14 Convincing Signs He Will Marry You Someday

As a lady in a relationship with a man that is interested in a long term commitment. You should see signs he will marry you someday, this is because you don’t want to waste your time.

Is your relationship going smoothly with your boyfriend, but you think it’s taking so long for him to propose to you? At some point, you doubt that you’re the only girl he’s dating or if he will ever marry you.

Lots of thoughts flow through your mind, like, will he ever marry me someday? Why is he taking so long to propose? Should I be better for him? The answers to your question are not far from you.

A man can take a lot of time before he proposes to a woman because he fears making mistakes; marriage is not something to go into hastily.

You have been in a relationship with your girlfriend for years, and he hasn’t talked to you about marriage; will he ever marry me? This is a question many women ask.

Are you unsure if your boyfriend will marry you because he hasn’t proposed? Are you desperate to know If he will marry you someday? Then this article is for you; below are the signs that your boyfriend will marry you someday.

14 Convincing Signs He Will Marry You Someday

There are a lot of signs that your boyfriend will marry you and these signs are clear. But for the purpose of this article, we will focus on the 14 convincing signs that he will marry you someday and most of these signs include:

1. He Wants You To Meet His Family

There is an excellent chance that your boyfriend will marry you if he wants you to meet his family and spend some time with them.

Most times, men do this for their girlfriends and to get closer to the parents, not and also parent plays a vital role in accessing the character of their daughter inlaws so that they will know the kind of woman their son is bringing o the family.

If your boyfriend invites you to meet his parent, you don’t have to worry; men do not ask women they are not interested in; you’re just special.

2. He Shows Interest In Your Family And Friends

It has been a year, and your man hasn’t discussed anything about marriage with you, but he has been showing concern about your parents and wants to meet them.

If he shows interest in knowing more about your family and friends, then it’s a green light that something is about to happen soon,

if he always visits them, buys them gifts, and converses with them, then it is a 90% possibility that he will marry you.

3. He Talks About Growing Together

This is a good indicator that your man wants to keep you forever. Still, it will only take some time before he pops up with the question,” will you marry me?”

If your man constantly talks to you about how he wants to grow with you, what she wants to do with you, and his plans for both of you, it is a good indicator that he will marry you.

4. If He Talks A Lot About Family And Kids

It only takes an interested man to talk about kids with his girlfriend; you are likely to hear something like; how many kids do you want us to have?

What names would you like us to give our children, the kind of life he wishes to live with his kids? It means that he is going to engage you soloHe talks to you about things changing

An uninterested man or non-committed man won’t be bothered about the way things are going in the relationship, but when he thinks that something ain’t flowing as it is supposed to be and points out some specific things that need to be changed, discuss how you both should be in the relationship.

5. His Family Treats You Like A Daughter

When his family starts treating you as a daughter-in-law after your boyfriend may have introduced you to them, that is a positive sign.

They treat you nicely, and his parent takes you as their daughter, always happy to have you around and to look for you when you are not there, wanting to know more about you.

6. He Gives A Presentation That Hints At Getting Married

If your boyfriend gives you a gift that hints at getting married, for instance, a shirt with Mr/Mrs written on it or anything regarding a marriage like a magazine or a book.

How he looks at you is different from how other men look at you.

At this point, your boyfriend understands you, and you are closer to him than be, for the intimacy you both share will change the way he looks at you; for instance, he may see you as a wife, while other men will see you as a sex mate or date.

Aside from seeing you as a wife, when you’re conversing with him, he will look you In the eyes to show that he respects your opinion and whatever you say.

7. You See Yourself Growing Old Together

When there is conflict in a relationship and couples still find themselves together and happy with each other, they are still intimately close to each other and have this strong feeling that they will grow together.

There is nothing more beautiful in love than couples who are in love growing older when they are still together with their partner, no matter the number of quarrels, and you still have strong feelings that he is your soulmate, and you both have gone far. There is an excellent chance that he is going to marry you.

8. He Asks You About Your Plans

In every relationship, couples have plans for each other. Have your partner asked you about the goals you have for the future?

If yes, it means he is asking to know if he is part of your plans and how well you see the relationship in the nearest future. It is a positive indicator.

If your man does not ask you about your plans for the association and is interested in marrying you, you have to ask him, so you will save time, hoping he will marry you someday. A man interested in marrying his girlfriend will always ask her about her plans.

9. He Is Distant From Other Women

It is hard to see most men isolated from other women if they are not so committed in the relationship.

That is why most men date more than one woman, but if he has only you or seizes to talk to other women because of you to avoid distraction or not to inconvenience you, it is a green light that he will marry you.

10. He Is Happy With The Relationship

At this point, there is nothing to be bothered about again if he is happy in the relationship; most men prioritize peace of mind.

The reason is that they do not take a toxic relationship seriously, but if he is satisfied, he does anything to keep the relationship going despite all odds. Knowing your partner is happy to be with you is pleasing.

11. You Feel Comfortable Around Him

This is a point when you no longer have those feelings of insecurity. Whenever you’re around him, you trust him so much; it happens when you deeply under your boyfriend, what he is capable of doing, and what he can’t do that means he will marry you someday.

12. He Is More Committed

A man that is not willing or ready to settle won’t be committed to the relationship; he will be flirty and probably will cheat on you, but when your boyfriend starts being engaged in the connection, giving you more attention, taking you as a second priority, acknowledge you and respect your decision.

13. When You Feel Secure With Him

A man ready for marriage would want to spend more time with his woman before engaging her.

Practically you can’t marry someone you are not feeling secure with because there will always be a problem, and a toxic relationship is not advisable. When you feel safe with your boyfriend, and he truly loves you.

14. If He Is Not Flirty

When your boyfriend stops being flirty and ready to be committed to you, stops talking with other women, and minimizes how he hangs out with friends, always doing everything to be with you, he will likely make the marriage intentions official.

When you feel secure with him, you know everything about his past and present.

He is so open to you that you trust him profoundly, and you are sure he is dating only you then there is no need for the panic conclusions.
What are the signs that your boyfriend will marry you someday?

You have been dating him for a long time now, and you’ve been loyal to him, hoping he will marry you, but it seems it is taking so long; you may be ready, but the thing is, he might not be prepared not because he doesn’t love you or he doesn’t want to spend the rest of his life with you.

Still, because of the fear of making mistakes in marriage, sudden marriage can bring about a lot of conflict because of individual differences; it could be that your boyfriend wants to spend a lot of time with you so he can know you more.


In a relationship, the sole aim of dating is to get married and live happily with the new family you would bring to the world. Still, In this context, you won’t be able to dictate to your partner if he truly loves you or is fooling around with you.

When your boyfriend starts footing your bills even if you didn’t ask for it, he takes you as a priority, his friends adore s you, and even his family loves you, which means he will marry you.

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