We Haven’t Talked In A Week After Fight (15 Step By Step Guide To Deal With It)

We haven’t talked in a week after fight? Are things everything ever going to get better? After a conflict, partners need time to stay away from each other to be sure of their feelings for each other.

Women often reconciled with their partners after the fight because they couldn’t withstand the silent treatment and emotional stress. Still, on the other hand, men prefer time, so they distance themselves from their partners.

They take time to recap the problems and determine the relationship’s growth. Are you worried about how quiet you and your area are and unsure about the relationship?

Is Being Silent After A Fight With Your Partner Good?

No, being silent after a fight doesn’t make a relationship healthy; in a relationship listening, effective communication, attention, and understanding are essential as they determine the growth of that relationship.

Because you and your partner fought doesn’t mean you should go a week without talking to each other, at times most fight are best to be resolved that same day and not to pass the night with it. ,

It will only worsen the situation if partners find it comfortable not to communicate with each other after a fight; what led to the battle? Is it something you can solve quickly without involving a third party?

At times partners could settle most disputes with just an apology, but the partner deprives joy in holding resentment, not knowing how bad it may be. Silence treatment by someone you love can cause psychological distress, the thoughts of whether the relationship will work out and if your partner will still love you after everything. There is no means to justify partners being silent to each other after fights.

How Long Does It Take To Wait In Silence To Realize It is Over?

After a fight, your partner hasn’t said anything to you, your partner has been avoiding you, not even saying hello, and you’re now unsure of the relationship; it’s been a week already.

Silence is another form of abuse in a relationship; it could be that your partner isn’t interested in you anymore; you have to be observant; you shouldn’t stay up to a month before you realize that it’s over, you can see it in their behavior, avoiding you.

We Haven’t Talked In A Week After Fight (15 Step To Fix)

How can you make your partner talk to you after a week of the fight
Is it up to a week after you fought with your partner, and nothing good showing forth, just silence treated?

You’re confused and looking for a way to make your partner talk to you, and you’re scared that the relationship might end, and you don’t want to lose your partner, here are 15 things to do:

1. Re-evaluate The Relationship

It has been a week after the fight, and your girlfriend or boyfriend keeps giving you that silence treatment; at this point, you’re tired and confused at the same time, and you don’t know what to do, but re-evaluating the relationship can create an avenue to deal with the silence.

Re-evaluate the relationship first to better the changes; how can you evaluate? Reflect on the relationship, how the connection has been going, reflect on how it started, the strength and the weakness, what the relationship lacks and what it needs, and how to handle the relationship when something of this nature arises again.

Why do we need to re-evaluate our relationship after conflict? Suppose a relationship has, after a long while, not been evaluated.

In that case, you are likely to lack knowledge of its needing and lacking, where the relationship is heading, but when you sit back and re-evaluate, you will know where things went wrong and how to improve it.

It will help you see the length of the relationship, how connected you have been with your partner after the fight, and the need to break the silence.

2. You Should Reflect

This is the same as re-evaluating; after re-evaluation, what is next? There is a need to reflect on the conflict to know what led to it, why your partner has been silent, your partner may have been giving you some silent treatment after the fight you had, and why it is so.

If your partner can fume a week without talking to you, then there must be something wrong; reflect on those things you sense that may have been the cause of the silence treatment,

I understand how badly you want to communicate with your partner, but all you get is a red light, and you’re drained by it. Reflecting will help you know how to deal with the silence and why your partner is silent.

Most times, you may be the cause of your partner being quiet. Was everything your fault? Did you apologize? What were the words you used in the fight? Those are the things you should reflect on.

3. Practice The Art Of Communication

This boils down to communication; after reflecting on why your partner is silent after you fought, you know everything. Are you the reason why your partner refuses to talk to you? It’s about time you break the silence because if you don’t, it will only get worse.

Are you living with him? If not, you can see him, or if you’re living with him, then sit your partner down and talk to them; when you’re conversing with them, let them be sincere in your words and ask them why they are silent.

In a relationship, the partner can’t be quiet and never talk to each after a week of the fight, but if that happens, it means the relationship is not healthy, and it can be over sooner.

4. You Should Apologize

After the conflict, partners have this pride in them, especially women; they don’t want to first even if they are wrong, and most times, men have this ego too; after fighting, partners tend not to talk to each other not because they don’t love or want each other anymore but because of self-pride.

Pride is one of the essential things that destroy relationships, no matter how connected they are to each other. Are you why your partner is not talking to you after a week of quarrels?

Then you need to apologize; you know you are at fault, but finding it hard to admit it, you feel that you will reduce your self-worth if you dare apologize to your partner, not knowing you’re trading on the wrong side.

Go to your partner and apologize before it’s too late; learn to take responsibility for your actions; maybe during the fight, you may have used abusive words on your partner even if the war wasn’t your fault.

Are you scared your partner won’t forgive you? Don’t be afraid to apologize to your partner; if your partner ignores you, then OK, but if your partner doesn’t, then it will help you know your stands rather than enduring the silent treatment.

You Should Apologize

5. You Should Remain Calm

Silence treatment may be wrong and soul-crushing, but you must remain calm; reacting fast to it can lead you to make decisions you may regret later. Do you still love your boyfriend or girlfriend? But there are silent after the fight you guys had.

In order not to make any drastic steps that will ruin your mental health, you have to remain calm. At times, your partner might pretend to be so upset with you and refuses to talk to you so you will realize your mistakes.

In everything, patience is a virtue; if you don’t apply patience whenever you’re faced with problems in your relationship, you’re likely to make regrettable steps.

Is your partner not talking to you after the last first you had? Then you need to apply the situation with patience to deal with it. Unlike women, men sometimes need space after a fight to think critically and find ways to solve the problem so it won’t happen again.

6. Contact Your Partner

After the fight you had with your partner, and due to the course of the argument, you guys went separate ways out of anger; when the anger subsided, leaving you with worries about your partner not talking to you, you became unrest.

Are you going to contact your partner or give him space? Getting your partner after a fight makes things better unless your partner wants space; you have no choice but to give your partner may be angry, but it won’t be long.

You also need to remember that no relationship survives without misunderstanding and fighting, and the ability to solve those problems depends on your emotional intelligence.

7. Give Your Partner Space

Insisting on talking to your partner after a fight can only trigger more anger, especially if your partner wants space. It’s been a week already, and your partner isn’t talking to you.

What were the words you used on your partner during the fight? Using abusive comments during an argument can hurt and make partners not speak to each other.

After a fight, if your partner demands space, respects his decision, and stops being persistent; this is not the right time to act all clingy, as it is going to trigger more anger.

Give Your Partner Space

8. Think Of What To Say

Please think of what to say before approaching your partner to avoid worsening the situation.

Be mindful of what you say, and remember you will come to your partner and ask why your partner has been giving the silent treatment.

Instead of trying to defend yourself or shifting blame, go into apologizing and telling your partner how much they mean to you.

9. You Should Show Compassion

You can get your partner to talk to you by showing compassion; you can pay more attention to your partner and try to understand your partner more than before.

10. Show Your Partner How Much You Mean To Them

Show your partner how much they mean to you by respecting them and communicating effectively; the fight may have changed your partner’s perspective on you and proved to him that you still love and respect him.

11. Avoid Jumping To Conclusions

Concluding when your partner is not talking to you is unhealthy as it will affect your relationship; for instance, after a week of the fight, you’ve already concluded that your partner doesn’t love you anymore, which can only make it worse.

12. Have A Conversation

After the fight and it’s up to a week, your partner hasn’t talked to you; you need to sit your partner down and discuss it with your partner, say everything you have on your mind, and listen to your partner’s response.

13. Acknowledge Your Fault

During the fight, you and your partner have a part in the cause of the battle, so don’t go shifting blame; you have to accept your fault and take responsibility for it.

14. Inform Your Partner That The Silence Is Affecting You

Staying silent while you’re hurting inside is unsuitable for your mental health; after the fallout and your partner refuses to talk to you, go to your partner and inform them how the silence affects you, and your partner may break the silence too.

15. Reach Out To Your Partner’s Friends

Your partner’s friends can also help resolve the issue; reach out to them and explain to them how the silence affects you.

In Conclusion

We haven’t talked for a week; how should I deal with it? Relationships can’t survive without fighting and also, and most conflicts are permanently settled while some tear partners apart.

You need to ask yourself why your partner is not talking to you.


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