My Husband Points Out Everything I Do Wrong: 11 Reasons Why

A lot of women in a relationship have issues with dealing with cases that states “my husband points out everything I do wrong”. 75% of the women in several marriages across the globe have the same issues.

Your marriage may suffer if you constantly feel that your husband disagrees with you. The best course of action is to talk to your spouse about how it makes you feel.

You may be dealing with a narcissist, which makes the situation more challenging, if your spouse truly believes you are always wrong (i.e., they constantly blame you and never admit to being wrong during a fight).

In a toxic relationship, leaving is probably the wisest course of action, so you should also think about that.

However, in this article, we will be talking about the ways to deal with it if you have an issue with your husband always pointing out your flaws in your marriage.

My Husband Points Out Everything I Do Wrong: 11 Reasons Why

Your husband is unhappy in the relationship if they are constantly blaming you for everything. They look for a method to hold you responsible for everything rather than working through the issues in your marriage. You should act now if you truly want to change the situation.

There are a lot of reasons your husband points out everything you do wrong and for the purpose of this article we will be focusing on 11 clear reasons why. These reasons include:

1. He Has Low Self-esteem And Lacks Confidence

Insecurity and jealousy can develop in a partnership as a result of low self-esteem. You might doubt your value to your partner and think it is just a coincidence that they like you.

As a result, it is common for people with poor self-esteem to worry that their partner will break up with them or suspect they are attracted to someone else.

Your husband may be pointing blames at you because he is insecure, he has low self-esteem. And as bad at it may, it could be fixed if he opens up about it.

2. If He Is A Narcissist

Being overly preoccupied with oneself and one’s needs, frequently at the cost of others, is a trait of the self-centered personality style known as narcissism.

Since narcissistic partners don’t genuinely love themselves, they typically struggle to love another person deeply.

They are so consumed with themselves that they cannot truly “see” their companion as a distinct individual. They frequently only consider a partner regarding how they satisfy their wants (or fail to fill their needs).

If your husband is a narcissist then there is every possibility that he will always point out blames when you are wrong and refuse to see that you have made a certain a bit of progress.

These set of people are the ones who are interested in the black and white reality and wouldn’t want to listen to excuses or anybody’s opinion.

These are few signs that your husband is a narcissist, they include:

  • He lacks empathy.
  • He gaslights you.
  • He has excessive need for attention.
  • Makes things all bout him.

3. He Is Self-Obsessed

Self-obsessed people care little or nothing about others and are only interested in or worried about themselves.

He struggles to feel empathy or compassion for other people or their viewpoints, and they tend to be much more preoccupied with achieving their own goals and requirements.

Your husband may be pointing blames because he is self obsessed with himself or perfection.

There are a lot of signs of a self obsessed person, and some include:

  • They make all the decision.
  • Everything is a competition to him.
  • They use manipulation.
  • Always the center of attraction.
  • They apportion blames.

4. They Do Not Take Responsibilities

Ensuring the relationship is strong and moving in the right direction is equally the responsibility of each spouse.

When both partners assume responsibility for their marriage’s actions, a foundation for development is created, and the ability to overcome the current situation is firmly placed in their hands.

If your husband refuses to take responsibilities for his actions, he will start apportioning blames at you as a wife.

They Do Not Take Responsibilities

5. They Never Want To Change

Cynicism, criticism, complaining, attacking, pessimism, discontentment, perfectionism, and excessive zeal can all be signs of negativity in a union. Dealing with these actions and mindsets is a difficult task.

Never trying to change is also a big attitude that should be changed as a married couple. If you husband refuses to change, he will point blames at you for the reason of not being able to change.

6. He Wants You To Change

Every relationship reaches a point where you must decide if it is still worth preserving. Yes, you realize that nothing is flawless and that a happily-ever-after ending and a romantic sunset are scenes from movies rather than realities.

But that doesn’t mean managing disagreement and chaos in your partnership is enjoyable. In actuality, it is the worst and most confusing thing ever.

While issues will inevitably arise from time to time, you shouldn’t ever be dissatisfied all the time.

If you are, something needs to be corrected, and you need to consider whether or not this person is the correct one for you or if you are the issue.

You know that you should always be true to who you are and never alter who you are to please your Husband.

What if you are the issue, and he is blaming you? What if this is a major factor in his eagerness for you to change?
This could be a big reason he is pointing blames at you.

7. You Give Him Reasons To

Marriage is as complex and beautiful as it is. In marriage you get to enjoy the good part and the bad part. It is okay to change when you need to, you need to adapt to accommodate your partner in order to make a successful marriage.

This way you do not give room for your partner to talk or fight more often. As a married woman, refusing to adapt to change gives your husband reasons to talk, apportion blames to you. He will keep seeing faults until you change.

8. When You Do Not Pay Attention To Details

Carelessness is the antithesis of attention to detail because it suggests a lack of appreciation or interest in the smaller aspects. When someone doesn’t care about the details, they may rush through their job and put little effort into ensuring their deliverables are accurate or precise.

A series of events may occur, and the relationship may even experience larger conflicts if one partner does not receive enough focus from the other.

Nothing can’t be fixed, so don’t be confused. Communication in a relationship is equivalent to a lack of attention. This is a major reason your husband may point blame at you, and it needs to be fixed.

When You Do Not Pay Attention To Details

9. He Is Tired And Wants Out

When marriage first starts, both spouses are filled with excitement and energy. Because of the freshness of their relationship and love, they can do almost anything for one another now.

However, as time passes, various circumstances put their love for one another to the test and everything levels off a little. One indication that your guy is sick of you could be that he is no longer trying to keep your relationship strong, so everything you do will seem wrong to him.

This way he will apportion blames at you, it is a clear indication that he is tired of the relationship.

When he becomes angry with you for no apparent reason, it is one of the typical indications that he is getting tired of you.

He is upset by almost everything you do. However, if someone else did the same to him, he would probably disregard them.

It is obvious that he is leaving the relationship if he frequently chooses to place the responsibility for his errors on you rather than owning up to them.

You may have observed that when he causes a problem, he hides in the background and leaves you to deal with the consequences on your own.


Many women in committed relationships struggle to handle situations where their partner constantly criticizes them. Around the world, 75% of women in multiple relationships experience the same problems.

If you believe that your husband continually disagrees with you, your marriage may suffer. The best course of action is to discuss your feelings with your partner.

If they are always putting the blame on you, your husband is not pleased with the marriage. Instead of resolving your marriage’s problems, they look for a way to blame you for everything.

In this article, we have listed so many reasons your husband will keep blaming you for everything you do as a woman in the relationship. If you are interested in knowing more about this topic, it is recommended that you watch this video.

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