10 Reasons Everything I Say Is Wrong To My Partner

A lot of couples in relationships, even marriages are stuck with asking themselves, “What reasons everything I say is wrong to my partner?”

Well, there is no reason justified enough for this question, however, there are certain characters or attributes you carry out that may warrant your partner to interpret or make you feel all you tell them is wrong.

In this article, we will talk about 10 possible reasons for that to happen, so if you are in this category, then you are reading the right article.

10 Clear Reasons Everything I Say Is Wrong To My Partner

Everyone loves to take part in the little things that concern their partners, they love to feel involved and helpful in the little way they can be. Couples love to know the opinion of their partner as well as also give opinions to their partner.

Different analysis has shown that although couples do see validation from each other, some do not respect the opinion of their partner and finds it to make little or no sense to them.

It can be very hard dealing with a partner who never sees good in any opinion you give, one who finds fault in everything you say and stands to correct you always. Below are a few reasons why your partner finds something wrong in everything you say:

1. He/She Is A Narcissist

A narcissist is someone who thinks so highly of his/herself, finding everyone else to be beneath him. When you have an egotist for a partner, he/she will likely find faults in everything you say.

They are never satisfied with a person’s opinion. As long as it does not correlate with theirs, you are automatically wrong. 

The signs of a narcissistic partner are very obvious but are often ignored as not being a big deal till it becomes a big deal. 

2. He/She Feels Superior To You

When your partner already places themselves above you, they take everything you say unserious.

This part of them can either be due to peer pressure or social media influence. Especially, if they are surrounded by extremists (feminists and misogynists) they tend to follow these steps even without being conscious of it.

Having a proper conversation with him/her can go a long way to fix this if they have intentions of changing which oftentimes, they do not.

3. He/She Has Lost Interest

Getting on your bad side continuously may be a sign that your partner has lost interest in the relationship but does not want to end it. They try as much as possible to get you tired of being with them which can be done by constantly dismissing your opinions or finding everything you say to be wrong.

Some even go as far as interpreting sentences in a way that is totally out of context just to get you to feel bad about yourself.

If your partner constantly finds what you say to be wrong, it may be because he/she is no longer interested in being with you.

4. He/She Is Blunt

Though a lot of people may try to hide behind the guise of being polite and nice, others find it hard to pretend to be nice. This means that as much as your partner may love you, they can not pretend when it comes to telling you the truth.

Simply stating maybe you are always wrong when you say anything and they love you enough to let you know about it instead of pretending.

We are a generation that believes that having people who are close to you but can not tell you the truth about yourself will not help in your growth. Your partner probably thinks highly of this and tries to be as blunt as possible when necessary.

5. He/She Has A New Love Interest

When your partner is completely smitten by someone else, nothing you say tends to make any sense to them any longer. They find fault in the things you say and most times this is done subconsciously. It shows that they have lost interest and most times can not bring themselves to end the relationship.

If you are someone who keeps saying unserious things in an important conversation with him just to get him to laugh to lighten the tension in the atmosphere, your partner may get used to you being unserious and never take anything you say to be meaningful.

You start to notice this when you decide to engage in an important conversation with them and they just stay at you for a moment before laughing, probably asking you to go back to the you they know—the never serious personality.

In cases like this, it could take a lot of convincing for them to actually believe you are serious. Thus, no opinion you give will make sense to him at that point.

6. He/She is Going Through Something Stressful

Stress can be a reason why one finds everything around them to be annoying. Your partner may be going through stress and automatically brushes off everything you say as though it makes no sense to them.

This is because at the time nothing interests them any longer and they are likely to get easily infuriated especially if your tone does not come out the right way.

7. He/She Wants To Feel In charge

When your partner wants to feel in charge of the relationship, he makes you feel less of yourself inorder to assert his dominance. At this point, nothing you say will be validated by him/her. Even if you are actually right, they make it look like you are wrong just to boost their ego.

They believe that they know what is best and no other opinion matters. Some resolve to a form of manipulation to criticize your every action while others directly tell their partner that they are wrong because their (partner’s) opinion does not align with theirs.

8. He/She Has A Low Self Esteem

You can be the most intelligent one in the relationship and your partner constantly talks down on everything you say because they want to feel better about themselves. They continually make it seem like nothing you say is good enough just to make themselves a better comparison to you.

Low self-esteem causes an unhealthy form of thinking which makes people see themselves and the world around them from a negative perspective. If your partner does not feel good about his/herself, he/she will try to make you feel worse just to feel better.

9. He/She Is Emotionally Immature

Your partner is emotionally immature when they do not know how to express their feelings without hurting you. This goes a long way to show why they can not give a constructive criticism on your opinion and maybe give a more strategized one. 

10. He/She May Have A Personality Disorder

A lot of people in this generation have been diagnosed with different personality disorders. So, it may be a reason why he finds fault in things you say because he can not deal with someone having an opinion that is better than his. Some of these disorders can be treated while others managed.


Generally, it is a red flag if your partner continuously finds a wrong in everything you say, it diminishes one’s confidence and is a toxic trait that should not be tolerated. Everyone deserves to have an opinion as well as contribute to discussions without being outright told they are wrong.

Your partner should be able to correct in a polite way and also give listening hears to opinions that you make. A relationships is made up of two people who both have mutual rights.

The question, “Why is everything I say to my partner wrong?” plagues many partners in relationships and even in marriages.

Although there isn’t a good enough reason to justify this, there are certain behaviors or characteristics you exhibit that your companion might interpret as such or cause you to believe that everything you tell them is incorrect.

In this article, we have explained in details what the reasons are and most of these reasons are listed above. But if you are interested in more information concerning this, then you can watch this video.

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