How Long Do Rushed Marriages Last? 11 Reasons Why

How Long Do Rushed Marriages Last? As much as marriage is most likely the aim of a relationship, couples are usually advised to take their time in getting to know each other better before deciding to tie the knot. 

When two people decide to go through courtship, there are usually lots of opinions in the air and these opinions are mostly given by family and friends and sometimes well-wishers as they like to be called. They will mostly be advised about taking their time and not rushing the entire process.

There is a saying that things work differently for different people. So the opinion of taking time can work for one couple but not for the other. In other words, a relationship where both couples don’t put in energy will not work out whether it was rushed or not.

How Long Do Rushed Marriages Last? 11 Reasons Why

 A lot of questions have been raised on the issues of rushed marriages but one of these questions is very necessary — how fast is too fast?

What Exactly Is Considered As A Rushed Marriage?

When both or one partner is so interested in moving the relationship forwards within a short period. This may be due to peer pressure or desperation. 

During the early stage of your relationship, that phase where you feel completely crazy over your partner and believe that you are ready to spend the rest of your life with them, starting to act according to what you feel at that point is a big sign that you are rushing into marriage.

One thing to understand is that love is built of friendship and is not a process to scurry.

Research shows that rushed marriages are very likely to end in divorce, this is because starting from the point where one partner was head over heels for getting the relationship to the next level, the other was probably losing interest which may have been from the pressure mounted on them by their partner.

At some point, he/she sees his/her partner as desperate.Nevertheless, there are still valid reasons why a rushed relationship will last and the reasons are stated below:

1. Clinginess As A Factor

When couples maintain the clingy characteristics of the early stage of their marriage where they both want to be around each other all the time, their marriage is bound to last.

As much as it may seem excessive to a third party when two people who are in love get clingy with each other, it is their way of showing how much they want to be close to each other.

If the clinginess of one’s partner was a reason to dive into marriage, that clinginess should be maintained for the marriage to last.

2. Good Communication Skills

Communication is the most important part of every relationship. Rushed or not, both partners need to maintain a considerable amount of communication with each other. This is because your partner will never know how you are feeling or what is going on in your head if you do not share it with them.

Having problems and expecting your partner to figure it out without talking about it, is bound to cause a drift in the relationship. This is why it is essential to maintain good communication skills l with your partner even after years of staying married. It makes one more accessible to the other.

3. Mutual Love Is A Key Factor

When two people love each other, it means they are ready to go miles to make things work between themselves. Love is selfless and irrespective of the fact that they may have rushed into getting married without being completely sure of their feelings, love can be built.

The little things you do for your partner can go a long way toward resolving issues you never saw coming. For a relationship to work out, both partners need to be selfless when dealing with each other. This means, making decisions and putting the others first on the priority list. 

Even though it is said that love is not enough in a relationship, it is needed to keep a relationship intact. Love and work will make a relationship last longer.

4. Mutual Respect Is Key Factor

Respect among married couples builds trust. When one makes a decision ensuring that it does not affect the other negatively in any way and is for the benefit of both, it shows that there is respect. 

According respect to your partner boosts their ego to a considerable level and makes it easy for them to trust you when it comes to dealing with things that concern both of you.

Respect is very important in marriage and it works both ways. So, if partners who had rushed into marriage share a feeling of mutual respect they will have a productive relationship.

5. Assumption of Permanence

Getting involved with someone to the point of moving toward marriage means you have seen yourselves being together forever. When couples are able to picture a future together, it gives then the morale to work towards that future.

Growing up, we would often hear motivations like “see it till you manifest it” and this case can clearly work out in marriage too. Keep seeing yourselves together and keep being together. Assumption of permanence is a good mindset to have if you want to have a long lasting relationship.

6. Cases Of Security

A sense of security can be one of the reasons why one rushes into marriage. Same way a feeling of insecurity can be a reason why a relationship breaks.

It is important to know that some people are naturally insecure beings and it will take patience and effort to get them to realize that they get worked out for no reason.

Insecurity can be one of those characters you had failed to notice before rushing into marriage because you thought of it as something small that can easily be handled.

Giving your partner a reason to feel safe and not doubt your movements is a progressive step in making your marriage work. 

7. The Reasons Of Balanced Dependency

When two married couples can easily depend on each other without one feeling suffocated, it makes them more comfortable with themselves.

In cases where they must have rushed into marriage before trying to figure out the basis of dependency, it is important to know that being able the balance it, will help them develop a strong attachment towards each other.

A balanced dependency serves as an assurance to each party that the other has their back always and that they will always be available even at their lowest point. When this balance  strikes, the marriage boat will keep sailing.

8. Reasons For Physical Intimacy

Physical, emotional and sexual intimacy is very important in marriage. Being able to easily connect with your partner as well as share your greatest and weakest is a form of intimacy every couple must share.

Knowing when and how your partner will react to a certain situation and trying to avoid anything that triggers them. Working against doing anything that hurts them. Intimacy amongst couples goes deeper there more they get to spend time with each other. 

So if couples did not have much time to develop intimacy before getting married, they can always work on creating a room for one in their marriage. This way, they get to work hand in hand to build their marriage.

9. Mutual Decision-Making

Ensuring that your partner does not feel less when it is time to make decisions that will affect you both is a sign of implying mutual decision making.

Giving your partner the opportunity to also make decisions about the households will give them a sense of belonging and nothing works better than when two people invest their time and energy into finding a solution to a problem.

When couples share a mutual feeling about a particular decision then it is bound to be the best decision for them. This helps them work better together.

10. Mutual Commitment

 Rushing into marriage means you are totally ready to be committed to one person. When couples know that they are the only one their partner needs, it boosts their confidence in their spouse and working together towards building a long lasting relationship becomes a smoothie process that can easily be achieved.

Commitment is very important in every relationship. Nothing breaks a relationship faster than when one partner feels the other is no longer interested/committed to him/her. 

11. Easy Adaptability

The ability to adapt easily is important to every married couple. When you rush into marriage without proper planning, adapting can be very hard.

There are lots of changes that come with being married and most of them are things you failed to notice or discuss with your partner before going ahead with the marriage.

Either way, working on your ability to adapt to different situations (not negative things) will help you maintain a peaceful home as well as build a good relationship with your spouse.


It is a fallacy to say that all rushed marriages will end in a divorce because just as any other well planned marriage, this couple have goals that they intend to achieve and if they work towards it, they will.


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