Is Dating During Separation Adultery

Is Dating During Separation Adultery?The separation between married couples is when both parties decide and agree to live apart. This may be due to different factors.

During this time, one or both partners may feel like they are ready to get involved with a third party because they want to move on faster or get over the pressure that comes with handling divorce.

In this case, questions will arise – if it is okay to get into a new relationship when you are not fully out of the other.

Is Dating During Separation Adultery

A lot of people wonder if dating during separation is an adultery, in this article, we are here to find out.

1. According To The Bible (Religion Perspective)

The Bible is against divorce except for certain reasons and it is stated that where two couples are no longer together, going ahead to see or be with someone else is a sin of adultery as long as your first husband is still alive.

This is clearly stated in 1 Corinthians 7:10-11 — “To the married, I give this charge (not I, but the Lord): the wife should not separate from her husband (but if she does, she should remain unmarried or else be reconciled to her husband), and the husband should not divorce his wife.”

 The only acceptable grounds for the case of sexual immorality, and still, the Bible does not allow for a new marriage to be conducted.

Matthew 5:32 — “But I say to you that everyone who divorces his wife, except on the ground of sexual immorality, makes her commit adultery, and whoever marries a divorced woman commits adultery.”

The above scriptures are a few of the places in the Bible that talk about separation and both have the same answers to the question. Dating during separation is adultery and the Bible considers this a sin.

2. Is Dating During Separation Adultery In The UK?

If you’re separated from your husband or wife and you sleep with another person of the opposite sex this is adultery under England and Wales family law because you’re still legally married.

The UK law is not against going on dates during the time of your separation, as it may be a hard time and a break is necessary, but the entire idea of dating someone else which includes being sexually involved with another person during your separation is not acceptable and is seen as an adulterous act.

This is because you are not lawfully divorced from your husband and your marriage is still legal in the face of the court and everyone else, thus, being with someone else during this time is an unlawful act seen as adultery.

3. Is Dating During Separation Adultery In Michigan?

No official law has been made to stop or prohibit couples that are separated from going into a new romantic relationship (dating), but it is necessary to know that dating during separation may be your divorce proceeding.

This is because Michigan is a no-fault divorce state, that is, they do not need you to prove that the other party is at fault but faults are likely to be found if one partner is dating someone else. 

Is that your partner may choose to believe and let the court believe that you were seeing this person even before your separation.

Dating someone else while you two are separated and waiting for a legal divorce can make your divorce process take a longer time, with complications in division of properties and child custody.

This is to say that you may lose the chance to have custody of your child, as the court may not find you fit to take care of the child, and it is no new thing that the spouse with the child custody has an upper divorce case.

This clearly states that dating during separation is not encouraged in Michigan and is not seen as adultery, as long as there is no sexual contact between you and the person you are dating.

4. Is Dating During Separation Adultery In Massachusetts?

Officially, no law in Massachusetts prohibits a person who is separated from their spouse from dating.

Dating during separation is not considered adultery in Massachusetts, but it is not encouraged either. Similarly to Michigan, it is bound to have negative effects when filing for a divorce from your spouse and there is a lot that can be lost due to this. 

One could be deprived of alimony and child support, as well as the equitable division of properties just because there is evidence of him/her dating someone else during their separation.

5. Is Dating During Separation Adultery In Florida?

Florida is not against dating during your separation. In the most asked divorce question box, it shows that  a lot of people are interested in knowing if they can continue their life by seeing someone else during their separation.

The answer given to the question was “Yes” it is not illegal to be with someone else but it gets complicated when you are still going through the hearing process of your divorce.

The implications of dating during your divorce process in Florida are very similar to the others stated above and this leaves the other spouse with more benefits.

Dating during separation is not considered adultery in Florida.

6. Is Dating During Separation Adultery In California?

Dating during separation, before your divorce is concluded, is considered adultery in California. This is because if a couple files for a divorce, the court gives them six months before the court case.

This is known as the ‘waiting period’ not separation, and unlike other states, California is completely okay with you living with your spouse within these six months.

In case you decide to live separately, it is not on legal terms of separation and you two are still considered married. So, any form of an affair outside your marriage is considered adultery. This can be different if both partners filed for a legal separation first, before going ahead to file for a divorce.

Adultery is most likely to not have any effect on your divorce case, as it is not a crime in California. The only exception is if you have an anti-adultery clause in your prenuptial agreement.

This means that any form of extramarital affairs in California is considered adultery but is likely to not have any effect on your divorce proceedings except in certain cases.

7. Is Dating During Separation Adultery In Georgia?

In Georgia, it is not legally okay to start dating other people as there is no legal upside to dating before a divorce is finalized.

Dating other people when you are still married is considered adultery, even if you are separated at the time.

Georgia law has no concept of legal separation. This only means that even if two couples decide to no longer live together and are informally separated, the court still sees them as married couples, and any affair outside their marital oath is adultery and will have a big negative influence on their divorce case. 

It could lead to denial of child custody as well as alimony, this is because your partner may choose to tell the court that you have been dating even before the divorce was being filed and this will lead to a scrape off of alimony in your divorce case and the child will only be given to the partner whom they see most fit to take care of him/her.

The best decision to make here is to stay away from any form of dating or extramarital affairs until the court divorce decree is issued.

8. Is Dating During Separation Adultery In Louisiana?

Dating during separation is not adultery in Louisiana. During this period, you are considered to be legally separated, and getting into another relationship is not seen as adultery but may have certain impacts on your divorce decree.

You will be advised by a family lawyer to not get into a relationship, due to how it may affect your divorce proceedings, but legally, it is not seen as adultery I’m Louisiana.

9. Is Dating During Separation Considered Adultery?

According to the laws that you are to abide by, dating during separation may or may not be considered adultery.

It is completely up to you to look out and make findings on the law that guides separation and divorce in your country or state before finalizing your decision of starting something new.


Your lawyer should be aware of every decision you choose to make, this will make it easier for them to put you through the things you need to know when going through a divorce.

This way, you will have a clear understanding of dating during separation and how it is likely to affect you and even your new relationship.

Nevertheless, it is better to stay away from anything that will implicate or affect your divorce, hindering the smooth process.

You are not expected to rush into a new relationship during a time like this but wait on the final decree of the court on your divorce before you can decide on a lively start.

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