where do you hope to live once you begin having children?

Talking through your plans can help alleviate stress and begin your journey in the best way possible. Establishing healthy communication is one of the best things you can do for your marriage relationship.

10. Family And Friends

  • How often will we see our families?
  • How will we divide the holidays?
  • How often will we see our friends, separately and as a couple? 

11. What Does Betrayal And Infidelity Mean To You?

What does cheating mean, how severe is that? what infidelity means and how to avoid them.

12. Expectations Or Boundaries Outside Your Home

What are your expectations or boundaries Around relationships outside of the marriage such as friendships or co-worker relationships?

13. Questions Regarding Partner’s Personal Life

Do you agree with your partner’s lifestyle choices (health, diet, exercise, use of substances, sleeping habits, activities, hobbies, and professional drive/achievement) ?

14. Individual Core Value Questions

What are your individual core values? How do your partners core values align with yours?

15. Compatibility For Marriage

What makes you compatible for marriage?

16. Support From Spouse

What type of support do you expect from your husband or wife in marriage? (personally, financially, and emotionally)

17. Hiring A Nanny?

Do we want to hire a nanny? Or will our children go to daycare? Or will one of us stay home?

18. Time For Family And Friends

How much socializing is important to each of us? How much time do we want to spend with each of our friends and family?

19. How And Where To Spend Weekend

How do each of us envision spending our weekends? Where do we want to spend them?

20. How To Spend Time On Holidays

How will time off, and holidays, be spent?

21. Vacation Time And Visitation

How much of our vacation time will be devoted to visiting family versus traveling together as a couple or family?

22. What A Happy And Loving Is?

How do you define a happy, loving, and fulfilling marriage?

23. Question Regarding Your Choice Of Religion At Home

Which religion will be taught and celebrated in the home or could different religions be celebrated?

24. Contribution Towards The House- hold

How much do each of us expect to contribute to the household?

25. Expenses Regarding To Personal Interest

How much of our income will we spend on our own personal hobbies or interests?

26. Income Dreams

How much income do each of us envision saving?

27.Questions On Expenditure

How much do we plan to spend on shared interests, like vacations? If we plan to spend some of our money on a vacation, what type of vacation do each of us enjoy?



Answering these questions together lets you learn more about each other to help avoid any surprises that could later lead to serious conflict in your marriage.

This type of counseling is beneficial for any couple who wants to strengthen their relationship and build a solid foundation for marriage.

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