My Husband Hurt Me Deeply (13 Ways To Deal With It)

What do I do when my husband hurt me deeply? Who do I go to? This has been a question coming from a lot of women in a relationship. Over 80% of women in abusive relationships go through this, married or unmarried have this question bothering them.

If this is your problem, then you are reading the right article. Just fasten your seat belt, it will be such a lovely ride. In this article, we will talk about the ways to deal with an abusive husband in a marriage.

My Husband Hurt Me Deeply -13 Ways To Deal With It

Pain frequently happens in relationships, and when someone hurts you severely, it can be agonizing. But the reality is that, whether in a romantic or casual connection, people will inevitably cause harm to one another.

Many partners who are abusive to one another aren’t doing it out of selfishness or malice. Due to ignorance, they act in this manner. We all come from various backgrounds, so it can be challenging to fit into someone else’s way of living. As a result, people don’t always realize that their actions have left their companion hurt.

For instance, you might be exhausted after a long day of work. You ask your companion to make a meal at home before you get back, but they don’t.

They respond that they slept off when you ask them why. Of course, you are well in your right to get angry, but your partner claims they slept off, which is an uncontrollable action. Afterward, you two get into a heated argument.

But wallowing in sorrow and remorse won’t help the situation. Being enraged will only make you feel worse. And resentment grows in the void you left after the fight.

There are a lot of ways to deal with your husband who hurts you deeply, but for the purpose of this article, we will focus on 13 ways to deal with it if your husband hurts you deeply.

Most of these ways include:

1. Be Open And Honest With Him About Your Emotions

“He keeps hurting me deeply.”

It is possible that your husband isn’t aware of the mental harm he is causing you. You don’t have to hide your pain as some individuals do.

We must communicate to resolve the problem because it is essential to any relationship. Discuss with your companion. Release all of it. Tell him everything you want to say, including how and why you suffer.

Just try not to weep in his face. As an alternative, express your feelings in language. When he has something to say, speak to him and pay attention to him.

Be Open And Honest With Him About Your Emotions

2. Tell Him To Explain His Reason

Don’t hesitate to discuss your feelings with your partner in depth.

When your partner is hurting you, he may not always be conscious of it, but if he is, he should be honest with you and let you know what’s wrong.

If he cannot explicitly respond to you, at least this discussion will cause him to reflect on the actions he is taking that is harming you.

3. Make An Action Plan With Him If He Cooperates

Create an action plan if you both agree that there is a problem in your relationship and you want to attempt working on it together.

When you create a strategy it makes it easy for both of you deal with it when he hurts you.

4. Be Ready To Compromise

Of course, both parties must take responsibility for their deeds and responses. Recognize that this will take time and agree to settle.

Sometimes, disagreements overviews between couples cause hurt and disapproval, and that is typically given your varied origins. Compromise is a great idea to mention in your strategy.

Be Ready To Compromise

5. Maintain Your Standards

Sayings like “That’s not how people who love each other speak to each other” or “I anticipate better treatment from you” can help you respond to insults.

You’ve probably become a doormat after years of being tolerant and forgiving. Your sense of self-worth will plummet in this situation. Try to keep yourself from getting too low by demanding that your partner treat you with some degree of decency and respect.

6. Think Carefully About His Criticism Of You

He might be right about some of the things you do. He may not use the best diplomatic techniques, but you might need to rectify some behaviors. This recommendation does not advocate victim-blaming.

Rarely in a union will one partner be completely “imperfect” and the other “perfect.” He might be explaining why he does not regard you, at least at that particular time, unless he is lying.

If there are some things you can do better, do them so he can’t use them as a justification to blame you for his rude outbursts.

Setting the example that you appreciate him but expect him to return the favor by responding to constructive criticism will show that you do so.

7. Stop Needy Habits

Insecure is a synonym for needy. Your insecurity may come across in your communications in a manner that offends your husband. This unfavorable emotion may bring on your husband’s disregard.

Jealousy strikes more easily at the needy. Some women’s dread of “losing him” pushes them to ask their husbands for reassurance in ways that go far beyond what is typical.

They expect their partners to take care of everything, which strains their relationship.

8. Set A Good Example

Looking at how you treat your husband is a wonderful place to start. When he calls you names, do you call him names in return? Do you disregard his feelings? Do you disregard his viewpoint?

If that’s the case, you two might be entangled in a vicious circle of miscommunication. You need to set a positive example by treating him respectfully, whether your starting point is a saint or a sinner.

Even if you disagree with him, you should always act politely and communicate as you would want to be communicated with.

Set A Good Example

9. Talk To A Friend Or Relative

Talking to people, we care about can help us sort through our emotions and better understand where we stand on a subject or circumstance.

Speaking to other people is a great method to organize what is going through our minds. Speaking with friends and relatives also helps one feel a sense of belonging.

10. Open Up To Get Assistance From Someone Else

You might be able to get advice from someone like a pastor, a close relative, or a trusted acquaintance. Ask the individual to let your husband know how upsetting the situation has become for you after explaining the issue.

Some people will only admit there’s an issue once another person verifies it. Your spouse might feel that he is losing respect from other people because of how he is treating you if someone he respects calls his lousy behavior out.

11. Consult A Marriage Counselor

The main focus of marriage therapists is problems with communication. These experts can give you practical advice on how to swap out hurtful words for messages that help you achieve your objectives in marriages.

Even if your partner declines to join you for sessions, the counselor can still offer useful strategies for preserving your sense of self-worth and fostering constructive communication.

12.  You Have To Focus On The Positive Aspects Of Your Life

Some people don’t appreciate something until after it has vanished. 
Divorce is not necessary in this situation. 
Simply take your spouse out of the picture.


You could instead focus on the aspects of your existence that you enjoy. 
If you are employed, you can focus more of your energy there and strive for achievement in your line of work.
You could decide to donate your time to causes that matter to you and do something useful with your spare time.
You can create time for those who respect you rather than spending it with your husband, who does not. 
He might finally catch on and grumble about being ignored.

13. Try To React Less And Answer More

Don’t retaliate unfavorably or harshly if he says something hurtful or offensive. In the intensity of the moment, this might make the situation worse.

Instead, maintain composure and act appropriately. Don’t let your emotions skew your assessment; be impartial.

By maintaining your composure, you can manage your feelings, avoid emotional outbursts, and handle situations carefully. This is a way to deal with it when a man hurts you deeply.


Your husband may still be rehabilitable. Individuals have the capacity to acknowledge their mistakes and decide to change their ways. He might secretly yearn for a fulfilling partnership.

He may have become numb to the point where he simply takes your presence for granted due to fatigue, life’s stresses, and sexist societal forces.

Setting firm boundaries about how he treats you and demonstrating your affection for him must coexist if you want to stop his disrespectful behaviors.

In this article are things to do when you are out there looking for ways on how to deal when your husband hurts you deeply.

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