How To Find A Good Man After 50 (9 Successful Steps)

A lot of women often ask questions concerning how to find a good man after 50.  If you are in this category, then this article is for you.

Finding a good man after 50 can be so draining because your body may have started dying down at that stage of your life. Are you a divorcee or a single lady who has passed through heartbreak that kept you to this stage?

All you need to do is build yourself before looking for a man and get a hobby or job because 90% of good men do not like women who are a liability to them or someone who will disrupt their minds.

It is commonly believed that after 50, a woman becomes infertile, making it difficult to find a good and committed man; at that point, you’ll see love in different shades.

There are ways you can find a good man despite your age; you might have been changed by various men when you were much younger and rejected them due to dissatisfaction, or you are a divorcee who wants a lifetime companion.
What is the quality a good man possesses?

Generally, it is difficult to detect a good man and one that has bad intentions, not all men are ready to settle down with women, especially if she’s above 50, but there are some excellent men regardless.

Here Are The Qualities Of A Good Man

Here are some characters or attributes you will find in a good man.

1. Emotional availability

When you find a man, you don’t only look at the physical appearance but someone emotionally available; as a woman, finding men available at this age is daunting because not all men are emotionally available, and they may be battling with their problems, family problems.

They don’t want any other load added to them, so only a few men are available emotionally. You can’t find a good man who doesn’t give you attention or shows you love.

A man who is emotionally there, giving you attention and love, comfortable walking, or talking to you in public is good.

2. Sharing His Thoughts

Men find it difficult to reveal their weakest side to women; to know who a good man is, he should be open to you, sharing his thoughts and feelings with you and asking for your opinion before making a decision.

3. He Is Respectful

Disrespect doesn’t speak well of all a man; if he adores and respects you despite your age, he is good because disrespect is unhealthy in a relationship; it always gets worse.

A man can respect a woman in various ways, such as asking for her opinion before making any decisions, valuing people around her, admiring her privacy, etc.

4. He Is A Good Communicator

Lack of communication can chip away relationships; a man that can maintain good communication regardless, not feeling tired to converse with you, and a man that listens to you wherever you’re talking is good because communication is a gateway in a relationship.

How To Find A Good Man After 50 (9 Successful Steps)

Finding a good man is possible yet tiring; here are ways to find a good man 9 helpful tips

1. You Should Learn To Be Yourself

First and foremost, you need to be read and true to yourself; men prefer women who give them peace of mind; when you’re true to yourself, it will draw good men to you.

Men are too specific about the kind of women they go for, irrespective of age; fake life draws men with bad intentions, and being real draws good men; it all depends on how you present yourself.

How can you be yourself? You can be yourself by being truthful and open to people around you and being kind to others; by then, men will come after; working on your character can also fetch you a good man.

2. You Should Learn To Be Confident

Define what peace is; at this point, you should be able to know what you want and work for it; knowing what you want can help you boost your self-confidence.

Low self-esteem can not help because you won’t be bold enough to go for what you want. You may not be all sexy as you were in your 20s or early 40s; all you need to do is to accept the way you are and be confident in your looks.

Be confident in who you are, and don’t lower your self-worth; when you start accepting any man your way, it will make you look more desperate. Be unique in your way to bring you, good men.

3. Go Out Of Your Shell

How will you find a good man if you are still Stuck in. or comfort zone or still held aback by the pains of the past? Going out of your comfort zone to new places, dates, adventures, etc., will help you find a good man.

It will be challenging to go out of your comfort zone to meet new men; you will be cautious about what people will say or think, but their opinion doesn’t matter; as a woman, you need that companion, someone that will be there for you emotionally but your age doesn’t matter, being 50 or above 50 doesn’t make you less of a woman.

Go out of your Comfort zone. Go on dates or adventures, go dancing class try doing things that will change your mindset. Learn from your past relationship.

Learning from past mistakes can help you reshape the future; what are the kinds of men you met in the early stage of life, and what makes them leave? It would be best to ask yourself some questions trying to go back to your past, not copy it but make corrections.

4. Have No Expectations

Expectations will only bring you temporal men who only want pleasure and not you; considering your age, it is advisable to do away with expectations; a good man May not have everything you wish for but as far as he possesses that quality, go for him.

Good men may come your way, but you will be too blind to see because of your expectations, embrace the reality because you are in a trial process; for instance, if you find a man already expecting more from him, he may leave never come back.

5. Work On Your Look

Working on your looks is essential as it will also help in boosting your self-confidence; at your age, your body may have started dying down, but that shouldn’t be a barrier for you not to go out there and look for a man

There are ways to look healthy by going for an exercise, trying new things, eating diets, etc. it will give you more confidence when you are in the midst of people.

6. You Could Try Dating Site

This may sound impossible, but some good men are looking for a lifetime partner; there are stories of couple who met each other through social media and are happy together, so dating site is also a great advantage and tool that will help in finding a good man.

There is a dating app for older people all you need to do is to connect with men around you by so doing you will be able to know who is good and who isn’t then focus on that one person.

7. Learn From Your Past

This also boils down to learning from your experience, and you might have met a lot of men way back; what are those things that drew you to them or made you accept them?

Then try reshaping the way you accept men that comes your way; not all men are real, but you can detect a good one through those qualities.

8. Know What You Want

Knowing what you want is also necessary, and not accepting every man that comes your way; at this age, you should be awakened to the reality of things, men will go, but not all are good. Know your want and stick firmly to it.

9. Work On Your Character

A woman’s character is one of the criteria that draws good men to them more than their outward look; at this age, you should have a sympathetic character and possess the quality of good to attract good men.

As an above 50, you should be able to set your differences aside to last long with a good man. Communicating well with the people you meet, your approach, and how you do things are criteria for finding a good man.


How can I find good men above 50 years older women? It seems impossible, but it is pretty draining to find a good man willing to commit to, understand, and love you is such tiring men above 50 may be tired of having anything to do with a woman because of the workload on them.

Learn from your experience; not every man that you come across is good from your experience; you should be able to distinguish between good men and unready men; once you notice a red flag and still go upon building a relationship with a man that is not ready, it will only get worse.

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